Um. . . ewwww?

By Mir
May 30, 2007

I can’t decide what freaks me out more about this product: That someone thought to make it, or that people are apparently buying it.

(Would it be more or less gross to have Diet Beefy Dr. Pepper instead? Discuss.)


  1. This is probably not as strange as it sounds. There are actually quite a few recipes that use soda pop to flavor meat. In the south, it is quite common to soak a salt cured ham in coca cola. It takes away a lot of the salt and gives it a pleasant spicy sweet taste. That said, the fact that Dr. Pepper gave its name to this product is strange!

  2. The more I think about this, the better it sounds. No, I do not plan to buy any. But a little sweetness to the jerky sounds good. There are manys sweet miranades for meat.

    The beefy Dr. Pepper definitely makes me want to gag though. hehe

  3. I made some barbecue last week with Dr. Pepper, and it was delicious! I still wouldn’t eat jerky, though.

  4. I have a whole book on cooking with soda — including cakes and beef (not together though — because that would be wrong, mind you).

    So, Mrs. Mir, you may wish to invest in a Coca-cola Cookbook for your move to GA. All things are better fried, with a Coke, and cooked with bacon fat. Just sayin’.

  5. I had to laugh though… it’s pretty funny. I think it would go over better if it said “cherry smoked” or something like that! LOL It was a good laugh anyway! I remember as a kid how much I gagged at the thought of beer bread too!

  6. Better get used to those types of items Mir, the South is full of them, and all at your local convenience store. Ahhhhh, I miss home sometimes.

  7. I say yech, but then, I’ve never liked Dr. Pepper.

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