It’s “uniqe” and “laxsorious” you know

By Mir
June 20, 2007

I know that this site is located in a non-English-speaking country, but I cannot decide which I find more giggle-worthy, the product itself or the copy describing it.

But in case you need a 14k gold thumb drive, you’re welcome. (It’s only $2000… why not get two?)


  1. Heck, just 2?! Sounds like I need to pick up a dozen or so for my gift closet.


  2. Skeery!

  3. “The Price is Acquaintance Price for a limited time!”

    cracks me up!

  4. I love direct translations. Imagine how many other cultures crack up when they read what English speakers write when translating non-Latin based words. I bet what we write in Korean or Japanese is just as hilarious and nonsensical.

    Great deal too, btw. Ha!

  5. I emailed my husband to tell him that we needed to get matching ones, which we can have engraved to profess our undying love to each other and the computer.

    I can’t figure out where the three diamonds are, though!

  6. Kait,
    it’s three points of diamonds, no three diamonds. If you look, the second picture shows a diamond, and the size is three points.

  7. Oh, ok. That makes more sense.

  8. That was extremely funny! Thanks for the good laugh!

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