Oh Mama! Win some snacks!

By Mir
September 20, 2007
Category Contests

Pregnant? Nursing? Just plain hungry? The very pretty people over at Oh Mama! Bars have graciously offered to give away 6-packs of their yummy, award-winning nutrition bars to to five lucky Want Not readers. Each winner will receive two bars of each flavor (chocolate peanut butter, frosted white lemon, and frosted white raspberry).

They’re low in fat, high in protein, and full of vitamins and something called DHA which is really important for making sure your baby doesn’t have five heads. (Okay, I may have made up the five heads part. But not the DHA part! Pinky swear!) Creator Beth Vincent is a health care professional and mother of three and presumably has, you know, taste buds, so these are not only optimum nutrition-on-the-run but probably taste pretty good.

The bars normally retail for $2.50 apiece, so for the math-impaired, that means you stand to win $15 worth of yumminess. How do you win? You leave a comment on this entry by 11:59 pm on Friday, September 21st. I will tally up the number of entries and then let my kids pick 5 numbers which will then correspond to the winning commenters. One comment per person, please, and do me a favor and don’t enter if you won a t-shirt in the last contest (let’s spread the winning around). You have a day and a half to get in on the action. And with five winners to be had, there’s an excellent chance one of them will be you. Go!


  1. Yummy Snacks? Can I play?

  2. Love your site, read it every day!

  3. So will you send them to someone else that we choose if we win? My very best friend is pregnant and surely don’t need something else to add to my collection of “Foods I must have”. 🙂

  4. No tee shirts won here!

  5. Ooooh! Me too!

  6. this should be a huge improvement on my daily ice cream afternoon preg snack….

  7. Yum! Now I can pretend that I’ll turn over a new leaf and eat healthy from now on.

  8. Contest….bring it on pretty Mir~

  9. Want snacks, like snacks, snacks good!

  10. Mmmm…yummy snacks! I’m in!

  11. I’m nursing! And I like snacks!

  12. Count me in! I’m pregnant and I would love a different midnight snack.

  13. My husband and I have been looking for a good-tasting but healthy bar. We’ve been unlucky in our search (which has led to some wasted money, unfortunately, when we both shunned some bars we’d purchased that tasted like plastic containers smell. Yuck.) but maybe I’ll get lucky this once. (Even though I’m not pregnant, all my friends and family seem to be right now, which is quite odd all of a sudden.)

    *crosses fingers* Thanks, Mir and Beth.

  14. Ooh, ooh!! Pick me, pick me!

  15. Hi 🙂

  16. I am nursing and I want to be pregnant again!
    I like snacks!

  17. I’m due in 10 days. I want to try it out but only for FREE. I’m feeling lucky today!

  18. I love free food — so, count me in 🙂

  19. i’m pregnant.
    i’m hungry…always.

  20. Just found out that I’m preggo and I saw these bars as an advertisement on a doctor’s website. I’d love to try them!:)

  21. I have heard GREAT things about these.

  22. My nearly 5 year old son is always hungry!

  23. I’m nursing and this kid is sucking the life out of me. She’s 5 months old and about 18 pounds…. I’m hungry!

  24. I’m not pregnant nor nursing, but I’m a Mama and I’m always hungry! 😉 Pick me, pick me!

  25. Pregnant and soon to be nursing! I like snacks.

  26. Pick me! Pick me! Your hair ROCKS today!

  27. I’m all for a baby without 5 heads! Count me in!! 🙂

  28. Thanks Mir,
    You always find such delicious deals for us 🙂 Thank you, thank you!!

  29. I’m nursing. I like to try healthy (and potentially yummy) things. I’m in!

  30. Sounds great! I wanna play! 🙂

  31. Thirty-two . . . thirty-two . . . thirty-two. What? Just trying a little subliminal advertising. Hi Chickie and Monkey! 🙂

  32. This nursing mama wants to try them!

  33. I love your site too. It is the one site that I HAVE to check on daily!

  34. I’m 4 months pregnant, and REALLY need to lay off the pasta. And chocolate peanut butter? Did someone say Heaven?

  35. Count me in! I’m a nursing mom who’s always on the look out for a quick, healthy snack.
    BTW – love your site! I can’t start my day without checking your site out!

  36. I’m in for some yummy snacks!!! Thanks! Good Luck everyone!!

  37. i’m nursing, and my sister-in-law is pregnant, so we’d split them between the two of us!

  38. Hey, beautiful Mir, I too, live in the south NC as a matter of fact. I am a mom of 5 boys and just found out that I am pregnant again. This one better be a girl! Pick me, Pick me!

  39. It’s all about the breeding in my circle lately. Pick me!

  40. My twins keep me going so any fast healthy snack is great for me! Thanks Mir!

  41. Super duper… who doesn’t love the freebies, especially when they actually pertain to your, um, situation.

  42. Your site is great. Pregnant and love to snack!!

  43. Cool!


  44. I’d love to win these! A girl at the doctor’s office gave me a taste and they are good! I still haven’t seen them in stores and it did not occur to me to ask her where she found them…

  45. I’m always up for a snack!

  46. Yay! I’m so glad I found this site. Fun contest too. I’m due with my third daughter in November. Would love to try these!

  47. I would love to win! Thanks for creating such a wonderful site!

  48. I’m nursing my 11 month-old, and these would be a big improvement over the gummi bears I’m secretly snacking on. Thanks Mir & Beth!

  49. Read your site everyday! I am pregnant with #3 and am always at a loss for a good snack that appeals to me throughout the day – PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!!

  50. I’m nursing – sign me up!

  51. Hi, pretty Mir! Sign me up, too. Thanks!

  52. Oh, that would be GREAT. Sign me up. Who knew you’d get so many comments? Wow.

  53. My daughter is nursing her 3-week old daughter and she is always hungry. Great timing.

  54. My boobs hang to my knees because of all the nursing I have done. I sure could use a pick me up. Hardee har har.
    Love the site!

  55. I’m nursing and very busy- usually grab some sort of bar for breakfast. I would love to try these!

  56. These look super yummy! Once I got a free sample of a Bella Bar in the mail (also for preggos) and my daughter who is 14 asked if there was anything I wanted to tell her. lol This would give her a cardiac arrest, maybe.

  57. Add me, please!

    I love your site! I check out the deals EVERYDAY!!!

  58. Oh – Pick me! Pick me! I’m always looking for healthy snacks.

  59. Yummy yummy snacks are always appreciated by this nursing mama!

  60. Free! We like free!

    Enter me please!

  61. I’m due in March with my first. And I’m trying to eat healthy, but mostly I’m just eating a LOT!

  62. I’m nursing and I’m hungry- I’d love this!

  63. Yum!

  64. Sign me up! I love snacks and free is my favorite price!

  65. Mmmm. Sounds delish!

  66. Thank you for all your postings!

  67. Wow! I guess you are a truly popular site! I would LOVE to have these- I tend to run low on protein (don’t like dairy and don’t eat much meat and am working on getting more protein from beans and the like). So, this would be totally cool… and I’m still a nursing mama too!

  68. Not pregnant yet, but trying. Maybe this is the edge I need to get those little fellers working in my favor!

  69. I’m throwing my hat in– and expecting baby #2 in November. I’ve been curious about these, I see them in maternity stores.

  70. My kids are grown but now I need energy to keep up with the GRANDkids! I’d love to try them!

  71. If I win, I’ll give them to my sister who wants to be pregnant by December. I really want a nephew or niece so pick me! By the way, I LOVE your site.

  72. I just stopped nursing but, um, I chase a toddler everyday and everybody knows that’s just as black hole for energy.

  73. I had no idea how popular this site really is. That’s awesome. I tell lots a people about it and pass on lots of the tips.

  74. Mmmmm, candy bars that are good for you! My son is due in early December, he’s a big boy already and I am always starving! I’ve also been making a list of things to keep by the bed to snack on while nursing after the c-section (since it makes you rather immobile!) This would sure beat the dry cereal I had planned! Please pick me oh beautiful children of pretty pretty Mir!

  75. Enter me please! My sister in law is pregnant and would love me for these!

  76. If I win I’ll take it as a sign that I’ll soon be pregnant – which would be WONDERFUL!!

  77. Would love to give these to my sister, due Nov18!!

  78. Who can’t use more (free) protein in their diet? Great site – thanks so much for all the fantastic deals!

  79. Mmmmm….snack bars….so awesome…but not as awesome as you…

  80. You are beautiful. 🙂

  81. OK, I think I need these bars. I am 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I think I may need the bars just because I was crazy enough to have my 4th. Would I get them if I told you we may even have another one? Maybe they will help me with what I call “placenta brain”. You know it’s when you can’t think of simple words, “the- and- a”. One day I was reading outloud and I stopped because the words were registering in my head but I couldn’t get them out of my mouth. Anyone else have this problem? If not try having 4 kids and I bet you just might! Thanks and I hope to be eating some yummy bars soon!

  82. I’m homeschooling 2 active boys and breastfeeding a baby girl and practically live on bars bc they’re fast and easy. Would love to win : )

  83. I’m in!

  84. Great! Consider this my plea for a win. 🙂 *crossed fingers*

  85. Leaving a comment — Oh Mama! Want to try those 🙂

  86. This mama needs some DHA! My nursing 6 month old boy used to have a perfectly normal head and now seems to have a bumpy skull. I call this cute brain-space. My husband, always one for accuracy, calls it a deformity. More DHA!

  87. Sounds delish!

  88. I’m nursing a little guy and chasing after a 3 year old – I’d LOVE to try these bars!!! C’mon Chickadee & Monkey, pick me! 🙂

  89. mmmmmmm my fave…peanut butter and chocolate.

  90. Free is for me!!

  91. sounds YUMMY!

  92. Food to grab and go when nursing is a must. Sign me up.

  93. healthy snacks for (older) pregnant mama’s? – well, that is what I heard anyway 😉 Pick me! Pretty please, with healthy chocolate and a raspberry on top!

  94. MMMMMMMM – sounds delicious!

  95. Oh Mama!

  96. Yum-O! Surely these are more nutritious for my lactating self than the Dr. Pepper and a Snickers bar I tackle each afternoon………….

  97. MMMmmm….delicious DHA! I’d love some! Thanks!

  98. I’m nursing RIGHT NOW….. (She’s actually standing with one foot on a toy and one knee on my lap, having a snack while I’m typing….)

  99. A new snack would be nice – a girl can only eat so many bananas (even if it is the only thing she can keep in her stomach during this lovely first trimester!).

  100. Chocolate peanut butter? Sign me up.

  101. I’m nursing my 6 month old (unlike the above poster, not RIGHT NOW, my daughter is sleeping), and I would share them with my SIL who is due in about a month.

  102. I’m all over this@

  103. I check your site everyday just to make sure I don’t miss out on any great deals. As a mother of 4 every penny I can pinch helps, plus the “hunt” is so much fun! Thanks!

  104. I’m (still) nursing my daughter (you know, the one born of the PDA). She is already of an age when she can say (or scream at the top of her lungs) “I want boob, NOW!” It’s probably time to think of stopping, huh? In the meantime, snack, please!

  105. Nursing twins! Always hungry! Pick me!

  106. Just found out I’m pregnant with #5…maybe this is something I will feel like eating besides all the fast food money can buy…

  107. I’m pregnant too!

  108. Am I lucky number _________…..?

  109. By golly this is getting a lot of entries.

    (And I know this doesn’t increase my chances of winning, but I think you’re very pretty, Mir.)

  110. not pregnant, not nursing, but yes to hungry! count me in, thanks Mir

  111. pick me, i heart new food:0)

  112. I’m pregnant and I worship your loveliness and your wonderful website. 😉

  113. mmmmm……snacks 🙂

  114. Am pregnant. Therefore, am always hungry.

    I’m clearly one of the more practical choices. I am also quite cute, but not as pretty as you.

  115. Oh, YUM!

  116. Pretty hair and great prizes? How do you do it?

  117. I just learned yesterday, that pregnancy shrinks your brain. I just had my 3rd child 3 months ago. Not only do I need yummy snacks, I need my brain back…

  118. Yummy!

  119. I’d like to try them. Enter me in.

  120. I’m preggo with my third. Anything to help with eating healthily on the run! Pls count me in!!

  121. 120….It has a nice ring.

  122. I love your website– I’m nursing mom, so sign me up!

  123. Oooh — I’m pregnant and always seem to be starving these days. Count me in!!

  124. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and would love some good for me (and baby) snacks! Yeah!!! 🙂

  125. I’m nursing and constantly hungry. Mmmmm, DHA!

  126. Yum-oh!

  127. I just stopped nursing but I’m always hungry (mostly because I’m a snack pig) but I promise to share with the preggos I know!

  128. Did I mention that teachers are often malnourished?

  129. I have a very pretty pregnant sister who really needs these yummy treats! Pick us, please!

  130. Yummy! I’m nursing and chasing an older one, I could certainly use these.

  131. Oh man, I need these. I’m pregnant and work nights in the hospital. These would be perfect to carry around in my coat pocket for mid-night munchies.

  132. Here’s to this number! Thanks for such a lovely site, by the way, even without the prizes. The Coldwater Creek deals alone have outfitted me professionally for the next entire year!

  133. Wow, way over 100 entries to win candy. I hope it is me, me, me!

  134. Pick me! Pick me!I LOVE your site!

  135. I’d love these for my sister in law who is giving birth to her second son TODAY!!

    And you’re so pretty, pick me!

  136. I HAVE A PLACENTA!!!!!!!

  137. I’d love to win these. They look great. Thanks!!!

  138. Oh, those sound yummy! Sound like a great snack while nursing my 3 month old!

  139. I am pregnant and hungry…these sound great!

  140. Sounds yummy!

  141. Hi Monkey and Chickadee… You are very handsome Monkey. You are very pretty Chickadee… {:>

  142. I am 70 years old and pregnant. My husband died several years ago so I am unwed. I would like to have the bars for more nutrition.

  143. Mmmm…snacks….I really do need extra calcium, you know. And frosted white lemon AND frosted white raspberry sound really good. They’d surely save me from evil snacking.

  144. Ooh pick me pick me….. you are pretty 😉

  145. Ok, count me in–can’t resist delicious snack bars!

  146. Boy, do I need a boost. Recently pregnant, now have a sleepless infant, moved from Alaska to Wisconsin, moved 4 times in 7 month. I need something and maybe these bars are it! Thanks for the chance!

  147. I am just now not feeling totally gross and can eat! these would be great.

  148. Hi! 🙂 I am actually trying to get pregnant with my second! I need, I need! Please? Thank you!

  149. I would be honored to win these snacks for 3 reasons. First of all, I am pregnant with my 3rd child… just getting out of the first trimester and would love to eat something that would be considered REAL food without gagging. Come on, it’s really for the baby. Secondly, it would offically be ONE snack that I didn’t HAVE to share with anybody. And last but not least, if you don’t pick me I might cry. Don’t feel too bad cause I will being crying anyway, I’m sure. Oh, Mama! They look so good!

  150. I just barely made it. It’s 11:57. Yum, those look good!

  151. I want some! Those look yum…

  152. I’d love to try these!

  153. i have FOUR pregnant friends. i need to feed them so they will continue to let me pet their bellies 🙂

  154. I bet I’m the last to sign up! But still within the time frame, go ME! (AND I’m PREGNANT!!)

  155. El-e-e … I don’t know if I’ll be last, but I know you won’t be, cuz I’m in!

  156. I want snacks, please!

  157. Woo! Free food! Bring it on (please)!

  158. Been there, done that, didn’t win the T-shirt…feed me, Seymour!

  159. PULLEASE, Oh Pullease I gotta have these bars. I love you.

  160. I never pass up a chance for free food. Now all I have to do is send a subliminal signal to your kids so they pick my lucky number…

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