Winners of the Oh Mama! bars

By Mir
September 23, 2007
Category Contests

Wowza, you people really want some free food. The drawing for Oh Mama! bars received 161 entries, which sort of makes me want to whip y’all up some snacks right now, because who knew so many of you were so hungry? Not me.

Unfortunately, I only have 5 boxes to give away, so 156 are you are going to continue to be malnourished. I’m sorry.

My children took turns picking numbers (it was so cute… sort of like a midget auction… “84! 35!”) and in no time at all we had our five winners. I have already emailed these folks, so if you see your name but don’t have an email, maybe someone else shares your name.

Our winners are: Mel, Missy, Alicia, Heidi (there were at least 3 Heidis, much to my surprise) and Kel. Happy snacking to all of you, and thanks to the kind folks at Oh Mama! for making this contest possible.


  1. Many thanks again, prettiest of Mirs! I’m looking forward to trying out the Oh Mama! bars. If I had a magic wand I’d give the box a good smack to multiply the number of bars for your 156 malnourished readers, but alas, I am without a wand.

  2. Woo Hoo!!! Missy won all on her own. Thanks Mir.

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