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By Mir
October 9, 2007
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It’s time for another Want Not contest!

If you have kids, you know Brighter Minds—they’re the folks that make all sorts of educational stuff for children, including the Brain Quest cards which have occasionally saved my children from me pinching their yammering, bickering little heads off. Brain Quest is like crack for geeks, dude. I keep a deck of Brain Quest on hand for emergencies, no lie.

Anyway, they’ve got some new offerings for the holiday season, and what better way to celebrate and spread the word than to give away some fabulous prizes here at Want Not? Here’s the deal: Brighter Minds has developed DVD game versions of Brain Quest, which is all the brain-bending fun of the cards you already know and love, but on your television (which—as any child will attest—makes it that much cooler), and they have several other new DVD games out as well. Both versions of Brain Quest (one is for grades 1-3 and one is for grades 3-5) have won the iParenting Media award, and the new Marvel Heroes Breakout DVD Game (for ages 6+) has won the 2007 Creative Toys Award as well.

Five lucky Want Not readers are going to receive Brighter Mind DVD games at the end of this contest. One grand prize winner will receive all three of the DVD games described above. Four other winners will select one of the above-described games to receive. Each game has a MSRP of $24.95.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 14th, 2007. One comment per person, please! I will select the grand prize winner based on merit (what does that mean? who knows! say something that makes me pick you!), and the four other winners will be selected via random drawing.

Winners will be announced on Monday, October 15th, 2007. Go!


  1. How’s this…. pick me!

  2. braniac shmaniac – it’s a chance to get a few things done for myself!

  3. Brain Quest on DVD? I think I’m in heaven! We love Brain Quest cards so much around here that we even hold onto the old, half torn/half missing decks that are the inevitable casualties of too much road trip excitement. Hey, even a few hundred questions floppily hanging onto the holding pin are worth keeping. (and yes, in my universe, floppily is an oft used word, lol) We would love to have these games!

  4. My 3 grandsons would think that I am the
    smartest grandma in town if I had these
    games to play with them when they come to
    visit….and we all could get smarter together!

  5. I’ve loved Brain Quest since my nephew used them years ago. Now we’re handing down decks from when my now-9-year-old was in preschool to his in-preschool sister. Love to see that they’ve expanded the line.

  6. Usually you ask the kids to choose the winner, so I’m going to say that Chickadee and Monkey are the coolest, smartest, just all around best kids in the world, and they would be ever so nice to pick my kids as the recipients of the prize. And if chosen, I do solemnly swear that the next time their mother writes about wanting to either a) eat or b) sell her children, I will do my best to talk her out of it.

  7. I have always enjoyed the Brainquest cards. On DVD? My students would have a blast!

  8. Oh great Mir – you are so beautiful!!! Does brown nosing work? Can you imagine what my (all readers) have as a mental picture of you?? You truly are beautiful in my mind. Would be great fun to see the real you someday.

    I would really like this.

  9. My son is deaf, and wears a Cochlear Implant. I am always trying to find new and differnt ways to teach, stimulate, and keep him caught up with his peers. These games would be a fantastic learning tool…for all of us! I could use some extra help, too. We’re main streaming him in public school! Help!

  10. I’m in.

  11. I need ONE more Christmas present for my middle niece, and being picked for one of these would give my Christmas budget a boost! They just brought home a new baby sister on Sunday, so add that to an 8.5 year old, a 4.5 year old, and an almost 3 year old, and my sister in law would be in heaven for a few quiet moments that these cards would provide. (As for my Christmas budget, it’s being helped by the $1 pearl necklace for the 8 YO and the family will be getting one of my free bags of popcorn!)

  12. I will take your kids for one week a year. Free of charge.

    Is that enough to make me win the grand prize?

    Ok, how about 2 weeks? Just not in a row please.

    (Upstate NY- Saratoga County, just so you know where to send them) 😉

  13. No great story here, just 2 geeky parents with an extremely bright 7 year old in a 2/3 split at school, and an up and coming 2 year old. We love the BrainQuest cards for our older child, and would love to have the DVD.

    *hoping for luck in the random drawing*

  14. granted my son is 3-1/2 but he is teaching himself to read and has the biggest thirst for knowledge I have ever seen. he doesn’t accept kid-sy answers and wants to know the who, what, when, where, and especially why of everything. We totally nurture this desire and I think these games while technically old for him, would be wonderful. He surprises us everyday with the things he comes up with and things he knows. He’s gotten Brainquest cars in some kids meal and he actually liked them (but his younger brother liked them too… Guess he thought they tasted like chicken).. so they didnt last long.

    Well, thanks for the site an dthe opportunity to be in on teh ‘raffle’. I am always trying to find ways to keep these 2 outta trouble and this would at least help me with one of them! 🙂

  15. Oh, I’d love to win a Brighter Mind game–
    And have 5 minutes of WantNot fame;
    To have a game on DVD
    Might make my son almost pee
    Man, is this poem lame!?


  16. I would love this for my daughter (age 6). She loves video games and Brain Quest makes me feel less guilty for letting her play! And if you pick me I will mail you snow straight from Massachusetts to remind you what Christmas is supposed to look like (assuming we have any here either)! Or I can give you my kid…you want another right?!

  17. Thanks to your WANT NOT site I am way ahead with Christmas shopping this year – and I have spent so much less $$$ than in previous years. I still need to find that “for the whole family gift” and what could be better than Brain Quest? I have 4 young ones, and a 6 hour car trip to Grandma’s the week after Christmas – this would be the perfect gift.

  18. I can has a Brain Quest DVD? Please not forget to be picking me!

    P.S. You are sooo pretty!

  19. We love Brain Quest! I have a 3 year old.
    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
    *waves hand around obnoxiously*

  20. Oh lovely Mir you’ve put me on the spot!
    I must come up with something, you see.
    Because my kids, they need what you’ve got–
    Brain Quest and “hero guys” on dvd.

    For them it’s a chance to learn and grow;
    for me it’s a lovely distraction.
    And as all of your pretty readers know,
    FREE is the best kind of transaction!!

  21. Wow. Merit. Ok, let’s see.
    Well, I am nice to my baby ALL THE TIME, even when she keeps me up all night. And even when she keeps me up all night and the PICKS my husband over me. But. I’m still nice. All the time.

    And my older kids? I try to appologize to them when I treat them like adults or expect them to act or move at an adult pace. God, I can be such a jerk sometimes. But then I see that I’m being a jerk and I own it.

    Ok, this is not what you had in mind, is it? Hmmm. Well I’m at home ALL DAMN DAY waiting for the cable guy. Because we are switching companies so we can have DVR. And when I went to take a shower, I put a note on the door that said “Cable guy- call [husband’s cell]” because I’m nice like that. And I don’t want that poor dude (or dude-ette?) standing around wondering why no one is answering the door.

    That’s noble right?

  22. Dear Mir,

    I would be on cloudnine and do jumpingjacks of joy if I won these BrainQuest / Marvel games for my 7-year-old BrainQuest-loving, superhero-loving, computer-game loving kiddo.

    I would give you all my old jigsaw puzzles, sprinkled with bacon salt, to have these games.

  23. I carry brainquest cards in my glove compartment for tedious emergencies. Once, when my son was 3, these were our entertainment while waiting in line for 2 hours to vote. I received tons of compliments on my well behaved child! So, I would like you to pick me because I already know the value of brain quest, my child was well behaved when he was 3, and I vote! Thank you for your “pretty” careful consideration.

  24. “something to make me pick you…something to make me pick you!”
    Ok – I said it EXACTLY as you said to, right?
    Geez, am I the only one with sarcastic children?
    Thanks, Mir!

  25. I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve the grand prize, but I’d love to be entered for the random drawing. :o)

  26. Oh how i could use this with my 2nd grader!!

  27. Hi,
    We like 6000 miles away from any relatives. I get NO breaks. Games or anything that will keep the kids busy for ten minutes so that I can breathe without constant “mommy mommy”ing would be a god send…..did I mention how pretty you are?

  28. Oh please, for the love of God, pick me. My seven year old smarty pants would be over the moon — and maybe I could sneak them in her backpack for when she gets bored at school? ‘Cause when she gets bored at school she stuffs her frustration way down deep inside and waits until she comes home to let it all explode in the form of harrowing meltdowns. (But she *loves* school, really.)

  29. It’s my turn to finally win something! Pick me! Thanks for all of your hard work. You’re so pretty.

  30. LOL, “something to make me pick you” is taken. Um, never heard of Brain Quest but it sounds really cool. I’m a wordy-reader type of person with a science-math type of kid. We find each other equal amounts of baffling and fascinating. However, games I loved as a child aren’t floating his boat. I want to find games we both might enjoy but how to do so without wasting much money? So many games, so much suckage.

  31. W onderful bargains
    A mazing finds
    N aturally beautiful people
    T errific tips
    N ew favorite website
    O ver-the-top fun
    T hanks for all you do!

  32. My kids would be over the moon to unwrap these from Santa on Christmas morning! 😉

  33. I am a first grade teacher in a socio-economically disadvantaged community. More than 70% of my class alone receives free or reduced lunch. This is something that they would never dream of owning in their own families…because adequate food, clothing and shelter are their very real, day-to-day concerns. This would be a useful and fun tool to use in class, and a bonus would be that it would be one less teaching tool that came out of my own pocket!

    Thanks for all you do…you’re soooooo pretty and you save me a lot of moolah too!

  34. How’s this… ARE WE THERE YET?

  35. I vote for the first grade teacher in the socio-economically disadvantaged community. They need all the extra benefits people can send them!

    As for me, I would love a little gum on the back of my slip for the drawing…..

  36. Would love to have all the games, but as I can’t think of anything clever to say that might sway you and your children, I understand that I’m probably out. But that’s okay. I probably won’t get chosen in the random drawing anyway, because I am unlucky like that. On the other hand, the Rockies are in the pennant race, so that goes to show you should never say never. Go Rockies! And go Mir and Monkey and Chickadees’ favorite teams!

    Um, would it help to point out that my children get very few privileges? Seriously. They don’t have TV (our only TV is in the dark basement, used by me for exercise videos, plus it’s really small), or a cell phone, or any kind of game system, or any mp3 players, or a van with a DVD player. We don’t even have a van. I am even going to try to make my son wear his sister’s snow boots from last year, even though they are black and pink. Wow, that sounds mean. Okay, if I win the games I promise to buy him brand new boy-friendly boots.

  37. We moved out of town a year ago. With our eight kids (not kidding), under twelve.
    We forgot to ask two HUGE questions before we bought this place.
    Do you get cable out here in Timbuktu? And the obvious next one…….Dial Up? You’re joking me, right?
    Give this tired momma some Kidtainment

  38. 3 day road trip coming up the first week in November. My wife and I in the car with 4 kids….Save our sanity!

  39. We’ll be moving Dec 1st, these would be so great to keep the kids entertained while we unpack. Just thinking of them makes me swoon!

    Iz be real esited win deez stuf 4 da kiz! 😉

  40. Sigh, already so many entries… I guess my sweet adorable 2 year old is out of luck. Sob. Sniffle. Sympathy vote?

  41. I’m a geek! I want to fuel others’ geekiness, too! Pick me! 🙂

  42. I don’t imagine I’ll beat out any of the above entries on merit, but I’m all for random drawings! My six-year-old is learning to read and “fun” reading is soooo much better than homework.

  43. Love this idea for Christmas . . . hope I get picked!!

  44. Dear Mir,

    Please to not be skipping my turn. Oh wait.. I’m mixing my websites again.


    P.S. You are very pretty

  45. Since you are so pretty and have great hair, I know you will pick me!

  46. Dear Mir,
    My family and I live in Nicaragua. I have 2 children, ages 6 and 4. This year has been a challenge for them because when we arrived we put them into a spanish speaking school so they would learn the language. The first month and a half was not a prett sight, but we are almost done with the school year (Feb. to Nov.) and they have adjusted. They have friends in class and we have a routine. They are not thrilled to live here. One of their favorite things to do is play on the computer. Because of where we live, we don’t have cable (500 channels and nothing on) and our internet is over a cellphone. While we do have access, it is too slow to play games and they only have a few CD computer games to chose from. We will be traveling back to the U.S. for Christmas to see all our friends and family, something the kids are very excited about. What a wonderful surprise it would be to receive new games to bring back to Nicaragua with us next year. Thanks for your consideration.

  47. These would be perfect for my kids! Plus I LOVE games.

  48. Please, please please, pick me!!!

    We travel 5 hours one way to my parents house and around the holidays we make SEVERAL trips. Hour one is usually peaceful, but the rest are like a horrific nightmare!!!

    We field 1001 questions, calm a crying baby, stop for 10 potty breaks, eat, clean up spills, etc., etc., etc. If I hear “Are we there yet”, one more time, my children won’t make it to see this christmas, and I would hate to have to return all thier gifts!!!!

    On behalf of my sanity (and the rest of my family), please don’t make my children ride 5 hours talking to thier parents!!!!

  49. Umm… Don’t know if I have MERIT and all, but my boys would LOVE the Marvel one. Plus it would take their minds off of Pokemon for a little while. And if your kids watch/listen/play Pokemon you know that can only be a good thing.

  50. I don’t know what kind of merit I have except that I am addicted to your site. Your blog is the first place I check when I have time to shop online!

    I don’t envy you the task of picking winners based on merit. There are lots of good entries here!!

  51. In a few weeks I’ll be trying to survive eight hours in a car driving in the middle of no where with a 5 year old and a teething 15 month old. Help!

  52. All of my grandkids are going to get to come to my house for christmas this year. It’s the first time ever!!! I would love to win these so they will have something to do together, and then I could send a game home with each family. They would love it!!!!

  53. Throwing my hat in the ring b/c free stuff is my favorite stuff of all…

  54. horah for brainy baby 🙂

  55. You’re pretty Mir 🙂

    My children would love this, and with money being so tight it would be great to put away for the holidays!

    Have I mentioned how pretty you are?

  56. Got one of those computers for kids and all they did was fight over it…so I figure, this sounds educational, and they can’t fight over the tv, RIGHT?!

    No, I’m not new to this, just forever optimistic 🙂

  57. It was many years ago since the embarrassing day when a young woman, with a baby in her arms, entered his butcher shop and confronted him with the news that the baby was his and asked what was he going to do about it? Finally he offered to provide her with free meat until the boy was 16. She agreed.

    He had been counting the years off on his calendar, and one day the teenager, who had been collecting the meat each week, came into the shop and said, “I’ll be 16 tomorrow.”

    “I know,” said the butcher with a smile, “I’ve been counting too, tell your mother, when you take this parcel of meat home, that it is the last free meat she’ll get, and watch the expression on her face.”

    When the boy arrived home he told his mother. The woman nodded and said, “Son, go back to the butcher and tell him I have also had free bread, free milk, and free groceries for the last 16 years and watch the expression on his face!”

  58. Winning this drawing would put me well on my way on my quest to be the bestest coolest babysitter around to my kids ranging in age from 13 months to 5!!! Please please!

  59. Please pick me…. I’m having a crappy day 🙂

  60. How fun! I’d love to be chosen!

  61. So by picking me (please please please) you will help us with Christmas gifts! We brought home our newest little cuties from Ethiopia last December & I’m so looking forward to everyone getting in on all the joy of Christmas this year. We love playing games with our 5 kiddos & these would be just the perfect addition to our game cabinet…
    Thanks for all the great deals you find for me!

    (oh but that darling Nicaragua lady…oh my….)

  62. Count me in!

  63. Please pick me! Not good for writing merit-ful comments today- my toddler is teething and I am not sleeping. Sorry…

  64. I don’t mind saying (in fact I say with pride!) that I want to raise my daughter as nerdy brainiac girl. We need BrainQuest games! Go girl power!

  65. Hello, Mir! I would like to win! Also, you are very pretty!

    My (reading fluently despite being the youngest kid in his kindergarten class) son would love one of these games. He is a very clever monkey, and his dog just died, so he deserves a treat, doncha think?

  66. Mir, you are pretty.
    Does that count as merit worthy?
    (Plus I want a smart child!!)

  67. Dear, sweet, pretty Mir, please pick me. I have 2 6-year-old boys living with me right now – one is my own little 1st grade brainiac and the other is my best friend’s little boy (she was having some financial difficulties, so they are both living with me right now) who should be in kindergarten but, due to some bureaucratic crap with the schools, has to be homeschooled this year. Oh please, oh please pick us!

  68. This game would be great for our family, as we are often on a quest of our own to find where the children actually left their brains.

  69. I have married into a super weinie-smart family and my husband and I have 2 children. Sometimes I am suprised by the smartipants-ness of my kids and I think the Brain Quest games would be perfect for their busy brains. As I am a terrible shopper, I have never heard of these cards or games. Oh, please help me, goddess of shopping!

  70. I’m homeschooling my little ones…they would love this, not to mention it would make a great gift for a niece or nephew…you are so pretty to offer this to us!!!!

  71. Pretty please, pick me?

  72. Pick me! Yeah we have the cards for these on a few topics and they are a life saver!

  73. There once was a Mama of three
    Who grew tired of their old DVDs
    “More Blue’s Clues and Dora!?!
    I can’t take any more-a!”
    Was the plaintive cry coming from ME.

    Lo, we take many a trip
    With lame DVDs in my grip
    But if I won Brain Quest??
    I can surely attest
    Those three would think their Mama hip!

  74. I’m going for the sympathy vote. My 6 year-old just had molds done for the 10 years of braces he has to have. He vomited in the chair at the orthodontists office and I had to hold the mold in his mouth while he continued to vomit. I had no clothes with me for him to change into, so he had to wait for his brother in the waiting room wearing his little sister’s pink ruffled hoodie and nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. But wait! I’m not even done! Tomorrow, he has to have 5 teeth pulled and he’s congested…..

    P.S. He would love to play Brainquest while wearing the hockey mask head gear-thingie. You sure are purty.

  75. YIPPEE – another contest/drawing.
    Thank you, pretty Mir!

  76. My 4 kids would love these — the oldest has Asperger’s syndrome and is super smart (but has to struggle with his social skills) so this type of game would be good for him. My youngest has a broken arm (the cast comes off tomorrow after a LONG 5 weeks) — do you think this game would make him sit still and keep from breaking his arm again? He says his twin pushed him off the top bunk (20 minutes after seeing their bunk beds for the first time, and 15 minutes after being tucked into the bottom bunk and told “good night”). Plus you are so pretty, and have such wonderful children!

  77. My kids are not very bright (not my fault) they NEED this, and maybe I do too.

  78. I want it!

  79. Pick me! My kids would be on cloudnine.

  80. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!! How’s that work? oh yeah & pick me 🙂

  81. Me! Me! Me! I want it. I want it.
    Does that work?

  82. Count me in for the random drawing!

  83. O.K…..all about merit? I could try to be witty, but probably not gonna happen in the 5 minutes I have left to myself. I could play for sympathy, but I think all mom’s have their hands full, etc., so I’ll save the whining, woe is me, for my husband when he gets home later tonight. You and Chris (Notes From the Trenches) have inspired me to start my own blog- however, I obviously need to keep taking notes, because I only have four kids and they give me no peace and quiet to work on my sad attempt at a blog. A new game, I’m sure, would solve this entire problem for me, as I’m sure the four future geniuses would spend hours enlightening themselves, thereby allowing me to pretend I have writing skills, and that I’m not just writing to myself. All done- Five minutes are up, and the masses are home. Thanks for reading 🙂

  84. I have no snarky, witty, plea for these games but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.
    I don’t have any kids in Nicaragua learning English or hearing impaired children in which this would be a great learning tool for. Which btw those ladies certainly deserve them for their kids. I’m just saying my boys would just really enjoy the games too, that’s all.

  85. My babies are still young, so I’m sure I don’t deserve the grand prize, but I’d love to be entered for the random drawing–my oldest is only three, but he soaks up information like a sponge and would probably get a kick out those DVDs.

  86. I love you, Mir. And you’re pretty.

  87. Mir,
    My poor, pathetic, unstimulated children have nothing like this. The problem with their lack of intellectual stimulation is, as you are aware, their constant bickering. At this rate I can’t guarantee that they will even be here when Santa comes but if by some miracle of the season they were I’m sure they’d love it if Santa had left those games for them. I of course would tell eveyone how pretty you are!
    Please? It’s for the greater good of mankind!

  88. Pretty Mir, if you gift me, my husband will start reading your blog everyday, since my purchases have made him so curious about you.

    Then, I’ll have nice clothes, chocolate, gift certificates, really nice Christmas gifts from DH, and maybe he’ll do his own Christmas shopping for his family.

    As if it couldn’t get any better, I’d also have sweet, quiet, SMART kids thanks to you and Brighter Minds!

  89. My kid (aka, my brother whom spends the most time with me) is learning disabled. He just learned out to read at nine and we were SO proud. He may read at a first grade level, but he’s doing better every day!! And I think he deserves a reward. 🙂

  90. The title of this post made me think of this….When I was a kid, my dad was in the air force. We moved to a new base every two years, or so. We always traveled by car ( a stationwagon, no less), because there were 4 kids, 2 adults, and various pets, and it was too expensive to fly. Some of my fondest childhood memories are the games we played on the road trips. Silly things, like trying to find license plates from every state, alphabet games, songs, reading stories out loud. We might have hated each other at home, but on the road we were one big happy family. It was nice.

  91. My son has started kindergarten and is bored with learning all this stuff he already knows. And my 3-year-old is constantly begging me for homework.

    Brainquest on DVD? That would be like a gift from the gods!

    Pick me, pick me!

    PS. You’re so pretty.

  92. Between myself (working in a classroom of deaf and hard of hearing students), my sister (a teacher at a school for kids with autism), my brother (substitute teacher), my son (just started school this year) and my husband (who loves marvel comics) we would get use of any of these games…if I win.

  93. OK, here’s my plea for the Grand Prize…
    I’m a homeschooling mom of a second grader and a preschooler. The way I see it is that if I have these DVD’s, I can pop them into the DVD player and have time to sit around eating bon bons and watching soaps on the other t.v. while they learn by osmosis! I mean, I might never have to actually TEACH them anything ever again!
    OR, while they’re watching AND learning, I could use that valuable time to make truffles and send them to YOU as a thank you treat! (Of course, I’ll have to learn how to make them first…)

    Oh, and PICK ME PICK ME and I think you’re the prettiest blogger I’ve ever read! (Throwing that in just in case flattery gets extra points!)

    Hey, at least I’m in the random drawing!

  94. A Haiku Or Two For Pretty You….

    Children learning stuff
    On a Quest for lots of Brains
    Use the TV well

    Contests, Giveaways
    Free stuff, coupons, saving dough*
    All from Pretty Mir

    *also known as “money”, but it wouldn’t fit in the haiku.

  95. Spider-man can do what a spider can.

  96. You know what? We don’t have anything BrainQuest. I’m embarrassed, but not so embarrassed that I won’t hope to rectify the situation by entering this contest. I definitely MERIT the Grand Prize of all three games. What better way to induct me into the BrainQuest cult?

  97. I have a 20 month-old, am pregnant and we are adopting from the foster system. It’s like a three-ring circus all jammed into a space the size of our laundry room! We could use those games.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  98. I need these games for my husband. I beat the pants off him at Scrabble so maybe he could learn some new things by playing Brain Quest? Oh and I’m sure the kids will too…
    Thanks, pretty!

  99. Oh oh – love Brain Quest – pick me!!

  100. I realize that these are for kids in grades 1-5 and my daughter’s not even out of preschool yet, but we’d totally love some help on our quest to use our brains. Give the little people some love too. Just saying.

    Thanks for your awesomeness, Mir.

  101. Hey! Fun contest! I just picked up a pack of these for my son at a kid’s consignment sale for $2.50 and he LOVES them. The only price better than $2.50 is FREE, right? 😉

  102. Pretty please with sugar and cherries and chocolate sauce on top pick me!!! See, my children and I NEED stimulation for our brains… or we come up with bad sentence structure like that!

  103. How about: PICK ME! (Oh my gosh, did I really just say “pick me”?)

    Um, also, you are pretty.

  104. I really really need these. Truly I do. I home-school/pt private school my 7-yo grandson. All my granddaughters are home-schooled by their mothers and I have 3 more on the way!!! What’s a grandmother to do? Why beg for freebies of course!

    Thank you.


  105. I’d love to be chosen do my kids can grow smarter, and perhaps I’ll learn something too!

    Also, picking wisdom from my 7th grade teacher:
    You can pick your friends,
    and you can pick your nose,
    But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

  106. Besides the fact that I am addicted to your rockin’ site- I have 5 little ones at home with one on the way and I home school. It would be great to have any of these games! Thanks for all your great deals!

  107. Hey here’s something that’ll make me stand out: pick me!

  108. I’m searching…searching…where is it? looking high…looking low…where could my FIVE daughters have put it? Is it here…what about here? Nope…those girls!…the last four are four girls in five years!…they are noted for doing this!…my oldest is ten…but next one is (yep!) only five—then on down to one year. So they are really good at this…they are so good that they have had me searching for weeks! What is it that I am doing you ask????

    ….I am on a BRAIN QUEST! Because they keep hiding mine!!!

  109. My little guy loves this kindof stuff. And I am his mama and love to give him this kindof stuff. It would be a wonderful Christmas present and fit nicely into our budget.

  110. Please!!!!

  111. Let’s see…I think I should be the Grand Prize winner because:

    1. My brain is melting into mush, and I’m too cheap to get a transplant. Playing these games with my nieces and nephew might help me regain the brain strength I’ve lost through age and attrition.

    2. Maybe I could inject a little of the 21st century into my in-laws’ Prairie Home Companion-style game nights…lots and lots of fun these nights are, but these DVDs would make it a safer place. Grandpa can get quite vicious when we play Whist, and Aunt Jo actually shed blood the last time we played Spoons.

    (…and when did I turn into Yoda? “lots of fun these nights are…” Sheesh!)

    3. I’m handicapped, because I’m not a Mommy-Blogger, I’m just an Aunt-Blogger. This underrepresented minority deserves some loving, too! Diversity now! End oppression!

  112. I totally think that I SHOULD be the winner, just because I deserve to win something in my life time! And…what better of a thing to win…than win something for my kiddos!!! PICK ME…PICK ME…PICK ME!!!

  113. still got hairy legs over here….
    so i was cookin’ me some beet greens tonight and my son comes in and says, “my nose is stinky from that,” and points to the pot on the stove while pinching one side of his nose…..
    he may have a stinky nose, but he loves his super heroes…
    if only I could be his hero for winning that game for him…

  114. I have three boys and Christmas is just around the corner…We homeschool, so we love brain quest already and these would just be the bomb!! Plus, my boys are board game aficionados (they own close to 50) so they love games!! AND, you are so pretty!! I mean reeeaalllyyy pretty…=)

    Pick me~Pick me!!!

  115. We’re a poor, homeschooling family. We desperately need more brain stimulation, seeing how my oldest has Tourettes and OCD, my son has already started with some vocal and motor tics and my youngest is the only black kid in our little Northern Oklahoma town.

    We’re freaks … outcasts! If not for these DVD’s our only other option will be to fling open the front door and start charging admission.

  116. You are pretty! Also, this would help SO much for Christmas gifts for my twelve neices and nephews. You know, if I don’t open them and play them myself and love them, which I have to admit is very likely.

  117. yay for contests! I would love to have new DVD’s

  118. ooh, ooh, oooooooh – wow, I’m speechless

    We’ve never tried Brainquest (mostly cuz I’m cheap) but my kids have begged (not the older 3 so much anymore, but my 9 and 5 year olds would love it!!)

  119. My kids love Brain Quest! Crossing my fingers for a win.

  120. My boys LOVE BrainQuest! They are getting harder to find where I live so as my older one grows I get new ones when we are out of town. I have never seen the DVD version but that would be awesome for traveling!!!

  121. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

    that was my four children begging. Lucky for you you only had to hear it for 10 seconds 🙂

  122. Brain Quest….I’ve been in search for my brain as I seem to function on only one half most of the time. Pick me… pretty please.

  123. Hey, man, I was gonna say that I was on a quest for my brain, too. Guess we’ve all lost it.

  124. I want these DVDs for selfish reasons…4 children and 9 hours each way in the van to visit family this Christmas. Thanks for considering me!

  125. Pick me! Otherwise I might have to go spend money and buy it…

  126. With all these other folks, I doubt I’m going to get anything, but, hey, might as well try! My kid is five, so she’d grow into any of them, eventually! And every DVD I get is less time watching stuff with commercials that make her absolutely have to get the thing advertised, even if it’s something wildly inappropriate for a five year old. (I mean, come on. A salad spinner? She hates salad…)

  127. My daughter loves the BrainQuest cards, which we call the Miss Molly cards in our house). Not to play a sympathy card, but (who am I kidding). . . we just recently received a gigantic medical bill for treatments for her blood disease (NOT life threatening), so Christmas will be very light this year. PS-I love all of your blogs.

  128. Our 3 1/2 year old boy is fascinated with about everything… in fact, he just brought this ant inside for me to watch! Could we please find something that will entertain him but, in a different way?! (hint: DVD ;0)

  129. Ooo! Pick me!

  130. I JUST POSTED ABOUT THIS ON MY BLOG!! This year is the year of the game board for my family. We LOVE games. And we do not have Brain Quest. WOHOO!! That would be so great to add to our collection. Not to mention my son KNOWS EVERYTHING {he’s 9 you know, we don’t need encyclopedias} so having this collection would be great to really challenge his powers. And I don’t have to tell you Marvel Comics would go over BIG with my guys. So thanks so much for having a contest with giveaways!!

  131. I’m having a really bad week! My father-in-law came to live with us, my teenage son is failing AP History; and yesterday, my husband forgot that I existed and left me at work for 2 hours longer than necessary, which in my book equates to cruel and unusual punishment. Winning this contest would erase all of the stress and cruelty I’ve had to endure this week (make note that its only Wednesday). I only WANT the Marvel Heroes Game, I’ll leave the other two for more deserving families. Maybe if I had used Brain Quest more often while my teen was younger he wouldn’t be failing history now.

  132. {{{Waving hand}}} Pick me! Pick me!

  133. Oooooo, oooo, I’ve never tried their products. Give me a chance to!

  134. I’m thrilled that there’s new BrainQuest stuff! Our 4-year-old has loved the cards since she was 2 and our almost-2-year-old will undoubtedly start them soon. A DVD version would be the hit of the year, so I’m throwing my name in the hat!

  135. as a mom of 3 boys I surely am IN! I always need something to keep them occupied for more then 2 seconds 🙂

  136. I’ve never heard of these games but they sound great. Anything to get my 7-year-old excited about something other than the various powers of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends is a good thing! Watching tv and learning at the same time? What a CONCEPT! Plus, it would be nice to have another game option to play by DVD other than Candyland, which is getting quite old and that Candyland music can drive a person INSANE after a while!

  137. I really love learning about easy ways to save resources, money and constantly learning new things. And I am forever looking for resources to share with my children. I have read about these Brain Quest cards, but have been unable to find it here in Germany at a reasonable rate.

    I really hope to win, but sometimes being overseas exempts me from winning the drawings on the Internet. As a matter of fact I have not yet won anything. Sending packages internationally is not always cheap and can be a hassle. To be fair, I know some items items should not be shipped due to large size, heavy weight or monetary value over $50.00. Anyway, if you are stateside reading this and host giveaways, you cannot imagine how extra special it is for the Americans and Canadians overseas to receive something from the home continent. When we see “Only American residents please” I feel so discouraged. When I see the invitation “International participants allowed” I could kiss the screen. Even if I don’t win, it feels good to at least have a chance. When I am stateside I am going to make sure the words “International Participants welcome! ” appear on my giveaways. I know how encouraging it is to be at least invited.

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to enter. Perhaps, just hope beyond hope, I win!

    P.S. I am long time reader of the antics with Monkey, Chikadee, Otto and life in the South (Woulda-Coulda–just in case you have another 20 blogs!). I come from Canada, so I can not even identify with your bug/weather experiences, but believe me: I know how you are expereincing cultural shock, unexpectedly! I sometimes thought it would have been easier to move to Paraguay because then I would have expected everything to be utterly different!

  138. The local urchin patrol would LOVE LOVE LOVE this prize. And his ADHD brain will be enriched for it.

  139. Pick me, pick me, pick me! I have 4 children, 23, 15, 7, and 5! I always have someone the right age for everything! Also, I have a 2 year old grandson, so now we’re starting over. Please pick me. Stacey

  140. Did I win?

  141. Hi very pretty Mir! I saw this and thought—perfect! I am not a parent but I am a teacher…a very new teacher at that! I’m in my first full year 🙂 I’m on a low budget, and low salary…this would be a great asset for the classroom 🙂

  142. I have a toddler and infant twin sons. Please give me the game before my brain turns to complete mush! 🙂

  143. I have nothing brilliant to say, except that I just found your site tonight (10/10) and it would be most exciting to motivate my new “SAVE SOME MONEY” mantra to win this!!

  144. My teacher first introduced me to Brain Quest when I was in sixth grade. I been in love with it ever since. I have two children who are very active. However, we only have one car which my husband takes to work every day, so I am not able to get out (read “get away from them”) much. Save my sanity!

  145. Based on merit, eh? Let me see…how ’bout I need the games cuz I have 10 kids, 1 son-in-law, and we are going on vacation ALL TOGETHER soon? And, OH MY GOSH…what if it rains???

    Is that meritorious enough?


    Thanks for the contest, Mir 🙂

  146. Happy 25th birthday to me! (And this is my first time ever leaving a comment–anywhere! See how smart and pretty and funny you are, you got a lurker to post.)

  147. Pretty Mir,

    Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov.


  148. My second grader Daniel has the printed cards of this game, and I know would love it even more on the computer, being the electronic geek that he is. And its his birthday on the 26th – I could be a real cheapskate and count it towards his birthday present! And just think of the quality hours he and his little 4 year old brother could spend, with Adam looking over his shoulder and soaking up all that big boy knowledge!

  149. Your Holy Frugalness,

    No long story here, just need something to shut the kids up during our holiday traveling. 12 hours on the road each way!! Can we say Hodophobia????

  150. I once had a quest for a brain
    but alais I just went insaine
    if you send these to me
    ill jump high with glee
    i wont to talk to the kids again

  151. What can one say that possibly merits the prizewinning of these ingenious creations?

    Traveling 20 hours to grandma and grandpa (via car, gag) this holiday season… if you have a heart, pick me?

  152. Please? Pretty please? I won’t stoop to flattery like all these others…you’re far too good for flattery. It would be such an insult to your greatness.

  153. Ooooh! That Marvel Comics game looks fun enough for my elementary through high school boys to play! Fun!

  154. I think Lexi and M should win.

    Lexi for her son and M for creativity!

    Me, well we’ve never tried BrainQuest yet. There’s always a first time.

  155. I

  156. there was was a family of four
    who used to eat meals on the floor
    then one day a dear
    who is pretty (it’s MIR!)
    showed a deal and a table they scored!


  157. Desperate mother of three boys – one 8 yr old son who is too smart for his britches (and mine!) and a set of 4 yr old twins, one of which is sporting stitches after being hit in the head by the other with a stick. The other just got out of a body-cast for a broken femur which resulted from a run in with a scooter. I need a break – and one that doesn’t involve anything that might involve a trip to the ER!

    Pick me, plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee. (I’m not above begging!)

    Thank you!!

  158. apparently I missed that you were GIVNG THESE AWAY….duh. go figure.

  159. Taking my shot at winning. I’m throwing a 4 year old birthday party at my house this weekend for about 100 people, half of which will be kids. The weather forecast is not good and I do not have a big house. If the stress of this alone doesn’t earn me a prize, I don’t know what will. Thanks for the great site!

  160. count me in.. not creative enough to even try for the merit win so i’m humbly gonna try my luck at one of the random ones 🙂

  161. Well, I thought about talking about how pretty you are, but then you are smart enough to see right through that. Plus, you know how pretty you are already! Then I thought about begging, but no, that is quite distasteful. But this might interest you…..I am always looking for those “educational” toys that you don’t find just everywhere but often end up having to buy at specialty shops and are NEVER on sale because they are so hard to find. You are offering me a chance at the best sale ever on a great toy for my kiddos — free! And if I have learned anything from you on this blog…..nothing is better than free — other than free with free shipping! 🙂

  162. We love Brain Quest!

  163. What a wonderful giveaway!

  164. Yeah, games! My kiddos would love them. Sorry, still too early in the Pacific time zone to come up with something really witty! 🙂

  165. Oh, pick me, pick me! Does the number of children help in this contest? I have five. Who can beat that?

  166. Pretty Mir,

    I am a long-time reader, busy (lazy?) commenter. I have gotten many good deals from your posts and had to resist many more. I have also learned about price-matching and it’s wonders from you. So I owe you, really! All I have to offer is a cute 7 month old and a four year old who listens sometimes. Perhaps you’d rather just pick me to receive the DVDs instead. Your choice.


  167. This is my first visit to your lovely blog. I heard about the giveaway from Notes From the Trenches and came over to visit.

    Thank you for sharing the wealth with the wonderful world of blogosphere.

    Duckabush Blog

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