Trade it in

By Mir
October 9, 2007
Category Quick Tips

Have a cell phone you don’t use anymore? How about an old, dead laptop?

You can trade your old cells in for a credit over at Best Buy, and you can trade in almost anything tech-related over at Circuit City for a gift card.

Just consider it recycling.


  1. Mir, this is a wonderful link! We have about six old cell phones lying around. A local senior citizens center accepts them for recycling, too. They probably do the same thing with them – take them to Best Buy and get a credit to buy something for their center! And that’s ok, too! I will take advantage of this info! You are so pretty!

  2. Yowsa! That’s as good as eBay without all the work!

  3. Ha ha, Circuit City says my old laptop has “No trade in value!”

    What, nobody wants a pentium II on Windows 98 with a 2 GB hard drive?

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