One good gift basket deserves another

By Mir
November 12, 2007
Category Contests

Let’s start off the week with a bang, shall we?

Many of you were able to keep up with me at some of my other locations during the unfortunate outage here last week. (*insert incoherent rant about my hosting company here*) That means that quite a few of you were able to enter the gift basket contest over at Work It, Mom! last Friday.

Sadly, there was only one basket to give away. Happily, I have another one! Right here! (Well, no, it’s not right here. But I totally know where to get it.) The deal is the same as the other contest: The lovely ladies behind Wickedly Chic and Charming Sam have united to make up gift baskets worth $100 apiece, filled with awesome jewelry and artwork. And now we’ll be giving one of those baskets away here to a lucky Want Not reader.

To enter for a chance to receive the gift basket, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, November 14th, 2007. Winner to be determined by random drawing. Please just one comment per person, otherwise the random number generation things gets too complicated for my wee little brain.

So there you go. We’re back, with a fabulous prize. Win it, my pretties.


  1. ooooohhh, I’d like a nice gift basket!

    (And so glad to see you back!)

  2. Enter me!
    I missed your last contest by like 6 hours. Ha!

  3. Glad to have you back!

  4. Please enter me!! Thanks and I love your blog.

  5. Just wanted to say that I LOVE Jewelry and have 2 daughter in laws and a granddaughter. Sure could use some new stuff 🙂

  6. Woo hoo you’re back! I was going through withdrawal :-).

  7. I checked your site twice a day waiting… I’m so glad your back… 🙂

  8. Me, me, me!!!

    Yay, you are back!


  9. I guess this is a good excuse to leave my first comment? 🙂

  10. SO very happy the site is back up – I was having serious withdrawal! 🙂

    So enter me too!

  11. Delurking to say so glad your back! (and pick me, pick me!)

  12. Pick me! Pick me!

  13. I am glad you are back! I was missing you, but at least I was able to hunt you down and find your temporary site! So – please please please pick me!!!

  14. Glad to have you back. It wasn’t the same, even on Work-it Mom! You’re not just pretty, you’re GORGEOUS.

  15. pick me!
    love the website…

  16. I loves a good gift basket. Sign me up!

  17. Wonderful to have you back, now you can once again fuel my internet buying habit…started to go through withdrawal there!

  18. Yay, so glad you’re back! And with presents!

  19. Did someone say gift basket? I like gift baskets. And, I like this site!!!

    Thanks Pretty Mir

  20. I would lvoe this! Welcome back.

  21. Ooohh…fun…prizes! Please count me in.

    Welcome back, Mir! (I now know that I have a wantnot addiction, and I’m admitting it!)

  22. Wow, we’ve got until Wednesday night!? You’re going to have LOOOTS of entries.

  23. So glad you’re back!

    With presents!

  24. Gift basket?! Yes, please!
    We are so glad you’re back! So is my bank account!

  25. I never realized how addicted I was to this site until you disappeared 🙂

  26. So glad to have you back, the lovely, talented, pretty Mir!

  27. You’re pretty and have great prizes!

  28. I missed you. Thanks to Chris I knew you weren’t gone forever. I’d love to win a prize.

  29. I am SO glad you’re back.

  30. I’d love this basket!! Thanks!!

  31. Welcome back! You are pretty, and thoughtful and just swell…basket now?

  32. I’m thinking I have next to no chance, but it’s worth a try! Pick ME! Pick Me!

  33. I would love this! Of course the best prize is finally having you back after checking 15 times a day! **sobbing at the memory**

  34. Soo glad your back, I was checking the site so often at work I was starting to get a little paranoid!!!

  35. Count me in!

  36. Glad to read you once again.

  37. I was lost without you! So glad you are back!

  38. Sounds like fun! Count me in too!

  39. pick me! pick me! it’s my birthday

  40. What a relief everything has been sorted out. I was starting to get twitches from withdrawal!

  41. Yay, thanks, Mir.

  42. Thanks!

  43. So glad to see you back!

  44. Blairzoo forgot to say generous; otherwise I agree with her completely.

  45. So glad to have you back, I feel like I went through withdrawl last week!

  46. Yay! your back! (And prettier than ever)

  47. You’re back and bearing a basket of goodies! Now that’s coming back with style.(But I would expect nothing less from you.)

  48. Yay for another chance to win! And yay for having Mir back!

  49. Glad to see you’re back in action! Please enter me – I could surely use a little pick-me-up! 🙂

  50. please enter me! Thanks Mir!

  51. I am so glad you are back! So…you can choose me 🙂

  52. So glad you’re back!!!!! Please enter me in your awesome contest – thanks!!!

  53. I felt your pain in the hosting fiasco! So glad you’re up and running again.

  54. Fabulous deals and fabulous prizes! No wonder we keep coming back for more. 🙂 You’re the best(and oh, so pretty!)

  55. Oh, pick me please!

  56. Yes please!

  57. Who doesn’t love a good gift basket? I do, I do!

  58. Ahhhh, so good to have you to come to first thing Monday morning. 🙂

  59. My fingers are crossed!

  60. I love all the deals I’ve gotten in on since I found you!

  61. Pick me! Pick me! PUH-LEEZE with a cherry on top?!?

  62. I’m a sucker for baskets!

  63. Welcome back! We missed you.

  64. Come on, lucky random number! Baby needs a new pair of earrings!

  65. Glad you are back!

  66. I am pretty new to your site and love it! Great tip on the Calphalon Friday. Looking forward to more 🙂

  67. with a welcome back gift like that, maybe you should go away more often? (kidding, kidding, I was hitting refresh like a spastic monkey)

  68. Glad you’re back!!

  69. Absence made my heart grow even fonder for you!

  70. Yay! A basket full of art for my empty walls!

  71. Everyone loves a good gift basket!

  72. It was such a looong week without you!

  73. Hiya Everyone,,New here also gift baskets are cool!!!

  74. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh! Want Not is back! I’d love a gift basket to celebrate.

  75. Yay–count me in!

  76. So glad you’re back! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  77. Wow, so very happy that you’re back. I didn’t realize how much I rely on your site to start off my day. Thanks for the gift basket give away!!!

  78. So happy to have you back! And with gifts, no less! So pretty, Mir! 🙂

  79. Me me me! Please? kthanxbai

  80. Enter me!!!

  81. Glad you’re back! And with a contest!

  82. I am so glad you are back!

    It was kind of like not having my coffee
    (raspberry mocha frappachino) fix in the morning…when you were down last week! Welcome back! Please sign me up for the great contest!

  83. When your site was down, I thought, “I am soo going to miss this blog.” You’re back. I’m happier. A gift basket would make me giddy.

  84. Please pick me! I was developing a complex that it was just me that couldn’t access your site. It was horrible!

  85. I’m so glad to have you back.

  86. Seriously. I deserve to win a gift basket. For more than two months now, I have barely been able to sit down because I have been so busy. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and that signified the end of my busy-ness until Thanksgiving which is, what, next week? So I get about a week to take for myself until I have to endure the throes of holiday shopping and festivities.
    I’d really like a gift basket to help me pamper myself for that week.
    Thank you, Pretty Mir, for giving me the chance to win this most lovely gift basket.
    p.s. I always enter and I never win so I really think it’s about time and now would be a really, really good time to let me win something.

  87. So glad you are back… is alot less sad looking for me to get a fully loaded page than an outage notice 3-4 times a day…..

    Please enter me in your lovely drawing!!

  88. I’m so, so happy you’re back, Mir! I didn’t realize how I loved getting my daily fix of Want Not. I would also love to win the gift basket, pretty please? 😉

  89. Oh, pretty!

    I love a gift basket.

  90. How is it that YOU have host problems and WE get the presents? I won’t argue with whatever twisted logic you are employing since it means goodies for someone! Thanks for introducing us to new sites, too. I’m glad your beauty is again available for all, Mir!

  91. What a way to celebrate your return! Thanks pretty Mir!

  92. OOH! Back with a bang, eh Mir? Only someone as pretty as you could come up with a contest like this. Please count me in!

  93. Oooh! I’m in.

  94. Your Rock, Mir! So glad you’re back! 🙂

  95. Please enter me!

  96. Gift basket. Yay!

  97. A basket would be lovely!

  98. Soooooo glad to see you back on-line. I felt so deprived! Thanks for so many free goodies!

  99. I love this site! Sign me up for the basket! Thanks!

  100. Comment. And, oh yeah, want gift basket, too.

  101. A sneaky way to see who’s reading! Missed you last week, and I know the agony of a hosting transfer. Glad to see you on the other side.

  102. My roommates and I were very concerned about that idea of never being able to read your blog again. We are so glad it wasn’t permanent. A gift basket sounds wonderful.

  103. I’m in!!! Yeah!!!

  104. *fingers crossed*

  105. Welcome Back!

  106. How cool would it be to win this?!

  107. So glad you’re back up and running. I was on “want not” withdrawl last week. It wasn’t pretty.

  108. Welcome back sweetie! It’s so great to see you here and – oooh is that a gift basket? …shiny!

  109. Glad your site’s all better now (nasty cold there huh?)
    Please enter me into your Gift basket contest.

  110. you can’t go wrong with a gift basket! 🙂

  111. Hurray! I’m so excited you are back, I was worried I would be doing my remaining Christmas without your help.

  112. Just found you and I’m already hooked. I thank you, however my credit card does not. 🙂


  113. Sounds great! Glad your back!

  114. Woo hoo! Thanks pretty Mir for another freebie chance!

  115. Only a gift basket so perfect could shut my mother in law up for a few minutes. Please Mir, please…..I need a wittle bitty break before the holidays…..
    On second thought, if I don’t get the basket, maybe my old softball arm and a fruitcake might come in handy. Hmmmmm?????

  116. it’s good to have you back!

  117. I’ve just recently discovered your site – and it is fabulous! Thanks for all the great deals you share with your readers – and the comic spin makes my day!

  118. pick me pick me!!

    glad you’re back.

  119. Was in a complete panic without “want not”! So glad you are back!

    🙂 Debra

  120. wow! I’ve got quite the competition here, but it’s worth a shot!

  121. I’d love to win a gift basket!!

  122. So so glad you’re back Mir. The panic that struck my heart over no Want Not this close to Christmas was almost too much!

  123. Sign me up!

  124. Enter me please! I’ve yet to win one of your contests, but hope to soon!

  125. I’m not sure about wickedly chic, but I am definitely one wicked chick!

  126. I’m in. Glad to see you’re back!

  127. Happy to have you back, and would be even happier to win a gift basket (okay actually I’d be happiest if you never go away again! Sure did miss you and your site!)

  128. Thanks for the fabulous prize opportunity!

  129. I’m in as well. Who doesn’t love art and jewelry?

  130. That would be great! Boy were you missed… I’ve only been hanging around about 4 weeks, but I’ve managed to pick up some awesome deal every one of those weeks! (Most recently a very cool light fixture for my daughter’s room from Amazon. $30 from $130 with the free calendar? Score!)

  131. Ooo, I would like a basket. And it’s great to see you back and all functioning. Hopefully you don’t have any more trials with customer service and tech support people.

  132. Count me in!
    (and sooo glad everything is working again!)

  133. Welcome back! And what a way to celebrate your return – with gifty goodness! I love it!

  134. isn’t it amazing how many comments you get when you give free stuff away??? LOL!

  135. I have become addicted to your site. I was really bummed when you weren’t there for a few days. Please enter me for the basket. Thanks!

  136. Missed you!

  137. YAY!

  138. Free stuff! Woo-hoo!

  139. Good to see(?) you! I’m so bummed I missed the last contest.

  140. So glad to have you back, and happy to be entered in the drawing!

  141. Hooray for contests! Thanks!

  142. Put me in (shopping) coach!

  143. Ooooooh pretty Mir pretty Mir Christmas presents pretty Mir…

  144. I’m glad you are back. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

  145. Glad to see you again! Thanks for the contest.

  146. Sounds great

  147. Woot Woot. Free stuff. 🙂 Gotta love it.

  148. Gift basket? I’ve never won a gift basket….

  149. Fingers crossed!

  150. Wowza – You are lovely!

  151. There are some pretty, pretty things on those sites! I’m off to find a four leaf clover . . . .

  152. Hey Mir! Its ur obsessional blog-lover, pathetic shop-o-holic carrie–love u and ur basket!!

  153. Yay! Pick me!

  154. You have been so helpful when I need to find gifts and/or the *occasional* item for myself. Thank you!

  155. You are so Pretty!! Please pick me 😉

  156. Please enter me! Thanks, Pretty Mir!

  157. One day my turn will come…

  158. Sign me up, pretty Mir!!!

  159. I would love a gift basket! Thanks.

  160. Ohhhhh….pick me!

  161. wow, there is nothing like a contest involving mysterious gift baskets to bring out all the readers 🙂

  162. I love art and jewelry – how can I say no to this?

  163. I would love to win the basket please!!!

  164. welcome back! Pick me!

  165. You have totally converted me to the power of on-line shopping! Keep up the great work!

  166. Thanks for all the great deals! You are a day brightener!

  167. Great deals AND giveaways! WOW!

  168. Ooo, I’ll enter!

  169. Hi! I am a complete addict to your website! Please enter me for the drawing. Please pick my name in the drawing!!!

  170. Pick me, pick me! I’m a new addict to your website. 🙂

  171. Enter me for a basket please, please, please!

  172. Enter me please! I’m soooooo glad you’re back. 🙂

  173. I just discovered you today, winning would be a great welcome gift! 😛

  174. Please enter me! I’ve never made the deadline before! Yay!

  175. Yes, please. New jewelry would make me almost as pretty as you! 🙂

  176. So glad all is well again and you are back. Now I would love a basket please.

  177. Thanks for the chance to win! Love the site and am so glad it’s back. You andt the other readers gave me great gift ideas for my engineer brother last Christmas.

  178. A gift basket would really make my week. I’m SO glad you’re back, Mir. We’ve missed you terribly.

  179. Count me in!! I’ve got my fingers crossed. 🙂

  180. I had severe Mir-withdrawl, especially Want Not! Soooo glad you are back!

  181. Glad your back up, I’ve missed it!
    Pick me!!!! I wanna win!

  182. Enter me too! I loooooooove your bargains!

  183. I absolutely love gift baskets. Especially when the contents are a surprise, somewhat. Cool contest. Love you site, keep up the good work.

  184. I my heart still leaps a little when I see you bold in my Bloglines. Thanks for the chance to win.

  185. I always join these things and never win….but of course, hope springs eternal!

    btw, mir, i missed you while you were gone, i had want not withdrawals!

  186. Please share some of your pretty things with me. Let me be the winner.

  187. Here’s hoping my luck holds!

  188. So glad that you’re back! I’d love to have this to take to my sister in law, who just had an adorable little baby. We were supposed to visit them this weekend but our 6 mth old is sick, so my plan to spoil my adorable little nephew was thwarted. It would be so nice to bring this to her at Thanksgiving because we won’t be able to visit at Christmas. Thanks for considering me.

  189. Oh boy, it should would be nice to win something just for me…

  190. Fabulous! Please enter me.

  191. Look, look, bright shiny thing. This way!

  192. Oh random number generator, pick me! And welcome back Mir!

  193. That is awesome. Please enter me in the giveaway. All this holiday shopping is driving me crazy. I could really use something just for me.

  194. Free! Sign me up, please!

  195. Sounds great! Add me to the list!

  196. yes please!

  197. I LOVE giveaways!

  198. Cool beans… consider me entered… love your blogs but you and Amazon really tend to deplete my checkbook every Friday!

  199. Ooh! Ooh! The first contest I’ve entered on Want Not!!! 😀

  200. count me in! so glad to have you back Mir

  201. Glad to have you back Mir, I thought there was something wrong with my computer last week. I was in withdrawl! Enter me Please 🙂

  202. Consider me entered! I need art – me walls are empty. I wish I was kidding.

  203. I missed you!!!

  204. Count me in!

  205. Pick me! Pick me! Woohoo!

  206. Thanks for entering me!

  207. I, too, am SO GLAD you are back.

  208. enter me! glad you’re back!

  209. thank you!

  210. I’m in!

  211. Thanks for the contest!

  212. Entering! Love your web site!

  213. Ooo! I love a good giveaway… thanks!

    By the way, did anyone tell you that you look pretty today?? :0)

  214. So glad you’re back1 Boy do I need to win something! Stacey

  215. You can’t win if you don’t enter, is what I always say. Thanks for sharing the wealth, and glad you’re back!

  216. enter me! can’t wait to receive my gift basket! hehehe 🙂

  217. You are looking simply Mah-va-lous today ddah-ling!!

    That means simply that you are ‘very pretty’ and I love your blog. =)

  218. Please enter me. I enjoy your service since I live overseas and have to do my shopping online!
    And no, you won’t have to ship overseas. I have a Missouri-based address as well.

  219. Pick me, Pretty Mir! I love your blog and missed you when you were gone!

  220. Ahhh…it’s so nice to get my daily Want Not fix again. I was having some seriously withdrawal while you were down!

  221. Okay, made it to the bottom of a very long comment queue ;-)and would love to be entered!

    SO very glad you are back – I was having serious withdrawals!

  222. Love your blog…

  223. Me me me! Your blog is the shit and I read it every day for bargain tips! I’d love a gift basket!

  224. Bad morning sickness today…but I think a nice gift basket will help.

  225. Hey, I’d love to win something!

  226. I read this site EVERDAY atleast 5 times!! I’d love to win a fabulous gift basket! Since of course my 24th birthday is Novemeber 14th and it’d pry be the only gift I’ll get(if my 2 year old poops on the potty for me that day though…that’d be the best gift yet lol!!) I love the site! Enter me please!!

  227. oohh, gift baskets are lovely, as are you!

  228. pick me, pick me 🙂

  229. Yay! You’re back! Would love to win the basket (plus it’s my birthday this week… 😉

  230. I love your blog

  231. So glad you’re back!

  232. Cool!

  233. Sign me up, please!

  234. me, me, me!!! (Jumping up and down with my hand in the air)

  235. I could use a pretty gift basket right now!!! I’m busy assembling them for fundraisers at my kids’ schools, and I want one for myself!!!

  236. Welcome back!

  237. Ooo, a contest! Glad you’re back!

  238. Oh… crossing my fingers. Close my eyes, picture Mir pointing at me. 🙂

  239. Enter my name, lovely Mir.

  240. yay! gift basket goodies!

    also, welcome back!

  241. me, me, me . . . please!!

  242. I could really, REALLY use a pick-me-up! I’d love a basket.
    🙂 Christina

  243. pick me, pick me!

  244. I am definitely in! Welcome Back!!

  245. Hi!

  246. hey… i want to win! pick me!

  247. So glad you’re back. Life just isn’t the same without checking wantnot everyday! Thanks for working the kinks out! We need you!

  248. Hey, I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for that!

  249. Oooh. Definitely want in on this one.

  250. SOOOO glad you’re back!! I missed you. A gift basket would be the perfect way to celebrate!

  251. Enter me!

  252. Random entry for a random drawing in a hopefully randomly lucky chance

  253. Oh oh! Me me me!

  254. Count me in, too! This is a great “yay, Mir’s back!” giveaway.

  255. I am feeling really positive vibes, and winning is looking good for me!! Don’t disappoint me.

  256. So glad you are back, Mir! AND with a contest….how pretty are you??!!

  257. Holy cow, I’m comment #328!

  258. Enter me! Just found your blog– love it! Thanks

  259. Oooohhhhh! Pretty Mir has another basket! Woohoo!

  260. So glad you are back! Yay for prizes! 🙂

  261. it’s good to have you back! Enter me for the basket, thank you!

  262. WOW- you are pretty AND popular! Love the drawings… thanks!

  263. I’m so glad you are back!

  264. Pick me, please. Thank you.

  265. I’d love to win. I’m having a bad day.

  266. I’m glad you’re back, pick me please!

  267. Welcome back. Missed you!

  268. Pick me!

  269. Enter me! Love your site! Thanks for keeping us updated on the deals!

  270. Dear Randon Number Generator,

    Please pick me.

    The end.


  271. Will it have something shiny in it?

  272. A gift basket…what fun!

  273. sign me up please!!!!

  274. Yeh, me too!!!!

  275. ooohhh…. me me me!!

  276. pick me! pick me!

  277. Comment! See me commenting?

  278. Yeah Goodies!

  279. there’s already 280 entries, so I’ll only cross my fingers and not my toes.

  280. so glad your back, please enter me for the basket 🙂

  281. What the heck, enter me in the contest as well.
    Glad you are back!

  282. I think you’re very pretty! and smart!
    glad you’re back

  283. I’m comment #284?! Is that a record for wantnot?

  284. I need to win because you’re so pretty and you left a comment on my site when I was so upset you were down for days.

  285. I need to win because you’re so pretty.

  286. Glad to have you back pretty, pretty MIR! Thanks for sharing your wonderful bargains with us all. And thanks for giving us a chance to win something fun!

  287. Yay… prizes! I would totally love and cherish a gift basket.

  288. Oh, Mir, you just get prettier and prettier. Thanks!

  289. You are SOOOOO pretty MIR! And THANK GOD you are back. I was in withdrawal without all your bargains and whatnots at wantnot.

  290. I missed my chance to enter at Workit, Mom, because my usual browsing time is on Saturday, not Friday. (So I don’t have much energy on Fridays after teaching all week — surprised?) Thanks for the second chance!!

  291. Glad you’re back!!!

    Thanks for the random chance… : – )

  292. Wow, look at all the comments. Here’s one more.

    Glad you’re back!

  293. Dude, you gotta pick me!

  294. I love gift baskets 🙂

  295. Seriously, how could you have a bad day with the potential for winning a gift basket hanging in the air?!!!

  296. Oooh! Hooray gift baskets!

    And hooray for the return of the wonderful and pretty Mir!

  297. You are so pretty 🙂

  298. Ooo! Gift baskets! Jewelry! They are so pretty. And so are you!

  299. I’m in! Yay for prizes.

  300. Woo hoo! Free stuff! Enter me, please!

  301. pick me!

  302. Mir,
    You are simply the greatest writer on the net! So glad you are back! Please enter me!

  303. I didn’t win the other one so let’s try this again… I need some pretty things!

  304. Thanks for the chance! My fingers are crossed…

  305. lovely lady, i’m so glad you’re back. i’m not generally lucky with these things but i’d love the chance…thanks.

  306. Great sounding gift basket!

  307. Not to sound too much like one of my kindergarten students, but..

    Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I know, pick MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Look how many readers you’ve got, pretty Mir! That gift basket would sure make a nice Christmas present for my mom. 😉 Good luck to everyone entering!

  309. I like baskets and you are so pretty, Mir!

  310. ooh, maybe the lucky number is 312! Pretty, pretty Mir…pick me!

  311. Oh so fun! please enter me!

  312. Giveaways! So fun (just like this site)!

  313. Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂 Please????

  314. Gift baskets are the best kind of baskets!

  315. Welcome back! You were missed. I would soooo love a gift basket to relax with after birth of baby 7 (!!!) due in the very, very near future!

  316. Boo Bad Web Host! Yay Want Not!

    Double yay for too many exclamtion points!

    I think I should switch to decaf…

  317. Pick me, pick me 🙂

  318. If I don’t stop buying stuff from the Friday Sale, I’m going to have to take out more student loans. I’m very excited about our new tent – too bad it’s 30 degrees outside. 🙂

  319. Thanks, Mir!

  320. Thanks for the bargains. Can always use freebies!

  321. You’re back, with presents! YAY!

  322. Woo! Delurking for the gift basket. Very cool.

  323. I waould love a gift basket! YAY!

  324. Pretty you has the wonky computer issues last week and we get the chance at a gift basket? What crazy world is this? As commenter 326, I’ve got my fingahs crossed that pretty you randomly picks lil ol’ me!

  325. oh, whatever, i never win anything, but here’s my entry….just kiddin’!! what’s blue and fuzzy???

  326. I’d love to be entered! I really enjoy reading your blog and have passed it along to many of my friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

  327. Yay!! Free gift basket!! Enter me please 🙂

  328. Yay for contests 🙂

  329. Enter me in the drawing, please!

  330. dude, you have WAY too many readers. 331 comments?!

    But hey, somebody’s gotta win. Might as well be me.

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