Just call me the contest fairy

By Mir
November 13, 2007
Category Contests

Just picture me in fairy wings, with a basket of goodies, pirouetting around in my shimmery pink tights. (Hmmm… wait a minute. Let’s skip the tights, for everyone’s safety.) I am here to bestow gifts upon the hapless! I mean, hopeless! I mean, giftless!

Whatever. It’s early.

So here’s another chance to win, though it’s over at another site where I write. Head on over to the Ty’s Toy Box blog and give them a suggestion for what to call their newest bargain feature. If anyone can come up with the best name for a deal, it’s gonna be someone from Want Not, I’m sure. Leave your suggestions over there through Friday, and Ty’s management will pick one of the suggestions to use on the site. Winner gets bragging rights and her choice of DVD for the kiddies.

Make me proud, people. Go!

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  1. i’m hosting a stitch swag bag giveaway if you’re interested! 🙂

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