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By Mir
November 15, 2007
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Here’s a couple bits of awesomeness for you, sent in by, well, you, my pretty, pretty readers.

Coldwater Creek is running a sweepstakes and you can enter once a day through December 21st, 2007. The grand prize is a $5,000 shopping spree! (Thanks, Cindy!)

The fabulous Jen reports that if you are shopping at your local Children’s Place and ask for a product available online that they don’t have in the store, they’ll give you a code for free shipping! Apparently they don’t often carry the slim pants sizes in-store, so theoretically—whether you wanted them or not—you could tell them you were looking for slim pants and get yourself a code to use for shopping online. Thanks, Jen!


  1. Found this blog from another blog you do. Love the tag line “having it all with less”.

  2. slim pant sizes for kids? weird. (yes, i DO also think the husky size is weird. lol. but what do i know. i don’t have any kids.)

  3. Believe me when I tell you that slim sizes for children are the best thing ever. When their legs are growing faster than their waist its all a parent can do to keep up.

  4. We thrive on slim sizes. Both my girls are long and slim, and regular size pants fall down around their ankles. You can only cinch up so much jeans with a belt!

  5. My son is the exact same way. His legs get longer, but his waist hasn’t gotten wider in the last two years!

  6. And my toddler son is tall enough for 2T pants, but they slide right down his butt. Then he gets upset because “no toes!”

    We live in Oshkosh’s “adjustable waist” pants — they have those odd button-sizable elastic bands like maternity clothes have.

  7. Amen to those adjustable waists! Belts and kids aren’t always the greatest combination, so those are fabulous.

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