What you need to know about Black Friday

By Mir
November 20, 2007

Are you gearing up for serious shopping this Friday? Read this first.

I’ve always been very clear on my opinion, here: I cannot think of a compelling reason to go out on the most insane shopping day of the year. I’d much rather score my deals while still in my pajamas. But if you must do Black Friday, do your research. Read and learn.


  1. I’m with you, sister! I’ll be at home in my Pj’s with my shopping buddies: my laptop and my credit card!

  2. Okay Okay, I’m one of those crazy ladies. I love the excitement of that day and my husband stays home with the kids and tells me to take my time and have fun. (I can be gone all day and he doesn’t say a word.) I use this day not only to score good deals but as a little holiday for me! I thought the tips in this article were spot on. I even blogged about black Friday and gave links to the deals that will be gong on that day. I can’t wait!! Too fun. Thank you, oh pretty one, for thinking of us crazy ladies!!

  3. I’m one of the crazy ones, too, but for me it’s a family affair. All the women in my family go as a group and coordinate to score the best deals. lol 5am at Walmart, I’ll be standing next to a pallet of toys, while my sister is in electronics, and my mom has staked out the sheets. We laugh and eat junk all day and have so much fun.

  4. Speaking of which, can you tell us what sites are doing big Black Friday sales? I know Amazon is doing one…any others to watch for?

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