Ummmmm. . .

By Mir
December 17, 2007

Words fail me.

Because, you know, I saw the title of this and thought maybe it was going to be for teens, but everything is pink and plastic (ice cream cone shaped containers!) and the target age is 6-10.

Because your six-year-old needs shimmer body powder.


  1. Get her some Bratz clothing and you can put your SIX YEAR OLD to work on the local corner. Geeze, why can’t little girls just be little girls??!!

  2. With that set-up and age level, some kids are going to be disappointed to find out the shimmer body powder is NOT edible. Patooie!

  3. I see your point, Heidi. But I feel like I would be even more disturbed to know they were selling EDIBLE body shimmer for that age group. That’s just straight-up skeezy.

  4. You mean it’s not ice cream flavored? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m so glad my daughter is not into firly girl stuff (if that’s what girly girl stuff is!)

  5. I meant girly girl. Not firly girl. But firly girl is kinda funny!

  6. But…but…this goes GREAT with the Bratz Globe!

    And I am SO glad I have boys.

  7. I’m with Ani, just glad I have a boy. stuff like this marketed to girls scares the bejesus out of me!

  8. Ummm… I’d a lot rather my gal (and my nieces) want sparklies on their skin (that they got to make themselves) than to wear makeup or skanky clothes.

    Doesn’t seem that threatening to me. But maybe I’m weird, or not aware of some morally bankrupt use of body shimmer…

  9. Well at least the video that they recommend to go with your purchase “Betsey Bubblegums Journey Through Yummi-Land” is still full price. I guess that means fewer little girls will have a DVD in their stocking that sounds like a Japanese porn title.

    I am so glad that they’ve yet to find a way to up the sex appeal of Thomas the Tank Engine… yet.

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