Target Christmas goes 75% off today

By Mir
December 28, 2007
Category Quick Tips

Just a quickie for those of you who have a local Target store—their Christmas stock should be going to 75% off today (Friday, December 28th). That will include all of the standard things like lights and wrapping paper and such, but it will also include anything that came in Christmas packaging or was specifically ordered for Christmas (but maybe isn’t blatantly Christmasy). If you decide to hit your local Target and want some unexpected deals, look for things like paper towels and napkins with winter prints, gift sets of personal care items, red- and green-wrapped candy, and pajamas with a holiday theme.

Sometimes the store forgets to move some of those things to the special holiday clearance section, but the markdowns are done in the main computer. So if you find something that you suspect may be marked down, go ahead and scan it to check the price.

You’re welcome.


  1. I just popped into my local Target (in Mass.) and it’s still 50 percent off today.

  2. I only got as far as the Dollar section, but all the holiday items were 75% there. And then I realized I left my wallet at home. D’oh! Boy, sure made that drive in the falling snow with a toddler worthwhile! Thanks for the tip anyways, Mir!

  3. My local target here in Atlanta (Buckhead at Lenox) was still 50% today. I asked several people when they thought the stuff wold go to 75% and they were very tight-lipped.

  4. Mir,
    Target had silicon baking sheets, similar to silpats, regularly priced 2.50 each. They’re in red and green, so they qualify for the clearance. I picked up several when they were 1/2 off. And thought they were a bargain at 1.25.

  5. Still 50% here too. The manager said to check back on Sunday or Monday.

  6. Bet you’re still pretty even sick….
    My local Target in Nashua,NH was only 50% off and manager said only well after New Year’s would they move to 75%. Still got some good stuff.

  7. Just returned…still 50% off, and bit of a mad house. Oy! We are spoiled with the online shopping! Crowds! Help!

  8. Save your receipts because it was still 50% off here in sc today too, but they said they if you bring your receipt back they will give you your money back.

  9. Mine was 50% too today….and I was curious about the receipts…I will save them, and hopefully get some more $ back next week.

    Thanks! Feel Better!

  10. Still at 50% at mine.

  11. I might try this tomorrow. It’s snowing so hard today it was better to just stay home and eat cookies. I mean, do laundry.

  12. still 50% at mine too.

  13. Still 50% here, too (Atlanta, Perimeter area), but when I asked they said 75% tomorrow (Saturday)

  14. boo 🙁 I went to Target hoping for the 75% and it was still 50% That didnt stop me from shopping though 😉

  15. Both Targets that I went to today in the capital district of NY were still at 50%. I went to 2 because sometimes one store will be 50 and another will be 75, or some similar disparity. No uniformity as to markdown timing in our stores. No word on when it’ll move to 75%. I still picked up bargains at 1/2 off. Who knows what will be left when it hits 75%…

    Thanks for the incentive to check it out!

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