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By Mir
January 1, 2008
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Good morning and happy new year! In 2008 I resolve to… ummmm… save more money. Also, to eat fewer cookies. (I like to pace myself.)

Did you know that many online retailers who also have brick and mortar stores offer ways for you to skip paying the shipping from online orders? I think I’ve mentioned before that if you place an online order at the store, Lane Bryant will wave the shipping fees. You can do the same at Eddie Bauer, and that will take care of that annoying handling charge they always tack on (and I think if you ship to the store, it takes care of the shipping as well). Just this morning I read that if you want something from Best Buy which is only offered online, you can go to the store and have an associate order it for you, and they’ll waive the shipping.

I still prefer just sitting at home in my pajamas, but it’s always good to know how to save a few more bucks.


  1. JCrew, Ann Taylor, & Ann Taylor Loft abide by those rules as well. I’ve also found that if you’re especially nice and get to be rather friendly with the staff, at say, JCrew, they tend to go above and beyond with price adjustments, crediting shipping costs and the like.

    Also, as an added bonus (and one of the reasons why JCrew is my favoritest store ever) if you’re a credit card holder you get FREE ALTERATIONS on whatever you buy. You don’t even have to use the credit card to purchase the item that you’ll end up having altered; you simply just have to be a card holder. The store generally has a deal with a local alteration shop so just ask a sales clerk about getting the alteration slip.

    Just one last note… never buy anything at JCrew at full-price. It seems that all the styles go on sale a few weeks after they’ve been introduced to the sales floor.

  2. Lands End is the same. If you go to Sears and order at the little kiosk in the Lands End section, no shipping fee!

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