Sometimes words fail me

By Mir
January 17, 2008

Because, really, how am I supposed to know what to say about something like this?

Do I harp on the fact that it’s 27 inches long, or the fact that you can buy a 20 pound box of ’em?

People, some days my job is hard.


  1. And it looks like there is only 8 in a package which means that they weigh over 2 pounds each. That’s some serious gummie love.

  2. My intestines are seizing up just reading about two pounds of gummie snake. Ugh.

  3. and the sad part is, i can see my children’s faces lighting up with delight at the arrival of a 2 lb gummie python at our door. oh well, guess what they don’t know, they can’t whine about.

  4. Economies of scale?

    (Don’t hit me!)

  5. Well MamaChristy has a more reasonable take on it. I clicked over and thought the ‘8-pack’ demarcation meant you had to buy EIGHT 20-pound boxes.

    There are just so many, many things out there that I neither want nor need. It warms my furry little heart.

  6. I have been looking for a 20 pound box of these EVERYWHERE. And to think, for just under $60 it’s all mine.

  7. Comments fail me.

  8. I could SO see me getting some of these to distribute to my high-school junior homeroom students. They would totally LOVE them. On a teacher’s salary, though, there’s no way I could pay $60 for them. 😛

  9. Oh wow. Just…wow.

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