We are long overdue for a contest

By Mir
January 17, 2008

Hi! Remember when I used to give stuff away all the time? Wasn’t that fun?

I have one word for you: Neopets.

Actually… I lied. I always have more than one word. Try to contain your shock.

I have friends in high place, and this time they were kind enough to send along some goodies which I will be giving away to one lucky Want Not reader. What I have here is a copy of Codestone Quest (a PC CD-ROM game rated “E” for Everyone) and a 1,000 Neocash card, good towards anything you can buy in the NC Mall, which I gather would be useful if your child (or you—hey, I don’t judge) plays Neopets online.

In addition, they’re currently running a weekly giveaway through the end of the month, so you might want to check that out.

But if you want to win the above-mentioned swag, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 18th, 2008. I’ll select a winner randomly, and then you will receive your own little slice of Neopet mania. Ready? Go!


  1. Thanks for running this contest, most beautiful Mir!

  2. My boys both love neopets. Sometimes it sounds like a foreign language to me!

  3. I have three boys who love Neopets almost as much as I love WantNot. Count me in the drawing!

  4. Didn’t know about them before, but I’m sure my son would like it.

  5. We have several Neopets and they seem to be bettr taken care of than the real pets!


  6. My son would probably enjoy this!
    Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  7. *I* like neopets. I don’t play, but they are sooooo cute.

  8. I’m in!

  9. What is a neopet?

  10. Thanks for the tip! My daughter loves neopets.

  11. Love your site! Thanks for all the advice and deals. My kids are Neopet fanatics and would love this!!

  12. Count me in! Awesome!

  13. We have birthdays coming in our house (the 25th and 26th) the almost 5 and almost 10 year olds would have something else to fight about!

  14. Sounds great to me oh pretty one!

  15. sweet sweet mir.

    does groveling win you points? My brother LOVES this. He has been such a lifesaver for me the last year as he has picked up my son daily from school. I would LOVE to be able to give him something to show my appreciation.


  16. What cool prizes!! My four children love webkinz, neopets and the like! Please sign me up!!

  17. sign me up!!

  18. Three kids under 8 ~ sign me up!

  19. Hmm..had to look that one up! Neverhead of it before!

  20. I have a couple of little girls who would go nuts for these!

  21. Hah, I remember actually PLAYING Neopets, fanatically collecting avatars…. Until they went commercial, anyway.

  22. Pick me, pretty please?

  23. Good grief. That website is my little sis’s cocaine.

  24. I am running away in horror now. Aaaiiiyeeeee!

  25. Enter me! Wait, ew. Enroll me? Ok! Enroll me!

  26. Oh fantabulous Mir, you would be the hero of my 6 yr old son’s weekend if you picked me…him….us as the winner(s)!

  27. Count me in!

  28. Us too, D would LOVE this.

  29. my 3 would love this. any online critters are good to them!

  30. Count me in, too!

  31. I would share this with my niece and nephew, as my little guy is too little…

  32. My daughter has been a Neopets member for quite a while now and has been making TONS of graphics for her fellow pet-sters and just loves it. She would go bonkers for this prize. I’ll keep this entry a secret from her…….*sneaky mom snickers*………

  33. With 7 kids in the house, one of them is bound to be totally excited and think I am cool if I win. Thanks!

  34. Pick me! Pick Me!

  35. We’d love this!

  36. I love contests! And Mir!!

  37. MMmm…. contests! 🙂

  38. Looks like a game that my 8 yr old & 5 yr old can play. We need more of those!!
    Thanks for having the contest!

  39. Wonderful! Sounds like my 8 yr old and 5 yrs old would enjoy this. Thanks for the contest!!

  40. Wow, I’d love to enter. Thanks for all the great tips and bargains.

  41. What the heck–it’s free!

  42. My 4 kids would love this! Thanks for the contest.

  43. Count me in!

  44. Thanks for the contest. My son is always begging his parents to get off the neopets so he can play too.

  45. I love contest 🙂 Count me in.

  46. Love that you run contests!! They are an added bonus to the great deals you list!!!! My son would love this. Thanks again for the opportunity!!

  47. Thanks for a nice January pick-me-up contest Mir!

  48. They are so CUTE!!

  49. Hooray for contests, and hooray for Mir! 🙂

  50. I am in. Thanks!

  51. Count me in! My little nephew would *love* this!

  52. I would be willing to see if my 7yo would go ga-ga over a Neopet, as most kids have and do! 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. Hapy Friday and thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Yay! Neopets!!!
    Please let me play in your drawing!!

  55. why not? More things to entertain my kids!!!!

  56. oooh pick me and make me the house hero!!! AOOGGA!

  57. Those would be fun to get my little girl! She’d love it.

  58. I love Love LOVE neopets! I introduced all my nieces to it and we still laugh about the fun we had.
    You are the best!

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