Reminder: Senseo contest

By Mir
January 24, 2008
Category Contests

Don’t forget that you have until tomorrow night to enter to win a free Senseo system just because you’re pretty.

The winner will be announced Monday, which is also when I’ll be announcing the next contest. Never fear, there’s always something else to win ’round here!


  1. I got the email from Senseo and paid the shipping on their offer. If you happen to draw my name, you can re-draw since I’ll have one in 4-6 weeks. 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if you can use the Senseo to make a single cup of tea? Instead of using the coffee pod things can I put a tea bag in there?

  3. I used your offer for the shipping-only senseo–it’s already in the mail and on its way to me! thanks!!!

  4. Lisa – apparently you CAN get tea packets for the Senseo. In the main contest post comments, someone posted a link for an alternative place to get the “pods” used and you can get some for tea.

    I hope I win this contest!

  5. Wow, it makes coffee and tea?! Two for the price of none, how cool would that be?! Someone is going to be very happy… sure hope it’s me! 😉

  6. Mir, you can take me out of the running, too, as I got the shipping only email also. Yeah! Thanks, pretty one!=)

  7. Thanks MamaChristy! I’ll go look for that link right now.

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