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By Mir
January 31, 2008
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Well! Today is shaping up to be extremely exciting. For one thing, we’ve given out $75 worth of Kroger gift cards. For another, I am looking mighty spiffy in my new glasses. (Yes. I know that mattered to you. Deeply.) And finally, I thought we’d go ahead and squeeze in one more contest before the week is over!

Have you heard of this new little company called Giftventure? What they do is pretty neat—you sign up, tell them a little about your kid, specify a gift you’ve hidden somewhere, and then they mail your child letters full of clues and puzzles to send them on an adventure to find their present. Fun, right? It only costs $14.95 plus shipping, but one lucky Want Not reader will be receiving a free Giftventure, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, too!

To win, simply leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008, for an entry into a random drawing. One entry per person, please. (And also, please pay attention to the deadline. I don’t have a problem with time zone differences, but on the last couple of contests I’ve had entries days late. Maybe from aliens?)

Ready? Go!


  1. Ooh! That sounds like a blast! 🙂

  2. Sign me up! And it’s okay to make a spectacle of yourself, Mir. (We’d love to see which frame you chose, too!)

  3. Sounds like fun for more then just kids!

  4. I’d love to send my kids on an adventure. 🙂

  5. My daughter would love that, but since there are so few comments I know I won’t win…ahh well I tried!

  6. one of these days I will win! What a cool idea, I have two birthday girls coming up so this may be something neat for the older one.

  7. This is a wonderful idea that my niece would LOVE! I live two states away from her, so this would be a good way for us to be involved together, even long distance! Thanks for letting me know about it.


  8. What a cool idea! I’d love to give this gift to my niece and nephew 🙂


  10. Sounds like a blast … Sign me up! Thanks, Mir.

  11. Gotta love treasure hunts!! Wishing myself luck….

  12. Sounds like fun 🙂

  13. Me, too! Treasure aaarrrr!

  14. sounds cool. kid should love it.

  15. What a cool idea!

  16. That’s the coolest idea!

  17. Very cool! Please sign me up- Oh Pretty One!

  18. Sounds like fun.

  19. What a cool gift idea! I have a couple kids in mind who would love this!

  20. oh this sounds fun and my triplet daughters have a birthday coming up…..

  21. We do this all the time – and call them treasure hunts. Kids absolutely love it.

  22. Sounds really fun!

  23. Please Giftventure me!

  24. Great idea. I would even like to receive one!!

  25. How fun would that be?! Count me in.

  26. That is awesome! Growing up, my parents always hide our “big” birthday present in the house somewhere and we went on a scavenger hunt to find it. Those are some of my favorite memories!

  27. That sounds like great fun!

  28. Fun! Thanks Mir!

  29. Ooh, ooh, me, me!!

  30. Oh oh Pick me pick me! What a unique idea!

  31. My son is five and he’s bored all of the time. Please pick me… *tiny violins*

  32. It’s so my turn to win!

  33. i love it! what a simple and cool idea!

  34. How cool is that? Thanks, Mir.

  35. Fun!

    You always get me into trouble.


  36. That’s a fun idea. I wouldn’t pay $14 for it, but you could just email or write or even text your child messages, too.

  37. My 7 year old would love that! Count me in.

  38. I’d love this prize!! Thanks for offering.

  39. My daughter would go CRAZY. She’s always hiding from me (gee, thanks, karate teacher, for teaching her the mad ninja skillz) and so it would be cool to be able to hide something from HER!

  40. Yes please!!

  41. My kids would love that! I love your site, by the way! Thanks for the chance to win! mlciavola(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  42. sounds fun to me!

  43. My son is a little young for this, but my husband is a kid at heart. This might be fun for Valentines and would force me to actually do something for him. Light of my life, father of my children and all that.

  44. Sounds great…
    Count me in!

  45. I’m not sure if I would rather use it for my daughter or hubby, but I’m in!

  46. Sounds fun, sign me up!

  47. How fun! I would love that!

  48. My kids really need to get lost for a little while. Sign me up too!

  49. Please enter me.

  50. Awesome idea! Count me in!

  51. My family LOVES adventures…we make them up at home all of the time…Plus my daughter loves getting mail:

    thanks mir!

  52. That’s really cool! My niece has a birthday coming up–count me in!

  53. What a great idea! Even if I don’t win, I’d like to hear how it turns out…might be a fun adventure.

  54. I would love to do this for my daughter. She would think it was fabulous and her birthday is February 24th!!! Woo Hoo!!

  55. This is the lucky number.

  56. I think my 3 1/2 year old would love this! Obviously I’d have to read her the clues, but she loves getting mail, loves presents and she definitely loves a good adventure! Combine all three and she’ll be in heaven!

  57. High from my earlier win and having a little boy who would LOVE this from the top of his head to his stinky little toes, I must enter — must, must, must.

    May the random number generator bless my number and keep it in the winning column.


  58. Sound so cute!

  59. Oooh, pick me!! My son would LOVE to go on an adventure!!!

  60. Put my name in.

  61. Oh my goodness this sounds like something my cousin’s three children would absolutely LOVE! And even if I don’t win, I’ll file the site away for future use. Thanks, Mir!

  62. Thanks for looking out for us! I love all your deals and steals!

  63. Sounds like tons of fun, my kids would love it!


  64. OK, count me in.

  65. Pick me, pick me!!!!!!!!!

  66. we do this every year for one holiday…usually a birthday, but this year santa left the clues to a big present outside. i would love for someone else to come up with the fun!

  67. neat! good winter-day entertainment!

  68. Not an alien, I promise. Thanks for another fun contest.

  69. ooh, pick me, pick me. Lucky number! DS wil love this.

  70. I’d love to win of course!

  71. Pick me!

  72. Sounds like too much fun! My son would love this!

  73. Just what my son would Love! yeah.

  74. I’m so intrigued! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  75. Sounds great! My kids love scavenger hunts and this sounds like a great one. Thanks!

  76. Pick Me Please!!!!

  77. Sounds like fun!!

  78. That sounds interesting. We’ve had Easter scavenger hunts, birthday orienteering events, etc. This sounds like it would be fun, and free would make it even more fun! 😉

  79. what a great idea! We could use an adventure around here!

  80. Fun! Like a treasure hunt. we’ve done those before but that kit sounds fun!

  81. so like geocaching, without the high tech equipment? Shut up, a GPS unit is high tech to me!

    Count us in!

  82. This sounds fun. Sign me up!

  83. sounds like a lot of fun!
    we’re in!

  84. I’d love to do this for my daughter. Thanks!

  85. I love your site!! : ) Count me in!

  86. I really want to win this! My boys would really, really love this. Thanks for all the great contests.

  87. I’m in!

  88. Perfect for my niece and nephew!

  89. Sounds like FUN! My son turns 13 on Sunday – maybe a late bday present for him???

  90. Hey I know just who to use this for!

  91. Oooh! Oooohooooh! Mr. Kotter! *waves hands wildly*

  92. Does it up my chances of winning since my son’s birthday is Feb 7th????? 😉 Count us in!

  93. Sounds like a great idea! Count me in, please.

  94. The alien children at my house would love this (at least they must be aliens, they are Waaaay toooo nice to be MINE!!!) lol

  95. This would sure be fun for my grandkids!!

  96. Sounds fun…hope I win

  97. Sounds cool!

  98. How fun! I want to give my kids a giftventure!

  99. Very, very cool. My son would love this!!!!

  100. Can grownups go on a giftventure? I think I’m going to have my son hide a present for me. Hey– I deserve it 🙂

  101. Sounds cool, thanks!

  102. Ohh! My daughter would LOVE that, and her birthday is in march!

  103. That sounds like soo much fun! please add me too!

  104. Count me in. I couldn’t find any gifts on the web site. What Gift comes with Giftventure for the kids to hide?

  105. how fun. thanks.

  106. AWESOME! Here’s my try.

    BTW, Mir–you are so pretty! 🙂

  107. I’m in — it sounds like a great present for kids to enjoy!

  108. Sounds like fun!

  109. Thanks for the great contests.

  110. What a fun idea!! Can’t wait to be able to use it!

  111. Third time I’ve entered one of your contests. Hope the third time really is the charm!! Thanks.

  112. My daughter is turning 7 next month, this would be perfect.

  113. meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  114. This sounds like fun. My son would love it.

  115. Sounds interesting — I don’t know that I would pay for it, but I wouldn’t mind a free one. 🙂

  116. This sounds like fun!

  117. That sounds like fun! What a great idea.

  118. Pick me! Pick me!

  119. I think I’d have more fun than my daughter!

  120. Sounds really fun!!!

  121. pick me! pick me!

  122. I would LOVE this! I even have kid birthday’s coming up.

  123. oooh! cool

  124. I would LOVE to WIN!

  125. why not? My son’s got a birthday coming…sounds like he would have fun with it!

  126. pick me, pick me! Please!

  127. That is soooooooo way cool!!! Pick me! 🙂

  128. 129, that’s a lucky number right!?

  129. No, I think the lucky number is 130. 🙂 LOL!! This sounds really fun! Please enter me! 🙂

    Also, I notice that your RSS feed is cutting off instead of showing the whole post. 🙁 Most bloggers don’t know this and change it once it is pointed out to them. I do hope you change it. I know that being a busy mom, I only get to read the feeds that have full posts to them. Thanks!! 🙂

  130. Pick me! Pick me!

  131. I’ll throw my name in the hat! Thanks!

  132. Oooh! that sounds like fun! What a cool idea.

  133. sounds like fun!

  134. sounds FUN! My nephew would love it! probably as much as his mom and dad….

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