What’s the dealio? A Raggs contest!

By Mir
February 11, 2008
Category Contests

You know how sometimes a song gets stuck in your head? You know how sometimes a kids’ song gets stuck in your head, and you find yourself humming it all day long, and you hope no one notices?

My name is Mir, and I confess I’ve been humming a song by a band full of brightly-colored dogs for the last couple of days. Yes, that’s right.

If you don’t know the Raggs Kids Club Band, they’re the canine sensation that’s sweeping the kiddie nation—their music is totally kid-friendly but (if you, you know, close your eyes and pretend it’s not dogs) adult-palatable as well, and they’ve got a PBS show good for 30 minutes of peace in a busy mom’s life, too.

Thanks to the generosity of the good folks at Raggs, I’ve got some goodies for giveaway here on Want Not. I have three (3) Raggs Dance Party CDs, and three (3) Meet Raggs DVDs. That means six lucky Want Not readers are going to win a prize this time around!

To enter, leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, February 13th. One entry per person, please. Winners to be determined by random drawing, so (as always) sucking up won’t improve your chances of winning, but it will make you prettier.

Ready? Go!


  1. Yes, I totally want in!!!! My son …… adicted to Raggs, so yeah 🙂

  2. Add me to the list please!

  3. The kids would love either of those!

  4. Me please. Anything to get these kids to be quiet!

  5. Ok, number 6.

  6. My two would love to dance to this! Thanks, Mir.

  7. Please enter me…..Thanks!

  8. Please help my sanity. These DVDs will entertain my five year old right? And my three year old nephews? Perhaps they will not destroy the playroom? That’d be so awesome.

  9. Sounds awesome, and my daughter would love it. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  10. Sounds fun! We haven’t seen it yet, but looks like it’s showing in our area… I’ll have to check it out.

  11. Oh pretty Mir, they sound great! Pick me!

  12. Please count me in!

  13. This looks great! Please enter me!

  14. Something that doesn’t contribute to Dora’s college fund? Count me in!

  15. Oh please pick me! me!

  16. okay, so i’ve never heard of them. but with a toddler in the house, we can ALWAYS use more music!

  17. Oh my granddaughter loves to dance and this would be perfect for her! Thank you for offering us such great deals and giveaways.

  18. My son would love either of these! Thanks so much!

  19. My kids are beyond this age group, but I’m sure I could find a preschooler to gift.

  20. I am desperate for some new music for the baby boy…and this sounds perfect!

  21. Good morning!

  22. Pick me!

  23. count me in!

  24. Fabulous! And don’t feel bad about singing along. I was shopping at the local teen girl store (didn’t buy anything–too expensive) and they had a High School Musical 2 song on. There I am, singing along with Troy as I’m looking for skirts.

  25. Thanks for the chance!

  26. Never heard of them, but anything for free….

  27. My kids would totally love this!

  28. This sounds perfect for my little ones. Thanks!

  29. count me in. i’m always in search of diversions.

  30. Count me in!!

  31. music AND animals? My niece and nephew would love these!!!

  32. My preschool class would love this! Thanks for the chance!

  33. thanks.

  34. Would love one! Thanks!

  35. Oh, my kids would like that a lot.

  36. my kiddos would love one!! THANKS!!

  37. I love all your great deals, advice, and give aways! Keep ’em coming!

  38. My older two have outgrown their Wiggles obsession but my youngest hasn’t found his yet. Maybe this could be it! I wonder if I will regret entering this contest someday when I can’t get a song out of my head.

  39. My daughter would love this!

  40. What would you call it if you sing along? Singing or barking? My kids do both! 🙂

  41. I haven’t heard of this yet, but I’m sure it’s my son’s newest addiction! You are looking for rested and fresh today, Mir. how do you do it?

  42. Wow! My granddaughter would love some of the stuff!! Pick me!

  43. Sounds great!

  44. My daughter is a big fan of them, and the 13th is her birthday! Thanks!

  45. Never heard of Raggs – I’m game for a new form of entertainment for the kids. 🙂

  46. Fun music! I wouldn’t mind humming that for awhile!

  47. pick me!!!

  48. Wow, great contest! Please enter me! Thanks~

  49. looks like i’m number 51

  50. I love all of the contests you are having!

  51. My granddaughter, who’s 3, will love this. Thanks.

  52. Pick me! Pick me! Let’s hear it for the Raggs!

  53. Please let the random selection pick ME!

  54. Your giveaways are AWESOME!! Sign me up, please!

  55. Ooh! I have to admit I’ve never heard of them, but, then, maybe that’s just a sign of how deprived my little boy is? (I’ve never seen the Wiggles, either…) We could definitely use more music to dance to, though! And he’s obsessed with dogs, so this sounds like a good fit for him!

  56. I’ve never heard of Raggs, but I have a feeling that the kiddo would love it. And adding some variety to the music playing in the car is always a good thing.

  57. Never heard of them, but I need mommy time!!!!

  58. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This show first started in Australia where my family is from. I still have video of my son dancing to the show at 7 months old. He would pull himself up to the TV when I wasn’t looking. Now my daughter is the same age I have asked my family to see if they could find a CD or DVD so she could enjoy the show too!!!
    This really is a great show and I would love for both my kids to be able to enjoy this giveaway.
    Thanks so much

  59. one of the few words my son can say is “dog” so this would be great for us!

  60. Sounds like fun, I’d love to try them.



  61. fun…my little one loves it!!

  62. I have a 3-year-old who loves music!

  63. on behalf of my daughter, thanks for the chance!

  64. I’m in!

  65. OOOO! OOOOO! OOOOO! Pick me! PICK ME!

  66. I’m throwing my hat in the ring. And my leash.

  67. I have a 3 year old that would love this.

  68. Dude. I haven’t (yet) heard of Raggs, but I will do anything, ANYTHING, to get Doodlebops out of my head.

  69. My child is 2 and has no music of her own. Pity her and sign me up!

  70. Of course my boys and I would love to be rockin’ out to this fun music!

  71. If sucking up want help. then I’ll just tell the truth.
    I need the DVD to shut up my 2 year old, so I can get some house work done!

  72. Free is fun! 🙂 I’m in!

  73. PIck Me! My 2year old would love it!

  74. My, you’re looking awfully pretty today, Mir…

  75. My husband would probably revolt, but my kids would love me, so sign me up! Thanks.

  76. crossing my fingers…

  77. We haven’t see the Raggs show yet, but my 4 yr old loves ANYTHING to do with music, so count us in!

  78. Ooohh, 30 minutes of peace? Have I mentioned how pretty you are lately?

  79. My niece would love this!

  80. How awesome! We love music and 30 minutes of it? Yay!!!

  81. crossing my fingers, and toes, and whatever other parts I can still manage to cross

  82. Woo hoo!

  83. Doggies and dancing? My daughter loves both!

  84. Oh, pretty Mir, please put my name in!
    Thank you.

  85. Woo hoo – pick me please

  86. I would be cool mom if I won this! Please pick me!!!

  87. We love to dance! Please enter us!

  88. Great. Now I’VE got “What’s the dealio?” going through my head now too…thanks a lot.

  89. My daughter would love this! Please add us.


  90. Oh, pretty Mir, please select me as your winner! Thanks for the contest!

  91. pick me….thanks!!

  92. Being I didn’t win any Hannah Montana tickets in all of the local radio contests when she came to our town, maybe I can redeem myself to my girls by winning this one!!

  93. I hope I win!!!
    Love your blogs!

  94. Add me!

  95. Sounds fun! Thanks Mir. So pretty….

  96. Pick me! Pick me!

  97. I would love be considered! Hope we win. My son LOVES Raggs!

  98. I’m guessing these would be appropriate for a three year old? You know, to keep him from yanking the cat around, and getting in the fridge, and swiping my lunch even though he’s got his own, and stripping naked to run around the house yelling “I’m a nudie butt!” Please tell me these things will help him sit still for just a few minutes. Please?

  99. My 3 and half year old daughter just loves them! thanks for the contest, Mir!

  100. Love PBS, would love to see this – never heard of them – sure the kids would love them – thanks for the contest.

  101. Love PBS! Great contest!

  102. Who, who, who let the dogs out?

  103. count me in!

  104. Count me in too!

  105. Would love to have one! I also really enjoy your blogs! Do I look prettier????

  106. I work as a Para in a Pre-K Autism class, they would LOVE this.

  107. I’m present! Sounds like a fun party.

  108. Looking at Raggs almost gives me a seizure, but the boy seems to like it.

  109. I’m an elementary teacher. This would be great for my classes.

  110. Pick me! Pick me!

  111. Thanks!

  112. I’m singing…..

  113. Never heard of em’, but I’m sure the kiddos would love it.

  114. WELL! If it’ll make me prettier . . . you are the prettiest and smartest lady ever! 🙂

  115. Oh Pretty MIr – I never win anything 🙂 C’mon lucky # 117!!!!!!!

  116. Yes… I’m in dire need of a new kid’s song to hum all day long… 🙂

  117. Ahem!

  118. Thanks for sharing! You rock!!

  119. How cool! We love their music!

  120. pls swing one those cd’s our way. My desparate attempt @ keeping my 3 Girls chilled.LOL.

  121. Mir, you are so good to us!

  122. So good to us 🙂

  123. Sounds like fun music! If there is one thing my kids all love to do, it’s dance!

  124. ME ME ME!!! Can you hear me now??? MMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 🙂

  125. My Granddaughter would love this! You are the BEST, Mir!!!

  126. A kids show I haven’t heard of! Exciting stuff. And it doesn’t make you want to poke your eyes out with a fork? Even better! Sign me up, please.

    Thanks, oh pretty one. (I’m glad for your sake that you got a comment counter. Yeah for making life easier.)

  127. I’d love to be added. My kids need a new DVD or CD to watch/listen to! Thanks!!

  128. I’ve never heard them, but my 2 year old loves music so please add me to the list…thanks

  129. Long time reader, first time commenter 🙂 New music = good!

  130. You are so pretty Mir. These would be great to add to the collection for my 3 year old!

  131. Mir – count me in…I’ve been reading your blog for several years, but never commented. Thanks again for the Walgreens photo deal the other day – my husband’s deployed, and cheap pics are always appreciated!

  132. Would love to have a new set of songs stuck in my head!

  133. How fun!

  134. please add me to the list!

  135. Add me too!
    137 is my lucky number I think

  136. Me too!!

  137. Pick me, please?

  138. My little boy would love this!

  139. My little boy would LOVE to win!

  140. A new earworm for my niece may just drive my brother completely insane . . . what is it they say about karma or paybacks . . .

  141. Here goes my name into the pot! 🙂

  142. Pick me!

  143. Sounds like a good time!

  144. Pick me! looking for some music for our newly adopted son from China

  145. Pick me! Pick me!

  146. Super… I love anything that helps distract the small person even for a little bit.

  147. Sounds like a great tool to occupy the kiddies. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll win!

  148. Heck my kiddos would love to find something new to occupy themselves 🙂

  149. Me please! I would love some new music and entertainment for my little one. Your contests are awesome!

  150. Look at all these people who love you! I’m one of them.

  151. My ‘lil one would love this…and so would I for a few moments of peace!!

  152. My baby and prek students would both love it!

  153. pick me, pick me!!!

  154. enter me, please!

  155. You are so very pretty!

  156. Would love a shot at winning!! Thanks….

  157. I’m entering too, pretty Mir!

  158. I have never heard of them. Thanks for the intro and the chance to win! My kids would love them!

  159. Pretty, Pretty, Please Mir. We want to dance around to the music while chanting how pretty Mir is. Your the best to give us these special treats! Good Kharma coming your way!!!!

  160. Add me, too, please!

  161. Raggs sounds like so much fun! My 3 year old lives for music – and hey, if she’s listening to Raggs, that means she’s not asking me for rock or metal.

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