A Mabel’s Labels cable, er, contest

By Mir
February 25, 2008
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(I don’t know what a Mabel’s Label’s cable would be like, but that would be a cool title if it made any sense at all….)

Hey, everyone! I’d like to introduce you to Mabel’s Labels, a mom-run company in Canada that makes cool personalized labels for, well, just about anything your kids might lose. Their sticky labels are tough enough to withstand the dishwasher, so they’re ideal for cups and silverware and such. They even have special shoe labels designed to withstand stinky feet (yes, really). For clothing, choose either the sticky tag-mates (which stick on a garment’s care tag) or the iron-ons (which can be affixed anywhere on the garment you wish)—both styles will hold up in the washing machine.

If you have a child in daycare, school, or headed off to camp this summer, I promise you that you’ll find plenty of things to label! And the best part is that these labels are not only durable, they’re adorable.

Two lucky Want Not readers are going to win some free Mabel’s Labels! I have two gift certificates to give away: one for a free set of iron-ons or tag-mates (a $21 value), and one for a free set of famous sticky labels (an $18.50 value). To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, February 27th, 2008, telling me which style of label you’d like to win. (If you don’t have a preference, that’s fine, too. But the first winner selected will get what they’d prefer.) As always, winners to be determined by random drawing.

Ready, set… label!


  1. Classic sticky label-i have a three month old!

  2. tag-mates would be awesome! thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Love it. thanks mir

  4. Classic sticky labels would be great for me! What a cool thing!

  5. I’m in! Prefer Sticky Labels…skinny-minis would be mighty helpful.

  6. Ohhh, sticky labels!

  7. i need these!!

  8. Yes, please!! Classic stickies for me.

  9. I would LOVE the iron on! We need them for our first foray into summer camp this year!

  10. I totally need these!

  11. i would LOVE some sticky labels!

  12. Hello, tag-mates. Sounds delightful!

  13. Sticky labels! ADD daughter away at college with huge quantities of stuff she can’t live without that needs to be labeled.

  14. I would love the blue skinny mini labels. Please count me in.

  15. I’d love the sticky labels! 🙂

  16. The tag mates look great. Thanks!!

  17. Love this site, Please pick me!

  18. I love the counter on the side. Great idea.
    Its hard to pick between the sticky labels and the clothes ones…
    I think I like the sticky labels more!
    Thanks Mir!

  19. Count me in! I’d love the sticky labels.

  20. I’m in. Have eyed the sticky labels before, and to win a set would be great 🙂

  21. Love love love ’em both but the classic sticky would work best for us! Great giveaway, Mir!!

  22. Oooooh!! Preschool starts soon and some tag mates would be a big help (esp. since I buy so many used clothes that already have other kids names Sharpied in…)

  23. I would love to win their famous sticky labels. They are adorable! Thanks for the cute giveaway!

  24. I have two of the four kiddos going to a two-week camp this summer where they wear uniforms and labels are required. I TOTALLY need these!

  25. Iron-ons! For my son who goes to camp at least twice a summer, and sometimes attends boarding school. No, not Hogwarts — he wishes.

  26. Would love either, thanks!

  27. Count me in for either…stickies for my little guy and iron on’s for my “big” girl 🙂

    Thanks Mir!!

  28. Either would be wonderful – as I get a bit crazy with sharpies 😉

    Thanks, Mir!

  29. The Sticky labels would be oh so helpful
    Thanks for all the great contests lately!

  30. These are adorable!! I am pretty excited!!

  31. Ooh! I would love to win either! Thanks so much!

  32. Oooooh! Better than a Sharpie! Sticky ones for me – I’m not sure what an “iron” is :0

  33. The sticky labels would be fabulous!! Thank you!

  34. The Tag Mates sound terrific!

  35. I’d love this. Thank you!

  36. I would love the sticky labels.

  37. Ooooh – stick me! Sticky Labels would help keep the 4-yr old and the 1.5 yr old from fighting over cups, etc!!! Great contest, thanks Mir!

  38. I vote for Sticky Labels!

  39. another contest–yayyyyy!
    I would love the Tagmates for all those jackets/sweaters/coats/sweatshirts that are currently on my coat rack.

  40. I would totally love the tag-mates or iron-ons: the kids are supposed to have their names in EVERYTHING, and I am about to go insane with all the “trying to find a place on a black glove to make a name show up.”

  41. I would love to have some sticky labels. Sounds awesome

  42. The sticky ones would be great!

  43. I’m feeling sticky!

  44. Woo Hoo! I would very much like the sticky labels if I win. Also, not that I would suck up or anything, but I did give you a little link love over at Preteens, Toddlers and Newborns. I just got my order from Lands End and was so happy I had to share with the world. You rock. And I’m not sucking up, I swear… though you are looking particularly lovely today. 😉

  45. Have twins, need labels, love pretty Mir. 🙂

  46. I *LOVE* the sticky labels! I’d never have believed how much stuff a four year old can lose if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. These labels look cute and durable – thanks for the tip!

  47. Sticky labels would be awesome! Love your website, Mir…I’m not sure how much money I’ve “saved” but your site certainly leave me in want of nothing. 🙂

  48. I’d love some iron-ons for summer camp

  49. I have nearly four year old twins in different rooms in daycare – surely that automatically qualifies me!

  50. sticky ones would work for me! my guy will be in preschool soon and we could sure use them. thanks, lovely Mir-and Mabel’s Labels 🙂

  51. what a brilliant idea!

  52. Oh, with 7 kids to keep track of, tag-mates would be great so I am not always saying “Whose shirt is this?”

  53. either, but prefer sticky!

  54. I totally need some iron-on labels for my HUSBAND — the kids don’t lose their things but he sure does!

  55. Tag mates/ Iron ons.
    My pregnancy nesting this time around has involved lots of labeling and these are perfect! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  56. This would be awesome!

  57. Wow!! I love labels. There are too many cool labels to pick one. So, if I am a winner, you will have to pick for me.

  58. Wow, can I label my dog?

  59. I could totally use these – my 3 year old will be starting preschool soon! I’d love the skinny-minis so I can make sure her lunch box, cups, etc are clearly marked and hopefully avoid some germ-sharing! Thanks Mir (and Tricia, Cynthia and both Julies from Mabels Labels!) for the chance to win!

  60. I would love to win the iron-on ones!!!!

  61. happy with eiather but prefer sticky labels. You are so pretty today Mir!

  62. I have the sticky labels for my kids and love, love, love them. But, I’d love some tag mates to label their clothes w/o ironing!

  63. WOOHOO! Would I love those iron on’s! Perfect for camp and kid stuff that gets lost every year! Great contest!

  64. Either would be lovely. I think my first preference would be the Sticky Labels.

  65. i’d love the classic sticky labels! what a cool product! 🙂

  66. I don’t care what I win, so long as it’s free!

  67. Yes please!

  68. tagmates because my 9-year old is going to sleep away camp for 6 excruciating (for me) nights this summer! thanks- alison

  69. Would love these!

  70. Sticky Labels would be awesome because:

    I wrote my son’s name and phone # on the back of his DS with an ultra-fine Sharpie…and it wiped off. So, I put an address label with some clear tape over it…and it’s all peeling off. Help me! 🙂

  71. I would love to win either! Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  72. Heres to hoping I win this one!

  73. These are awesome! I wish I had known of these little gems before today. I love the Famous Sticky Labels the best. thanks, Mir!

  74. Please, please, please! I could put away that awful Sharpie for good…

  75. Oh, I would love the sticky labels! Those would be great!

  76. Prefer stickies but iron-ons are A-OK with us. Thanks!

  77. Summer Camp is in our future. Tag labels would be purrrrrfect 🙂

  78. I LOOOOOOOOVE Mabel’s labels!
    Either would be fabuloso! but if i had to pick, i choose the sticky labels

  79. I would be happy to win either. With boys 2 years apart, but almost the same size – the labels would prevent me from having to remember whose clothes are whose. Thanks Mir!

  80. I’d love to try these…either kind!
    Thanks pretty Mir!

  81. I’d love this- thanks!

  82. I would love love love the tag-mates! I’ve been eyeing these for a while and couldn’t make up my mind which set to get. Now I can win the tag mates and buy the stickies! 🙂

  83. My son’s getting ready to start daycare for the first time, so either would be great! If I were to choose, I’d probably go with the sticky labels. Thanks!!!

  84. stick me!

  85. Sticky labels would be awesome!!

  86. Sticky please!!! How cool are these?!

  87. I’d love to win the sticky labels!! A friend of mine just showed them to me and swears by them. We have a little one on the way in May and will need them for day care.

  88. Sticky labels would be my first choice, iron-ons my second!
    What a great service to know about!

  89. would love the tag-mates and then the sticky labels. Thanks!

  90. Pick me!

  91. Sticky labels, definitely!

  92. Tag-mates, please. My son just started daycare this year and I’m tired of Sharpies ruining his labels.

  93. Oh, I’d have to have the tag-mates just so I can mortify my 12 year-old at camp this year. I’ll put ’em right on the front pocket!

  94. Cool! Count me in!!

  95. I NEED three sets of the iron-ons for all the jackets that multiply in my house!

  96. sticky labels!

  97. Sticky labels for me please!!

  98. Sticky labels would be awesome!! Thanks!!!

  99. I love it! I would like either–the other winner can choose first. Thanks for another great contest!

  100. Bring on the tag mates!

  101. As the mother of 7 children, I need these bad. Pretty Please Mir! I so need a set of the Tag Mates. Think of all the lost items I could save from the lost & found bin at school! Thanks!

  102. I’m registering my son for pre-k tomorrow and this would be PERFECT. My, Mir, what have you done with your hair? It looks FAB.

  103. Classic sticky labels would work great for me!


  104. I’d love the sticky labels for my 10-month old. Thanks! 🙂

  105. Bye-bye masking tape…hello sticky labels!

  106. Yay, labels!

  107. Label me excited. ha ha! Love some labels. Thanks

  108. I’d love some of the famous sticky labels for my daughter’s things… she starts pre-school in the fall (I’m teary-eyed just typing that- lol). Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Hey! I’d love those iron on labels for my uniform wearing school children!!


  110. Lables? I love labels. I am label happy. Excellent products pretty Mir.

  111. Most definately the classic sticky label!
    Deanna 🙂

  112. Sticky good!

  113. stick me!

  114. I would like either. what a good idea!

  115. Sticky labels, please!

  116. I would love to be entered for the famous sticky labels! I’ve been wanting to get some of these labels for my two kiddos.

  117. Pick me! Pick me!

    I think the tag ones, but I’d love either.

  118. oooo oooo either one! *raising hand VERY high*

  119. Oooh, I love the contests! I would like the sticky labels, please.

    Oh, and did I mention how pretty you look today?

  120. Hard to choose which, but I think the sticky ones!

  121. I would love to have some tag-mates for my son who lost a jacket on his first day of school and a few more since then.

  122. No preference, but these look great.

  123. Tagmates! We need some for camp. I love Mabel’s Labels!

  124. iron on or tag mates are my preference, but I would use either. We have camp-age kids. Need I say more?

  125. The household labels. LOL over the “neat freak combo pack!”

  126. I love to label! That way I don’t try to put on my 5 year olds tee shirts. Those labels are very helpful!

  127. sounds great. . .thanks!

  128. These sound cool! Great for daycare since THEY lost my son’s coat (which had his name in it – but in the pocket since it was reversible) and then tried to say it was my fault!!!

  129. I would love the tagmates. I’m tired of trying to write my kids names on the super small labels in their clotes.

  130. Um, sticky…I try very hard to use an iron as little as possible 🙂

  131. Ooh! Iron on labels!

  132. either would be so useful for my two boys! thanks!

  133. Tag-Mates would be great for my son who leaves his jackets and sweatshirts at school all the time. Thanks, Mir!

  134. Hmmm..this could be a life saver in our house!

  135. The classic sticky labels would be great–Sharpies just don’t work on sippy cups!

  136. I love this giveaway!!!

  137. Sarah bought some iron-on labels when Nate was a baby and put them on all his clothes, but he’s long since outgrown everything but the mittens. I’d love either prize. He starts Kindergarten in the fall; excuse me while I whimper…

  138. I would love the sticky labels my baby girl is in daycare and they keep losing her stuff! I think these labels will be the perfect solution.

  139. I think any of these would be perfect for when my soon-to-be-born daughter starts daycare!

  140. Ooooh labels. I absolutely love labels. This is a great giveaway!

  141. *fingers crossed*

  142. Either would be fantastic! Thanks!

  143. Ooh, I likes me the stickies (I don’t even own an iron, I’d rather have wrinkly clothes than use one).

  144. Sticky would be super helpful for my kindgergarten kids!

  145. Oh…..duh….guess I should say, “Yay! Sticky labels, please!”

  146. Stickies! Stickies! Stickies! Woohoo! I just discovered a need for these in the church nursery last week when they tried to give me the wrong sippy cup (she didn’t even have one!) and pacifier…EW! Flu season, anyone? Good thing it’s my third kid – if it was my first I would’ve FREAKED! 😉

  147. I’d really love some iron on labels! I have a kindergartener who is going to summer camp for the first time, and I am having flashbacks of my mom labeling all of my clothes for camp a million years ago. Thanks!

  148. I’ve checked these out a few times but never taken the plunge. It might be time!

  149. sticky labels… so pretty.

  150. I would love the sticky labels. The daycare has taken to writing my son’s name in PERMANENT ink on his sippy cup.

  151. Ooh, those sticky labels would be a perfect gift for my mom — she does a lot of volunteer catering, and those labels would be ideal for all of her serving pieces and flower vases and other catering gear. (I’d also happily take iron-on labels if I was runner-up to someone else who desires the sticky.)

    What, it’s not weird to give someone a gift that you got for free, is it?

  152. I don’t mind ironing! Id love some camp labels for my girl scout! Thanks for the contests, Mir!

  153. Clothing labels please! Love!

  154. I would LOVE some Iron-Ons or Tag-Mates! My 8 y.o. is going to Girl Scout camp for the first time this summer!

  155. I’d love the tag labels!

  156. Would love to have some of those sticky labels! Thanks.

  157. I’d love either one! Got a 2 year old in daycare!

  158. Sticky labels, forever!

  159. Thanks for all of your deals and steals! I would prefer the clothing labels!

  160. The stickies would be perfect, thank you.

  161. Oh lovely and generous Mir! Tag Mates for my uniform-wearing preschooler, please!

  162. Why didn’t I think of these? I love both!

  163. This is so ironic. I have been crocheting a lot lately and was looking online just yesterday for some tags to put on the items I make. I would love some of those iron on tags! Iron on. Ironic. Ha-Ha.

  164. With 2 daughters in daycare, sticky labels would be fab!

  165. Either would be great!

  166. For sure I’m in. The sticky would be fabulous! Thanks Mir!

  167. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to order some of those sticky labels when funds permit. I love to win some to use with my two boys. :o)

  168. Oh yes please! My youngest starts daycare in two weeks *sniff sniff*, and I keep forgetting to order labels for her stuff. This would be awesome. Could it be that procrastination might pay off?

  169. I love all the mabel’s labels! We have 2 boys and they are awesome to tell toys apart, etc.

  170. Comment Comment Comment.

    There, that says it all.

    Rob ;O)

  171. I’d love a label…

  172. I’d love them – they’re both great, I can’t decide!

  173. I think any of their labels would be marvelous…But with a two year old, might get the most milage from the sticky labels.

    Thanks Mir, You look marvelous today! =)

  174. I would love some sticky labels!!

  175. Oooh, I would love the iron-ons to label all of my DD’s school uniforms 🙂

  176. Oooh! Me!

  177. We are starting preschool in the fall, so I would looove these. Beggers can’t be choosers, so I’ll take whatever you would like to give me.

  178. Tagmates would be great!

  179. Good God, that’s a lot of comments! Let me add one more. I would love the iron-ons or tag-mates for the handmade items I make.

  180. I love the tagmates! Amelia has already lost two pair of pants at pre-school!

  181. I’d love to win the sticky labels for my boys sippy cups and toys! Thanks!

  182. I would like to win the sticky labels. I have 3 weeks left before I have a baby and things to label.

  183. Any of those lovely labels would be wonderful!!

  184. Oooh, the sticky labels would be awesome for school supplies! Thanks!

  185. Sticky labels sticky labels! (both children make me cut the tags…rotten little weasels)

  186. I want sticky labels!

  187. Either would be awesome, but iron ons would be especially cool!

  188. As a Mabel’s Labels agent, I must say that I’m tickled to see all of this excitement about Mabel’s Labels!

    I’m happy to offer your readers 10% off your next Mabel’s Labels purchase! (This offer is valid through the end of March 2008.)

    Simply go to this website:

    And use this coupon code:

    And you will automatically receive a 10% discount.

    I’m also starting a feature called “Mabel’s Labels FAQs and hacks” if any of your readers are interested:

  189. sticky labels – for shoes if possible — it’s so hard to keep up with them 🙂
    Thanks for your website!

  190. I’d like the tag mates. Thanks!!

  191. Either style would be just fine for me. Thanks!

  192. Cool labels! Love the classic stickies.

  193. me! me! me!

  194. Ooooh! Sticky labels, please! And wow – nearly 200 comments! We all want us some LABELS! 🙂

  195. Classics for me and my four kids, please!!

  196. Yay! Send me stickies, please!

  197. Random winner, here.

  198. Famous Sticky Labels, Please! 😀

  199. I would choose the classic sticky labels, but I’ll take either 🙂

  200. I’m game for either type. Thanks!

  201. I’d love the stickys 🙂 Thanks Mir!

  202. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  203. These are the best things ever!!! I’d like the iron-ins, please! And thank you!

  204. I keep thinking I need to make labels with my CELL PHONE Number on them to iron on inside my daughter’s clothes.

    Like – “Hi, my name is XXX, if lost, please call my Eemah at ####”

    You know? Better than tatooing the kid! 😉

  205. I don’t have a preference, but I would like to win!!!

    Thanks Mir.


  206. wohoo! just perfect w/3 Young Girls between 2 childcare setting & 1 in 1st grade I can sincerly use the extra helping hand.

  207. iron-ons would be awesome! Thanks pretty Mir!

  208. famous sticky labels would be awesome!

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