Heads up for Discover Card holders

By Mir
March 2, 2008
Category Quick Tips

Don’t forget that Discover is running targeted 5% cash back promos all year long, but they do that sneaky little thing where you have to manually sign up to opt in.

How do I know this? Why, if you guessed it’s because I bought plane tickets for the entire family last month before remembering to sign up for this quarter’s travel bonuses, you are correct! (And I am an idiot.) Ahem. Anyway.

You can go enroll for the next quarter right now. It starts in April, and gives a 5% bonus on home and fashion purchases. Why yes, that does mean you can buy more shoes!


  1. Mir, you rock. These little reminders that Discover doesn’t send rock! Did you see that the 3rd quarter of this year, gas is on the list?! That will be HUGE for everyone! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip, Mir. We used our cashback in September to go to Texas to see our son graduate from Air Force boot camp.
    Will you please remind us the next two quarters also?

  3. Also for Discover card holders, you can earn additional bonus cash back if you access other companies websites through Discover’s website. For example, I ordered shoes from Target.com a few weeks ago but went to Discover’s website first, clicked ShopDiscover and then went to Target’s website by clicking the link to Target. Then by paying with my Discover card, I earned 5% on my purchase. There are a ton of websites listed that offer additional cash back (I still kick myself for ordering deals seen on wantnot from Lego and not going through Discover’s website.

  4. Aw, man, somehow I’m not eligible! What is an “Open Road Cardmember” anyway? It’s little things that this (and the extremely high interest rate) that cause me to never USE my Discover card. Hmph. 🙁

  5. That is extremely cool! Thanks, Mir!

  6. Thanks so much for the heads up…..now there is a good reason I can go crazy at Lowe’s…lol

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