It’s a Chronicles of Narnia contest

By Mir
March 3, 2008
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Oh, how I love the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis. They were a favorite of mine in childhood and now my kids love them. (Which is awesome, because nothing is worse than hearing your kid tell you that something you loved when you were little is “lame.” Trust me.)

Anyway, in honor of the new Prince Caspian Narnia movie that’s coming out soon (stay abreast of the news over at NarniaWeb), I’ve been given a nice big trade paperback edition of the series. It’s this one, in fact. The retail value is $16.49, which isn’t all that much; but this one comes from me with love and probably some smudgy fingerprints from my nosy children, so doesn’t that make it priceless, really? Folks? Hello?

Ahem. Anyway, all this can be yours. All you need to do for a chance to win it is to leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 5th, 2008. One comment per person, please, and winner to be determined by random number generation and tea leaf reading. This is going to be a hard one, because I buy my tea in bags, but I am willing to figure it out for you, pretty ones.

Seven awesome books in one volume. You could win it! Go!


  1. I would love to give this to my nephew!

  2. My copies from when I was a kid are dog eared and worn, I love that I have them but would like to pass on something new to the kid when she’s old enough. How cool!

  3. Don’t hate me – but I’ve never read them. I know, I know, how could I have missed them?! Now I’m waiting until my oldest (who is 4) is ready for them so we can read them together. Yeah, I’m a dork, but in a good way!

  4. YES, yes, YES! – er, I mean humbly I ask – include me. 🙂

    I have a ratty copy of the first two, and would love my boys to enjoy them ALL as I did, eons ago…

  5. Pick me, please?

  6. I’ve always wanted to read the whole set. Thanks pretty lady!

  7. I read those books again and again and again as a child.

  8. Great truth in the books. I’d love to have this to read to my 3 kids. Thanks for offering.

  9. The boy would love this! Count me in!

  10. Ooh!! I need a copy of ALL of them… and not just a FEW of them.

  11. OOh, we need these. We’ve listened to the 1st 3 on tape and LOVED them. I’d love to have real paper copies to read myself.

  12. My little kidgets will treasure it one day (currently, they can’t read, but I need a refresher anyway!)

  13. Will comment for books


  14. My daughter would love these stories, and I am planning reading the books together with her in a few years! Count me in!!!

  15. Count me in!

  16. Can’t wait for my son to be old enough to enjoy them!

  17. “The Chronic…WHAT?!?…les of Narnia!!” Awesome!


  19. Yay! I love the Chronicles of Narnia, and would love to be the recipient of such a great prize!

  20. Yay!! Narnia Rocks!! Me! Me! Me!

  21. I’d love to surprise my husband with this. He loves the series.

  22. My three girl children spend much of their time looking for the door to another world, where else? In their closet, of course! I’d love it if they’d pick up their shoes and other items while they’re in there…

  23. My daughter has been asking for these books. We use the library for our reading books (read: mom is cheap) and she wants them forever. Thanks pretty Mir.
    I hear that things I like are lame allll the time and my kids are only 4 and 7. Oh, I also get told “Mommy don’t sing!”

  24. Please? Or rather, Please wonderous random number generator. Love this series. Even my pickest reader read the whole thing (from the library). Would love to add it to our collection.

  25. there is nothing lame about narnia! you should have seen my set of the books from when i was a kid. the covers had fallen off, the spines had crumbled so that each book was in three or four parts… there were rubberbands holding each book together.

    pretty dismal.

    my husband bought me a beautiful hardcover copy of the whole series for christmas a couple years ago, so i wouldn’t keep this for myself. i’d either find someone fabulous to give it to, or i’d host a giveaway on my blog!

  26. This would make a wonderful addition to our new church library.

  27. i loooooved those books. i loved them so much the middles have all fallen out. and with 3 boys, i believe i need, not want, but need a new set. oh please, Random Number Generator Gods, pick me!

  28. Thanks for the opportunity, Mir! And to be honest, I don’t remember reading the Narnia books at all, so maybe I should start and catch up before my 6.5 year old starts to read them!

  29. Sounds great– count me in!

  30. Please?

  31. Yeah! I’ve been wanting to get the set for my boys to read when they’re older.

  32. Me! Me! Pick me, you silly number generator!

  33. I can’t wait until my littles are old enough to listen to these books! Pick me, pick me!

  34. love them!!

  35. I’ve been putting off a re-read because my book is old and kind of full of dust and mold. Would love the new version. I could read it to my son without us both sneezing to death!! Thanks.

  36. My son has been wanting the the set so it would be great if I didn’t actually have to buy it being a poor single parent teacher.

  37. Thanks, Mir!

  38. oooh, good prize. Sign me up!

  39. This is a great series! We’d love to have a copy.

  40. Pretty Mir,

    I can’t wait until my oldest is ready for read-aloud chapter books. He’s not quite there yet, but Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, the Narnia books and Harry Potter are all on my list. I would love to have a copy!

    Loving all these contests you’re running. Thanks!

  41. love, love, love these books!

  42. Awesome. . .THANKS

  43. Thanks for being you.

  44. Alas, our ‘family copy’ went to someone other than me….. with older children…. so I would LOVE these! They truly are some of my favorites that I would love to read again and share with my children! Thanks Mir!

  45. Oh, I’d love these for when my kids are ready to listen to me read them aloud. My old copies are literally falling apart!

  46. I have 3 boys (none of which can read yet), but would love this for them. I am new to your website and love it!

  47. Green, white or Earl Grey? I think green tea is lucky for me… I would seriously LOVE this. 🙂

  48. Always wanted to read these – hoping its meeeeeee!

  49. My daughter loves Narnia, we can’t wait for the movie!

  50. Yes, count me in!

  51. This is totally awesome!

  52. I’m batting my eyelashes at you as I ask, “Pretty please, pick me?”

  53. love the blog! Love Narnia – One of our children is named after Prince Rilian!

  54. I am just about ready to start reading the series to my grand daughter. And I could help you with that tea bag…..mine always fall apart! hmmmmmmm…says something about quality, doesn’t it? If I win, I may need some new teabags too!!

  55. Oh please! I never win anything and I would LOVE to read these with my kids!

  56. Would love to have a copy of this!

  57. Thanks for the chance! I figure SOMEDAY I may win something. 🙂

  58. I loved these books growing up, and I would love to share these with my two girls. 🙂

  59. I would LOVE this collection!

  60. These were my favorite books growing up too!

  61. I would love to read this. I read the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe as a child and loved it. I would love to read the rest.

  62. Can you believe I’ve never read it?

  63. I loved this series when I was a kid! My daughter is 8 now, and just finished the first 2 Harry Potters…this is next on her list!

  64. Love this series of books!

  65. I LOVE the Narnia Series!! They are new to me, I have just learned about them with the first movie coming out but I can’t get enough!!!

  66. Oh, great number generator in Georgia, pick me!

  67. I love Narnia!!!

  68. I had fun reading these as a kid too, and would love to win them for my kids to read!

  69. We gave the set to my cousin as a Christmas gift last year. We’d love to have another to give away!

  70. I’ll be reading these with my nephew at the beach this summer if I win!

  71. My husband loves the series, but I never got past the first book. But with this set I will finally have a chance. Of course we would share with the kids too.

  72. We can’t wait for Prince Caspian to come out, and would love to read the rest of the books while we are waiting for it!

  73. The bookworms in my house would love it. Count me in!

  74. That would be a great addition to our library. Hopefully Prince Caspian will be as good or better than The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe.

  75. I loaned my set and never got it back. I would LOVE to win!!!

  76. I love these books.

  77. wow! thanks for sharing Mir.

  78. Sending out vibes to Random Number picker or tea leaves or whatever, #77 is a very good number indeed.

  79. Too bad, I’m number 78.

  80. My favorite series! I keep re-buying the set then losing some of the books.

  81. I would love a set of those books.

  82. OOH Pick me, Pick me.

  83. Pretty, pretty Mir. I covet those books.

  84. I never got past the one with the silver chair. I need to redeem myself.

  85. Random number generator, has anyone told you recently that you are looking very pretty? No? It’s true, you’re almost as pretty as Mir.

  86. Saluuuuuuutttte!!! I can hardly wait to see the movie!

  87. The covers are all falling off the set I got in 4th grade, so this would be very welcome! Thank you!!!

  88. I’m going to need a new set for when ds learns to read. for now, he loves taking them off the shelf to study the covers.

  89. oh wow!! seriously, that would be well received at our house!!

  90. we could do this


  92. Oh, I loved these books. Thanks for thinking of us!

  93. Trying to be picked by the random number generator again…… 🙂

  94. I would love to read these to/with my kids!!

  95. My sister is holding the set from my childhood hostage! I’d love to have this one and maybe negotiate some kind of deal! 🙂

  96. Me! Me! Me!

  97. Oh, I LOVED the series as a child. I would love to have new copies as mine are long gone. I cannot wait to share this with my son when he is old enough! Please pick me!

  98. I read all of these when I was a kid – I would love it!

  99. A hardbound set of these was the first give my husband gave me when we were dating (I had given my own paperback set to my mother to read several years before we even met and she somehow lost it.) He then proceeded to read every book to me over the phone over the course of time while we were dating and separated (we lived several states apart). THEN he recorded himself reading LWW (Lion/Witch/Wardrobe) for me and gave it to me for Christmas. When we married, we kept both his set he’d had from childhood and the one that he gave me. This set of books holds a special place in my heart.

    I would love to give this to my niece to carry on the tradition of NC love!

    Thanks, Mir!

  100. Count me in, please!! :o)

  101. Ohh, I love to read and have never read the whole series. I would Love to win!!!
    Good luck to all!

  102. This sounds wonderful!

  103. A long time lurker here and I love those books. My nephew is dying to read them.

  104. Ohh I love the Chronicles of Narnia, please include me. Thanks!

  105. I am in the process of reading the series…I’d never read it and am really liking what I’ve read so far…I’m on the 3rd book in the series, so the newest book would fit right in to my collection!

  106. Thanks for your steals and deals! Count me in for this contest!

  107. Ohh, oooh, pick me!!

  108. oh! how exciting!!

    I’m sure the tea leaves clearly indicate me!

  109. me me me!

    Use one of those cool blooming tea thingies!

  110. Thanks in advance for choosing me!

  111. Definitely in for the Narnia series! thanks for the chance!

  112. The teabag says “pick me” – well, it actually says to pick ME, not “pick me”, because that would mean it wants to win, and a tea bag cannot leave (leaf?) a comment and should not qualify for said contest. Don’t you agree?

  113. In Aslan’s hands 🙂

  114. funny comments, but really tea leaf read MY number 113!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Oh cool!! We have basically worn out our copies!

  116. We would love it…

  117. I know someone sweet named Janet who would enjoy reading this book.

  118. I would love these books. Thanks for the contest.

  119. I’m stretching real far…do you see me?

  120. Love the books. Count me in 🙂

  121. ohhhh! me! me! me!

  122. I would love to read these to my son! Thanks!

  123. Oh how I would love these! My set got left behind in the last move and I definitely miss them.

  124. yay! chronicles of narnia! 🙂 ps. love both your websites and think you’re v. v. pretty, funny and fabulous!!

  125. Good stuff! We would love these!

  126. Love to win this one!

  127. I, too have never read these, but *really* want to! Winning one could be just the jump start I need to go out and purchase the rest:-)

  128. I read these as a college student and would love a copy for my son! thanks for offering….

  129. Hooray for Narnia!

  130. Some of my favorite books! Looking forward to the movie!

  131. Yay Narnia! Count me in!!

  132. I would love love love to read this to my kids.

  133. I want to start reading them with my kids- perfect!

  134. Has anybody mentioned how pretty you look today? 🙂

  135. I just discovered your site and its my first time commenting. I love to have a copy of these books to read to my kids : )

  136. Thanks!

  137. we’d LOVE a set of these at our house!!

  138. What a great contest! What a great book! What a great Mir! 🙂

  139. I loved the books growing up, my kids love them now. We loved the movie. We are lovers of Narnia.

  140. My 8 year old daughter would LOVE this! My fingers are crossed. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  141. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  142. Thanks for all your great deals you share. A chance to win something is as great a time as any to show my love ;).

  143. Oh, I LOVE those books. We just started reading the first one to our 4 year old. He’s not getting much, but it’s never too early, is it?

  144. Me, well actually my daughter, please?

  145. We love the books here. Thank you for the wonderful offer.

  146. EEeeeee!! I don’t want to give up MY set to my daughter (and old paperbacks eventually dissolve anyway), so I could possibly get this spiffy new set for her.

    Is it sad that I took myself (all by my lonesome) to the theater to see the first movie?

  147. Ha! I think I was “147” last time I left a comment. Anyway as one of the token mothers whose daughter claims to “so not like” any of the books I did as a child, I feel your pain. I’ve never read these books and would like to with my daughter.

  148. This would be awesome- *fingers crossed*

  149. Wow! I have three kids that I would love, love, love to introduce the series to! 🙂

  150. Ooo.. Pick me, pick me!! Thanks so much for this great giveaway.

  151. Wow! Already 150 comments? I may have to be satisfied with just being referred to as pretty. If I don’t win…that is a prize in itself! BTW, I received the kids cd in the mail…thanks Mir! If I can just remember to put it in the car to be enjoyed by the yungins!

  152. I haven’t read them and would love too.

  153. Would love to win!
    Thank you again!

  154. ooh ooh, count me in!!

  155. Sign me up! Yay!

  156. My hubby just asked for this for his birthday, March 18…You sure are pretty. 🙂 We haven’t read the books and would love to read them to our kids. Crossing my fingers and spitting twice that the tea leaves say my name!

  157. This would be great to read with my oldest!

  158. We really like the Narnia series…

  159. Oh, my boys love the Narnia series, but we don’t have the books! Hoping for some luck!

  160. My 9 year old daughter loves the Narnia series and has been asking for her own copies. Please pick me, oh pretty one!

  161. I ordered the “ologies” books that you referred a couple of weeks ago. Thought I’d try them out since its something different other than the computer or video games.. My boys, 9 & 12, absolutely loved them. I bought 3 and also the set of small ology books. They read and did the activities within 3 days. They are still raving about the books! I will be ordering more! I will have to try these Narnia books!! Thanks!

  162. Cool – count me in! And thanks for running the contest!

  163. a comment!

  164. All we have are the audio books. The paperbacks would be a wonderful addition to our home!

  165. Enter me!


  167. My boy’s would so love to read this set & would be honored to have them with your kid’s smudgy fingerprints & promise to pass the books on at our annual book exchange at school. With their own smudges added. Thanks Mir

  168. I’d love to get this for my hubby who has never read them, (WHAT!!!???) but loved the movie. 🙂

  169. i can’t wait for the movie! and the book (hopefully)!

  170. Love! Love! LOVE the Chronicles of Narnia. Thanks for the heads up about the movie!

  171. I would love to have the set and be able to take my grandson “through the wardrobe” into a land of AWE!!!
    Please consider me.
    With gratitude,

  172. I love this series!

  173. When we went to see the first first movie- my son rapturously exclaimed “that wast the best movie of my LIFE!” We would love to have the full set of books for our five children!

  174. When your kids actually love something that you loved when you were a kid, you know it’s a timeless classic. I actually read a few of the Narnia books, loved them, and was surprised when my kids brought them home from the school library and wouldn’t put them down. Naturally, we now own the first movie. We have so many kids in our extended family, these books would be read many times over.

    Thanks for the contest, Mir, this is an excellent prize that anyone would love!

  175. My 8 yr old son has read The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe — he would love this book! If I win, I’ll let him read it first!

  176. Count us in! Our son would groove on this so very, very much. 🙂

  177. I would love to read these!

  178. Oh I would love it!!!!! Please pick 178! lol

  179. I love Narnia. Count me in!


  180. Oooh, birthday gifts for the teens or tweens.

  181. Pick me, pick me!

  182. I pink fluffy heart Narnia! 🙂

  183. What is better than free books, I ask? Thanks for giving me a shot at them.


  184. My parents and I often talk about how much we ALL loved the Narnia series, but apparently I lost 2 of the books when I was a child. I bet I would be forgiven if I won!!


  185. ohhhhh, these would look great between the narnian bookends…

  186. I hope I win!

  187. Eagerly looking forward to the movie and I would love to win the book set!

  188. These are such a great series of books and the movies are well done. I would love to get my kids reading it too

  189. Ooooh, yes please!

  190. Right now, two of my three girls are fighting over who will be Lucy. Though my youngest can’t wrap her head around that there are actually books about Narnia, not just a movie! They are among the best books in kiddie lit out there! Thanks for giving folks a chance to win the set!

  191. Books will motivate. I’ve been lurking for a while, but have to comment if you’re giving away books. Books!

  192. Love the books…count me in.

  193. I’ve never read them either and my 7 year old is just starting to in school.

  194. Is 194 a magic #? Loved the books and would love to start reading it to my son.

  195. Thanks for this opportunity! I would love to win this for my grandchildren!

  196. Just leaving my correct website.

  197. I can’t resist a free book!

  198. Yeah, sure, my old copies are starting to fall apart pretty thoroughly, a new one would be nice.

  199. Thanks for another great contest!

  200. Number 200….I feel lucky!

  201. Count me in!

  202. Sweet, thanks for offering!


  204. Never too many books, they’ll get old enough eventually to read them! Thanks for the shot, Mir.

  205. my kids would love these, pretty Mir.

  206. My kids and I would leve these, oh wonderful Mir!

  207. How fun! Thanks!

  208. I’ve never read these, gorgeous Mir, and would love to share them with my niece!

  209. Pick me please! It’s midnight now!! I just made it!!!

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