A little mini (organic!) contest

By Mir
March 13, 2008
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Give me enough time, and I will wax philosophical about my deep-seated love of organic milk. The Cliff Notes version is basically “no girl should have boobs before her time,” but there’s lots of reasons to love companies committed to providing wholesome, organic foods besides the issue of early puberty.

Anyway, a little while ago the nice folks at Horizon Organic sent me some of their milk in a space pod. Er, I mean, a styrofoam case designed to protect it and keep it cold. They wanted me to “try” their milk. But the joke’s on them, because we already love their milk. In fact, my kids “tried” their entire half-gallon of milk in about two days flat. Heh. My current grocery strategy is to buy my organics from local sources whenever possible, but when I cannot get it local, I head for the Horizon.

And now you can head for the Horizon! One lucky Want Not reader will receive three (3) coupons good for free Horizon products, just because Horizon is nice like that. To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. tonight, March 13th, 2008. I’ll choose the winner at random by throwing organic milk on my computer and seeing where it lands. Except not really. (Apparently going organic does not affect how much you lie.)



  1. can i try horizon? 🙂

  2. Ooohh! Love the Horizon!!

  3. count me in please. I love organic milk!

  4. I already love Horizon…now there is the issue of the water supply….:(

  5. Oh my heck I hope I win this one! My kids drink so much milk.

  6. I LOVE organic Milk! And I love FREE even better!!!

    Please consider me!

  7. We only buy organic milk. This would be great!

  8. Count me in!

  9. Love organic milk. Count me in please!

  10. Yay, another contest!

  11. Yeah, we’d love an entry!

  12. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Come on, number 12!

  14. YUM! Now if only you had cookies…..

  15. Crossing my fingers to win!

  16. Yea! I love Horizon!! 🙂

  17. My hubby wants only organic milk for our 4 and 1yo daughters, for the reason you specified. Its costly, and with gas prices pushing $3.25 per gallon, and both of us commuting a total of 120 miles per day, we could use the free milk!!

  18. I loves me some organic milk – and I’d love to win!

  19. Love organic milk!
    Love soy mild too!
    count me in!!!

  20. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  21. I’ll try it!

  22. I LOVE organic milk! And my daughter’s school serves Horizon too! We buy the Costco house brand because it is about 1/3 cheaper–3 1/2 gallons for 8.00 vs the local grocery store of 6.99 for 1 gallon! Horizon also pops up in her snack since the individual serving size doesn’t need to be refrigerated (also buy by the case at Costco!)

  23. Nothing but organic milk here. Just say no to growth hormones and pesticides!

  24. pick me, pick me!!

  25. I’d love to try it, pretty Mir.

  26. Me! Me! Me!

  27. Throwing my number in for the randomness.

  28. we’d love a chance

  29. Oh pretty Mir! And pretty, pretty randomizer! I’ve never tried organic milk, but if it could make my boobs smaller, I am soooo in!

    OK, even if it doesn’t do that (but oh how I wish…) I’m thinking I should try it out — even my two year old.

  30. I would love to win. Please put my name in the drawing.



  31. Pick me! Pick Me! I wanna try!!

  32. Count me in as another one who loves this milk!

  33. We love their little chocolate milks and buy the half gallons at the store…

    count me in..


  34. Awesome!! soooooooo yummy….

  35. I’ve never tried it.

  36. I would love to try Horizon!!

  37. Wow, I thought “free organic” was an oxymoron!

  38. I’ve never tried it, but would certainly like to try it out with my family.

  39. I’ve wanted to try organic milk but am scared off by the price tag for our two-gallons-a-week family. Now that we’re expecting our first little one, though, I’m considering switching. I’d love to win these coupons!

  40. Count me in!

  41. We so want to go all organic, but it’s $6 a gallon where I live!!!

  42. comment comment comment. hee.

  43. I just started buying organic milk, and i don’t think i’ll be going back to the old kind!

  44. We’d love to try it!

  45. a comment!

  46. FREE is the best way to try a new product… sign me up, Pretty Please!

  47. I love me my organic food.

  48. I’d like to try some organic milk and definitely don’t want my daughter to mature before her God-given time.

  49. entering!

  50. We’d love to try some!

  51. Count me in!

  52. Yay, pretty Mir! A co-worker and I were just talking about how we shell out for organic milk because we don’t want our daughters to have adult-sized breasts when they’re seven!

  53. Would love to try this! Thanks, Mir.

  54. Count me in! Of course, throughout my reading of your course, I kept thinking “Organic” was “Garlic” and now I’m thinking about garlic milk and trying to decide whether that would be awful or occasionally useful…

  55. Hoping 55 is the magic number

  56. Milk. Yum.

  57. Would love to get us some organic milk! Thanks!

  58. Moo!

  59. love the organic milk, but what does that say for the company about dumping all that styrofoam into the environment?!

  60. I would like to try horizon!

  61. I never win anything! Pick me!

  62. I LOVE organic milk too! I really want to win!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I want to try it too!

  64. I would love some Horizon!

  65. Yay milk! I recently started buying more organic food items and milk is one of the items I want to go all-organic on 🙂

  66. oh suuuuure count me in!

  67. Please? Not only does my family drink organic milk, I use it to culture organic buttermilk. That makes incredible pancakes and biscuits.

  68. Pretty Mir has a pretty deal for me.

  69. I keep meaning to ask the pediatrician about the puberty thing, because we go through three or four gallons of milk a week at our house, and I only want to switch to organic if there really is a connection. Not ALL milk-drinking girls are going through early puberty, and so I need to research what the explanation is for that—but I am So! Very! Lazy!

    Anyway, put me in the running, because you have really been selling me on the “groceries is not an area for skimping” concept.

  70. sweet! CMI please.

  71. I would love organic milk coupons.

  72. I’ll try almost anything for free. Or on a dare.

  73. I would love to win these.

  74. The first change we made to organic was with Horizon Organic milk about 5 years ago. My kids also love the yogurt products and sometimes we get the cottage cheese and cheese sticks when the price is acceptable.

  75. We switched to organic milk this year and we almost always get Horizon…I could definitely use some coupons!!!

  76. yeah for boobless children!

  77. My three toddlers go through a lot of milk in a week! I’d love some coupons!

  78. Great! We buy organic milk for our daughter.

  79. Long time lurker just popping in to say that we would love to try Horizon’s. Please Please

  80. Let’s see if we are lucky twice this week.

  81. I’ll try it!

  82. Oooh! Pick me! We love Horizon in our house!!

  83. I’ve never tried organic, but I want to. Especially since I’m about to give birth to my daughter any day now.

  84. Ooooh pick me

  85. Organic AND Free…doesn’t get any better than that.

  86. Pick me!

  87. mmmmmm…..milk

  88. Yay milk!

  89. we’d love to try some organic milk!

  90. Thanks for the contest!

  91. I love Horizon, but our generic organic milk is so much less expensive.

  92. Mmmm. Milk.

  93. Yay for healthy bones!

  94. We got hooked on the organic milk boxes when my little boy was right at a year old. He never liked milk (unless it was from a boob) before then, but the vanilla got him into it and now he drinks it everyday. I would love to get some for free!

  95. Slap me some Organic baby!

  96. I would love to try Horizon. We have never tried organic milk before.

  97. Count me in.

  98. LOVE horizon, especially the DHA added milk.

  99. Thanks!

  100. Me, please!

  101. Nice.

  102. I want to try Horizon Organic Milk!!!

  103. Also a big fan of no boobs before their time. Count me in!

  104. Me, me, me. My kids love it. And I’m trying to keep the hormones at bay as long as possible. (I’m afraid it’s too late for the 13 y/o though)

  105. Pick me!!

  106. I’ve been thinking about trying this! The coupons would be the ultimate motivator. 🙂

  107. I’d like to try the milk too. Thanks Mir!

  108. Super awesome I say!!!

  109. I wanna try it!

  110. We love this milk and would love it even more with coupons! 🙂

  111. I keep saying I’m going to get on the organic bandwagon…coupons might just push me a bit harder to do it… 😀

  112. Yum, more milk…

  113. Me! Pick me!

  114. Keep those growth hormones out of my girlies! Thanks for the contest!

  115. Thanks, Mir and Horizon!

  116. ya know, non-organic milk might be the only chance molly has at boobs.

    but she’ll always be thin, so the heck with it….sign me up!

  117. We love organic milk, it’s all my girls know.

  118. Yes PLEASE!!

  119. I love Horizon products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. Mmmmmmmilky! (And butter, never forget butter.)

  121. I’d love to go organic!

  122. I would love to give it a try!

  123. OOoo, we love Horizon little boxes…

  124. Uh. Wow. Who would think organic milk would draw such a crowd? Remember when we would all line up outside of Tower Records to buy Genesis tickets? And the line was really long because there was no such thing as buying concert tickets ON LINE because ON LINE wasn’t even *invented* yet?

    This is totally where groupies go to grow old.

  125. Please count me in, this would be perfect for my daughter. Thanks!

  126. May I enter? My oldest son’s love for the Horizon yogurt is so strong I may have to take out a second mortgage and dip into his college savings.

  127. yum.

  128. Must have milk!!! lol

  129. ooohh, mememe!!! not being a millionaire makes it hard to buy organic milk!

  130. Never had it, but why not….we go through tons of milk in my house!


  131. I love organic! Thanks for all your steals, deals, and advice!

  132. I love me some organic milk!

  133. I love Horizon! Thanks for the chance to win some of their products.

  134. I would like to try Horizon! Please enter me!

  135. Waving my hand in the air……pick me! Pick me!

  136. We’ve already started with the eye rolling and door slamming… waiting a while for the boobs would be a good thing!

  137. I totally LOVE the thought of free organic milk!!!! It makes me very happy just to think of it!!!

  138. organic!

  139. Mooo!

  140. Sounds lovely. Count me in.

  141. all we drink is horizon oraganic!! yay!!

  142. Horizon rocks – coupons really rock!!

  143. My milkshake brings all the kids to the yard …

  144. We’ve been talking about going organic for awhile… this would be a great way to kick it off.

  145. Yes, please! I’d rather neither of my girls get boobs before their time.

  146. Got Milk?

  147. So great! Organic milk–it does the body good!

  148. Although my parents farm sells their milk to Organic Valley I am always open for something free!! Competitor or Not, GO ORGANIC!! Thanks Mir.

  149. We’d love to get your milk.

  150. Ooh, we’ve been wanting to try organic!

  151. Our local King Soopers (Kroger) and Safeway store-brand milk both say it’s from rBST-free cows. So we’re getting hormone-free milk at store-brand prices, but we’d love to try organic!

  152. I will gladly try Horizon!! 🙂

  153. Would love to try it!

  154. pick me! oh, pick me!!

  155. I am with you on the scary hormones out there – who needs more than God gives you? I love Horizon organic milk – would love some more!

  156. Mmmm free milk!

  157. Oh, I love organic! Thanks for the contest.

  158. Horizon,yum!

  159. I would love to try it and see if I can tell the difference!

  160. Pick me! Want miiiiilk….

  161. Another organic milk household here!

  162. I love love love Horizon milk!

  163. count me in!

  164. Well, I’m a sucker for free stuff, so I’m throwing my hat into the ring…

  165. Milk pleaseandthankyou.

  166. I’m all for keeping my little girl little as long as I can!

  167. Yet we still call Horizon Milk “cow milk” because of the cute cows on the label.

  168. We are currently switching all our dairy to organic – thank heavens for Horizon!

  169. just thinking about switching over to organic milk. this would help!

  170. Please, pretty random number generator? Um, I mean, pretty Mir!!

  171. pick me, pretty please

  172. MMMMMM

  173. Just getting ready to start my nearly one-year-old on some milk that does NOT come from me and this would be a great way to start! Now, if I can only convince hubby that our farm needs a milk cow, I’d be set.

  174. Me gusta Horizon mucho! Thanks!

  175. Me!

  176. MMMMmmmmmm…. me please!!

  177. moo

  178. Me, too! I’d love some!

  179. Please sign me up for the giveaway. I really want to try Horizon but I haven’t been able to convince my husband the price is worth it.

  180. Milk……it does a body good!

  181. ONE OF THESE DAYS, I’m going to win one of your contests!

  182. Horizon has just arrived at the grocery stores here and I wanted to give it a try. I use milk daily and am impressed/puzzled by the lengthy time before the expiration date. I’m pleased they are including Omega 3!!
    Please choose me!

  183. Horizon milk rocks!

  184. Hmmm, is it the same flavor, etc, as regular milk? Is it available in TX?

  185. I love Horizon organic milk! I’d imagine that FREE Horizon Organic milk would be even tastier!! And just in time…my youngest turns 1 next week so it’s time to swap formula for milk. Yippee!!

  186. Pick me, pick me!

  187. Wow, what a response! Makes me want to try it! 😉

  188. We love Horizon stuff in this house!

  189. I would love to try Horizon milk. You’re so pretty!

  190. MOO

  191. Count me in! My youngest will ONLY drink milk. And I have now switched to the organic brand. Very expensive habit though!

  192. As a mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old, we drink lots of organic milk! I’d love to “try” some more!
    BYW, love your site! It’s totally bookmarked!

  193. Pick me!

  194. Yes I would LOVE free milk especially organic!! My kids don’t even know they are drinking something good for them!!

  195. What are my chances? 1 in 195? Or since I have the worst luck, even if I had a 1 in 1 chance, I’d still not win, 1 in 195 is more like 1 in a billion. But put me in the hat anyway. I’d love some hormone-free FREE milk!

  196. Me too! Count me in! Please!

  197. Yay organic! I’m already a fan!

  198. Shhhh We already drink Horizon milk.

    But don’t tell them.

  199. Count me in! Thanks!

  200. We love Horizon over here!

  201. We go thru 2 gallons a week of organic milk. Puh-leez pick me.

  202. Free. Organic. Milk. Three beautiful words.

  203. I *heart* organic cows.

  204. My husband and I only drink organic milk (much to the chagrins of the pocketbook). Please pick me!

  205. Organic Milk. Yum Yum.

  206. Organic milk? Never tried it.

  207. love organic.

  208. Organic Milk… sure a nice way to start.

  209. I would love to try it!!!

  210. I have never been much of a milk drinker. Maybe organic milk will change my ways. Mooooo

  211. I’m trying to wean my daughter from MY boob — without giving her a set of her own. Pick ME!!!

  212. Sign me up, I love their goods as well.

  213. Would love some free milk. : )

  214. Mir, you are looking ESPECIALLY pretty today — and so is your random number generator. 😉

  215. Thanks Mir!

  216. Thought I’d try too.

  217. I’d like to try it…

  218. Free is always good, but free and healthy…doesn’t get much better. Hope I win.

  219. Does it give you bigger boobs?

  220. Never trie it but it sounds like something I should try!

  221. I’ve never tried anything organic, honestly. This might be my first.

  222. First, yay Horizon, love their stuff! Second, I have two sons, they are 17 and 15. I buy a gallon of milk every other day. Nearly $16.00 a week people! Eeeep! Also, I always prefer organic. When they were little I even gave them organic baby food.

  223. i do like organic. since i’m breastfeeding, i try to get organic when i can.

  224. love to try it!

  225. Please pretty Mir we love Horizon milk!

  226. milk milk milk


  227. They make such delicious milk… especially of the chocolate variety.

  228. Assuming the coupons are good in Canada, count me in, oh pretty one!

    I’m loving all these great contests you’ve run recently.


  229. We are all about organic here. Thanks for the give-away!

  230. i’d love to try horizon. . .

  231. I would love this!

  232. OOOOOOHHH!! I love me some Horizon milk!

  233. Land on me, splash me with some milk!

  234. Ooooh please pick me! All these contests lately have been awesome!

  235. I’ve been wanting to check out my local Whole Food’s store. Bet they have this there!! Thanks for the contests!!!

  236. I’m in!

  237. I whole-heartedly share your feelings about growth hormone-free dairy and meat!

  238. I LOVE the Horizon milk! It’s all I give my 14 month old. Consider me entered, pretty Mir.

  239. I’ve never tried Horizon, but I kid you not, just today my husband and I were discussing the fact that we really need to make the switch to organic milk.

  240. We love organic milk, but I’ve never tried Horizon. I’d love to – especially for free.

  241. Wow! Count me in….I’ve been wanting to try organic milk!

  242. I’ve been wanting to try organic milk!

  243. Me, me, me! 🙂

  244. Pick me!

  245. Just getting on the organic train. Let us know some other brands you use please!

  246. Yes please! We love Horizon milk in our house, and I would love it even more if it was free!

  247. 100% organic (and therefore spending all our cash on food) but it is more than worth it. My son has never had anything else. 🙂

  248. Free is my favorite price. My daughter is too young to hit puberty yet (she’s 5) We need organic milk.

  249. This might be just the push I need to move into organic milk! Free is a great way to start, no??

  250. Ooh!! Please pick my number, Great And Wonderful Random Number Generator! I lurve me some milk. And I guess I could share with the rest of the family. If I had to. Ahem.

  251. Love Horizon, hate the price! Thanks!

  252. Count me in….

  253. free would be a great way to try it!

  254. Why buy the organic cow when I can have free milk? Oh, um, never mind. That saying doesn’t apply here.

  255. We love Horizon when I can get farm fresh…..thanks for another great contest!

  256. We love Horizon and use them often, too!!

  257. i am drinking it right now!

  258. Look at all the organic milk lovers. Its the only thing we feed our girls here so they don’t hit puberty at 5 1/2.

  259. Yay! I’ve been dying to taste organic milk

  260. I love Horizon, and I love free!

  261. Oh, yum, I love Horizon! I hope I win! Thank you, pretty Mir!

  262. I love it, too!

  263. Yum…are you serious about regular non organic milk causing puberty early? I need to research that a bit. I hope its not too late for my soon to be 12yo boy.

  264. Love my organic milk and my 2 daughters love it, too. Thanks, Mir!

  265. pick me!!!! pick me!!

  266. Ooooh! Oooooh!

    Thanks for the chance-

  267. Would love the opportunity for my granddaughter to try this. When I was a kid, the milk still came from the cows, not from the store. Who would have seen this day coming?

  268. I think I am the very last post! But I love milk! Please, please please!~~!!!!!

  269. Milky milk milk milk! Yay for Horizon!

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