Winner of the Outback contest

By Mir
March 17, 2008
Category Contests

Geez, I thought readership was supposed to be down over the weekend. 335 entries into the contest for the Outback Steakhouse gift card contest sure showed me, huh? You people don’t miss a thing.

Sadly, there can only be one winner, as I only have one $25 gift card to give away. And it’s Jessi who promised me a margarita. Well, no. I mean, she did, but the random number generator said commenter 90, and that’s Jessi, so there you go. Congratulations, Jessi!

Many thanks to all who played, and also to Outback and my favorite little birdie who often whispers in my ear about such things for donating the card.

There’s another contest coming up later, of course. Stay tuned.


  1. All right. I’m changing my name to Jess. That is either one really lucky girl or one really lucky name. Either way, I’m changing my name to up my odds.

  2. Darn it, I ALWAYS read on the weekend! The ONE TIME I don’t get to I miss out on something like this?! I pink-puffy-heart Outback! Tawoomba Pasta is my all-time fave! I’m going to be sulking all day now. 🙁

    Congratulations Jessi!

  3. I’m not the Jess that won the previous contest, nor am I the Jessi that won this contest – but I sure am holding out hope for the next one!!

  4. I know! I don’t know if I can keep the heart-jumping from causing a heart attack when I see that name and think it’s me–until I actually see the comment. Alas. The past two Jess-people and this one Jessi? (And that’s how my family spells my nickname, too! Only an “i”! Ack!)

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