So clever! So dainty!

By Mir
March 31, 2008

Tired of taking your dog for regular walks? Unable to look up every now and then to see if Fido is standing by the door, whining and crossing his legs?

Well, my friend, clearly you’re in need of a Tell Bell, so that your darling doggie can simply ring a bell whenever he needs to go outside.

(I don’t know why I find this so hilarious and unnecessary. Perhaps because it comes in four different colors, and dogs are colorblind.)

Should you now decide that your life is incomplete without a Tell Bell, you can use coupon code Promo670 to take 20% off the price.

But I reserve the right to mock you if you buy one.


  1. Part of the funny with this is that the dog has to step down on a button – it looks like he’s playing a game show.

    *buzz* “What is ‘I have to pee’, Alex? (correct!) I’ll take trees and bushes for $100.”

    My friends who have dogs trained them to nose a string of jingle bells they had hanging on the back of the doorknob. It worked well (and they could adjust it to different sizes) and then didn’t have to deal with Alex Trebek.

  2. We just used a Santa necklace. (A jingle bell on a cord.) Works like a charm!

  3. Hrmp. Products like these are just going to stifle the innate creativity of dogs. Why, in my day, dogs had to figure out their own ways to alert their owners of their going out needs! My recently departed dog used to bang the mail slot up and down with her nose, and the dog I had as a child learned to modulate his yawns to produce a noise that sounded much like “want out,” or, for more urgent matters, “need out.” Would he have learned to talk if I’d given him a Tell Bell? I think not!

    Next thing you’re going to tell me is that dogs need sweaters and raincoats. As if!

  4. Anyone who buys that needs to change their name to Jeeves because they’ve just become the doggie’s butler. “You rang, sir? Very good, sir!”

  5. Lol Summer!

  6. Oh gosh. I have a friend who trained their dogs to ring the bell to go out. The bit that they didn’t realize would happen is that the dogs ring the bell whenever they want out, be it for peeing purposes or just a general yen for the outdoors.

  7. Yes, Stew, that is exactly what happens. Now we have the 2-minute-wait rule. If one of the dogs rings the bell, we tell him “no”. If he rings again within 2 minutes it means he actually NEEDS to go out, rather than just wants to run around the backyard. So far they haven’t figured the rule out, but once they do we’ll be screwed.

  8. I can think of many things to spend my money on rather than this. The old jingle bells on a cord work wonderfully well and are cheap!

  9. Y’know, I might just have to buy one just for the pleasure of teaching our Bulldog to play ‘Press Your Luck.’ No whammies!

  10. You KNOW you have funny commenters if I’m reading the messages out loud over my shoulder. Hee!

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