This one will make the kids flip

By Mir
May 5, 2008
Category Contests

Goooooood Monday morning afternoon, Want Not fans! In honor of this beautiful day, I’d like to talk to you about good dental hygiene.

Er, wait. No, that’s not quite right.

But I do want to tell you that research shows that ideally toothbrushes should be stored in a way that allows them to dry out (inhibiting mold) and prevents them from touching each other (so that germs aren’t spread). Furthermore, my independent research (which is totally valid because I say so) shows that unless you have someplace cute and irresistible for your small child to put his toothbrush, he’ll leave it everywhere but where he’s supposed to. Obviously.

So allow me to introduce y’all to the Flipper, an adorable little toothbrush holder for your child. Each Flipper creature attaches to the mirror or wall using a couple of suction cups, and while it won’t necessarily get your kid brushing those back molars thoroughly, it will get him loving putting his toothbrush away each and every time. At $5.99 apiece they’re totally affordable, too.

Thanks to the generous folks at Flipper, I have a whole bunch of Flipper creatures to give away! We’re going to do this contest a wee bit differently, though, so pay attention: I have five Flippers to give away. The first place winner will receive up to three of them, and then subsequent winners will each receive one until I run out, for a minimum of three winners. For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post prior to 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008, telling me how many you would like for your kids. If you only have one child, please just ask for one. If you have more than three, I’m sorry, I’m a big meanie. So tell me you want three, two, or one, and when I do my random number thing, the first number I pull will get up to three, and the rest will get just one. I also have just one pink Flipper which I suspect boys wouldn’t want, so also tell me if you’d like this girly one, specifically, otherwise I’ll be sticking to gender-neutral critters.

Was that confusing enough? I hope so. Go!


  1. What fun those flippers are! I have two boys, so would love to pass on the pink one! 🙂

  2. ME!ME!ME!!
    I have three little girls who would love these!
    The baby (aka#4 only has 2 teeth, so I will buy her one when she is in need of a real actual toothbrush.)
    I would love 3 of them!!!
    What a cool invention!


  3. Two. For girls, please. :o)

  4. I only need 1 girly one. Thanks pretty Mir!

  5. I have three, all girls 🙂

  6. I have two pretties!

  7. I have 3 girls, ages 4,4, and 2.5 so these are perfect for us. If we win, they’ll just have to fight over the pink one, but only one of mine is super girly so it’ll probably work out. Thanks!

  8. Two, please! We’ve got two boys, so neutral or boy-ish would be great!

  9. I have two boys who would love these! They’re adorable!

  10. Hi pretty Mir! I bet you have a lovely smile.
    I would love two Flippers, one for each of my little cutiepies. And the girly one would be fun!

  11. I am not entering, but wanted to tell you all how FANTASTIC these things are! My Kids LOVE them.

  12. One non-girly one please! Oh, pretty please, Mr Random Number Generator! 🙂

  13. Okay, let’s see if I get this right…
    I have two kids, one boy and one girl.

    And if I don’t win, I may just have to get them anyway – those are cute!

  14. How fun! One girl and one boy here!

  15. My two young ones would love these, I’m sure.

  16. Hi Mir — I would really like two, one for a boy and one for a girl. Ok, ok, I admit it, it’s actually one for my husband and one for me. We’re kids at heart.

  17. How cute!! Two, please!

  18. Three girls here who would adore these.

  19. Yay, cute! I have 2 – a boy, and a girl on the way. Thanks!

  20. One boy. We’re working on the whole tooth-brushing thing. These are a great idea!

  21. I’d like 2 for my kids. I have one of each so we’d be happy to take the pink one off of your hands.

  22. I’ve got two kiddos! 1 boy and 1 girl!!

  23. Perfect, I have three kids. Now all I have to do is win, oh and be the first winner too. Piece of cake..LOL

  24. My daughter would love one…

  25. What a cute idea. I have 2 boys and a girl who’d love these.

  26. How cool! I have 2 boys who would dig this.

  27. Just one little (pink and girly) girl at my house! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Oh, these would be perfect! I have two boys and a girl so count me in for the pink one!! 🙂

  29. Ooh, those would be so helpful! I have a boy and a girl, so the pink one would work for me! Thanks, Mir!

  30. Love these! I’d like 1 for my DD…girly one or other is fine.

  31. Just one for my little guy– currently loves chewing on this toothbrush more than using it properly, but every little bit helps.

  32. I’ve got 4 kids, but only one little boy in the right age range for this, lol.

  33. Adorable. One boy and one girlie-girl here…

  34. My little one loves to brush her teeth, and this would be a great way to keep it handy. She is my only one with teeth to brush (her brother is 3 weeks old), so just one would be grand!

  35. Oh! We have two girls and a boy..

  36. I’ve got one daughter and even though she says all colors are her favorite, it’s really PINK.

    (Bonus points if glitter is involved.)

  37. I have two kiddos (b/g) and would be happy with anything. Thanks, Mir!

  38. Thanks! I have 2 girls 🙂

  39. I have a boy and a girl. They would love these!

  40. I have one boy!! Cool prize!

  41. I’m sure the kiddo would *love* to have one of them. Just one kiddo…and the girly one would be fine.

  42. My two girls would love these — thanks!

  43. I have a boy and a girl. The girl’s molars are just starting to peek through so while we have been dabbling in brushing for a few months, it’s time to get serious…. The kids’ bathroom is white with a few primary colors thrown in. Much as we love pink, it would probably look better in someone else’s loo.

  44. I have a cute little 2 year old grandaughter

  45. I hope I win this time. 😉 I have 2 kids, a girl and a boy, although gender neutral is just fine with me. My girl has enough pink!

  46. HI- I have three kiddos that would just love these! Two boys and one pink-loving girl!

  47. ooooohhhh…. a cahnce for a flipper! pick me!

  48. I have one little boy. Would love this.

  49. One….pink, if possible!

  50. I just need one. Preverably not pink. Thanks so much!

  51. What a cool contraption! One girl here.

  52. So cute, aaaannnnddd my long-haired, super-dooper,athletic, maniac 8 year old boy loves PINK, so wouldn’t count that as girlie in our house. I’d just need 2 if I were to win. Don’t think my teens would be too impressed…..Thanks!

  53. I need two and I totally want the pink one!!

  54. pick me! 🙂

  55. Hey Mir — I have a 4 yo boy and 2 yo girl and an *itsy bitsy* bathroom with a toilet that seems to have some sort of attractive force because everything that falls, falls into it. Sometimes even when the seat is down.

  56. Oh… nice timing my one little boy just started brushing !

  57. Ooh, do you think my two (2) boys would actually put their toothbrushes away neatly if we had these?! 🙂

  58. Hello.

    I would love three.

    I have five children. Three boys and two girls so I could do the pink one without any trouble here on the pink front.


  59. Just one little boy in my house, tho my husband would probably use one, too! hardy har.

  60. I have a slight tendancy to be a germaphobe and would love to have a FLIPPER for my daughter and one for my son. What an awesome idea and great prize! Thanks for the opportunity to try these out! Random Number Generator….please pick me!

  61. Holy cow, my older daughter would…well, FLIP over this. She’s really, really concerned about the exact resting position of her toothbrush on the medicine chest shelf…and the position she prefers is on the veeeery edge, meaning that every time I open said medicine chest it falls out. Gah. Needless to say we’d all be happy to have this alt form of toothbrush storage. (I have two girls — one extremely girly, one not so much.)

  62. I just need one, and I’ll pass on the pink!

    Thanks Mir!!

  63. My 3 boys would love these! My little girl only has 2 teeth so she will have to wait!

  64. I have 2 boys!

  65. 3 kids – count ’em… 1, 2, 3! all 3 need this 😉 pick meeeeeeeee, oh pretty random number picker!

  66. Only need one here for my boy. Very cute!

  67. One boy, one girl, pink please!

  68. Oh wow, a great solution for all the bickering in the bathroom! (Short of tacking the kids into nifty brackets on the wall anyhow.)

    I’d just need two – I have a boy and a girl. =o)

    Thanks Mir!

  69. I’ve got two boys! Thanks!

  70. Tooth brushing is a battle in our house, so I’d love to have one of these. And the pink one would be fine, too. 🙂

  71. Oh how cute! I have 2 girls and a boy and they would “flip” for these!

  72. one princess and two brothers flip out all the time, so why not for hygiene?

  73. I have one boy toddler and one girl toddler. Two would be great if available. Last night I found a toothbrush in the couch and another in my bed when it was time to “brush teeth”.

  74. Three of my kids would love these. The other one might blow a pupil if I insulted his coolness by presenting one to him, so three! Or whatever!

  75. I’m lucky enough to have two princesses. Well, most days I’m lucky. 😉

  76. Totally cute! I have 3 boys! I would love to win these!

  77. One girl, one boy 🙂

  78. I’d love two. My son was looking over my shoulder and has requested a dino, if you happen to have one, even if it’s pink! 🙂 Anything would be fine for my daughter. Thanks, pretty Mir!

  79. I have one girl! These look great!

  80. Me! Pick me!

  81. I would love the pink one for my daughter – but I won’t be picky!

  82. one for my daughter, if I am lucky!

  83. I have 2 darling princesses who would flip for these!

  84. I have twin daughters that are just starting to brush their teeth (and at 14 months old are already independent enough to want to do it themselves!) – so two please, and pink is great!

  85. one son and one daughter:)

  86. Two please! My daughter would love anything pink and my son would be happy with anything I put in his mouth!

  87. three of any style?? awesome??

  88. I have a 7 year old that would love one, but her baby sister would also like one. So, 2 please.


  89. Wow. This is great. I have just one who probably would prefer any color BUT pink. Just saying. It’s not exactly a manly color. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right.

  90. These sound great. I have three children that would love those. one boy, one girl (4 1/2 that would love the pink one) one girl that would be thrilled with whatever she got.

    The soon to be thirteen year old (May 9) is out of luck!

    Thanks for the great contest.

  91. *comment comment comment*

    And our house contains one girl (who loves pink).

  92. Party of one, please!

  93. I swear I’ve bought my 3 y/o son like 10 toothbrushes since January he always gets ahold of them and loses them…so a flipper would be awesome!

  94. Ooh! Maybe this would stop the fights over whose princess toothbrush is whose… I have three girls and a boy. But luckily, the boy hardly has any teeth, so we can get by on three flippers! Many thanks!

  95. so FUN. . .my kiddos would love these. . .thanks

  96. Oh this is perfect! I need a solution cause my kids leave their tooth brushes everywhere! I have two girls and a boy so the first place would be perfect for us….or just one….i’m not greedy! :o)

  97. So cool! I have two, one boy one girl but the girl isn’t a very pink kind of girl…although she can live with whatever pretty, pretty Mir gives away.

  98. ohhh pick me.. please. My son and I go round and round with this!!

    1 boy
    1 girl

    Thanks ooodles Pretty pretty Mir

  99. I would like one, please. Pink would be perfect!

  100. One pink one for my girly-girl, please! Thanks, Mir.

  101. 2 girls, one boy here. Thanks!

  102. Oooh. I would just need two. Gender neutral is perfect. They are all adorable!

  103. I flip for flippers

  104. My three girls would just love these. Any one we would be happy with but pink is preferred. Thanks for all you do!!! 🙂

  105. I have one girl and one boy. So if I get picked first, two please and a pink one is ok. Thanks. These are so cute!

  106. I have two children, one boy and one girl. Pink is okay to have, but I prefer gender neutral.

  107. ONE little boy, that’s all I need!

  108. Sounds great. I have 3 grandchildren – 2 are just getting some teeth. It would be great to start them out with a good plan from the beginning. The older is 4 – so if I could be included in the pick for 3 – I would be SO appreciative.

  109. I have three kids-two girls, one boy. Pink is fine and so is gender neutral. Thanks, again, for another great giveaway!

  110. I’d love one please, for my son! (My other son is too young to be worrying about toothbrushin’)

  111. Two of the non-pink variety would be excellent!

  112. I could use 2 of those for my son and daughter! :0) Thanks, Mir!

  113. Perfect for my two grandsons. So, two please.

  114. I have 3 boys so what the heck – maybe I’d get a cleaner counter!

  115. I’d like 2! Please!

  116. Just one boy here

  117. One little boy that would love to have one of these. Thanks

  118. These are so cute! I have three, two boys and one girl. Thanks!

  119. So cute. I have 2 kiddos that would love these. Thanks!

  120. Cool! I have two kids and gender neutral would be perfect. My girl is definitely not a girly girl!

  121. I have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. She would love the girly one but sure wouldn’t be sad to get a gender neutral one either. Heck, I am trying to push the “no such thing as girl/boy toys/shows/books/flipper toothbrush holders so we’re happy with whatever.

  122. Thanks! I have two little girls who already love to brush their teeth, but a way to encourage them to put their toothbrushes away would be fantastic!

  123. Two, please! And the girly one is fine.

  124. 2, girls, please, thank you.

  125. Those are cool! I have 3 kids and 2 are girls. Thanks!

  126. I would love one pink toothbrush holder for my little girly girl!!

  127. I would love two – and my girl would think the pink one would be the awesomest (and yes that’s a word)

  128. One, please, for a little boy who hasn’t figured out how to put away his toothbrush yet.

  129. Pick me!

  130. Two. One girl and one boy. And boy-howdy those are absolutely adorable.

  131. Those are neat!! I would love two for my boys. Thank you!

  132. Wow! Those are cool! I have five kids but only need three since are oldest are pretty good about the whole put the toothbrush away thing. My youngest are 2 girls and 1 boy. Thanks for such a great contest 🙂

  133. Adorable, and I am desperate for something that will take the wailing and reding of garments out of the toohbrushing process. Just one, please – any ol’ color!

  134. One please. My little pink bundle just got her first tooth – at THIRTEEN months!

  135. What a great idea! I’d love to win one!

  136. I would love to win 2. And a pink one would be perfect for my little girl. (My little boy would want green.)

  137. I’ve got ONE little boy who could use any and all incentives to brush. Thanks again for the contests.

  138. Please help me get the toothbrushes off the counter- I would need two

  139. Two would be great! One’s a girl 🙂

  140. SO cute. I have a pink-lovin’ daughter and a boy! Here’s to contests!

  141. Two for boys!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  142. Yay! I have one daughter 🙂

  143. I have one girl, but we don’t need the pink one. Thanks!

  144. I love it! We’re always losing toothbrushes, so these would be great. I have two girls and one boy.

  145. Ooo, anything to make toothbrushing more fun! I’d like 2!

  146. I have 2 girls and 1 boy who would love a flipper for their toothbrush!

  147. I would like one, and NOT the girly one.


  148. I would love two — and I have two girls so will take whatever pink shades you have.

  149. 2 boys here who could always use more incentive to brush. Thanks, pretty Mir!

  150. How cute! I have a girl and a boy, but if another winner requests the pink we’re totally cool with gender neutral colors here. My girl is a total tomboy! Thanks!

  151. My little boy would love one and I know he’d be thrilled for his baby sister to have one, too. He believes in fairness for “his baby.”

  152. Whoo hooo! Lucky number 153…
    I have two. I have a girl and a boy.

  153. I would really love these for 2 sweet little kids who brush their teeth in nano-seconds. Thanks!

  154. Please enter me in. I have to girls so infact we could use the girly one!

    Thanks Mir!

  155. I only need one, and not the girly one, so pick me!

  156. Three please – very cute!

  157. My three girls would love these, and perhaps even use them for their intended purpose. Maybe.

  158. We’d love to have three – two for my kids and one for my niece who is always here (her toothbrush lives here) and would totally be jealous if I didn’t get her one too!

  159. I have 2 handsome and oral hygiene conscious boys that would benefit tremendously from some fun stuff!

  160. Well, hell, I’ll try anything to get those toothbrushes put away. I’d need two, even though I have three kids, because you know Drama Queen would roll her eyes at me and say, “When did you forget I’m 13?” and I’d have to jab out her eye with her own toothbrush and…

    I need two, one boy, one girl. Please.

  161. I hope I’m the first winner…I’d pick the girl one, plus two extra for my other kiddos 🙂

  162. I would need two of them…a boy and a girl…they’d LOVE those…especially my son, since his toothbrush currently resides in the “rinse cup” because there are NO toothbrush holders in ANY of the bathrooms in my house…

  163. So cute! Where do you find this fun stuff? Wonder if it fits on an electric toothbrush? Off to the website to find out!

  164. maybe this time is the time I will win?

  165. Yes, please! I have one girl and one boy. I’d be happy with either.

  166. Ooh, those look fun. My son would love one of them. He’d most likely even be happy with the pink “girly” one. 🙂

  167. One please, for a girl, pretty Mir!

  168. One, I have a little girl, but she doesn’t care what she gets!

  169. oooh … I’d only need one — for a boy … Thanks!

  170. I’d love one (and my daughter would love pink), but any would be wonderful! THanks!!!

  171. One girl… and pink is a current favorite color.

  172. I have three girls– one who only wears pink, pink , pink (her words).

  173. They are freakin’ adorable! I have one son (for now), and would love a way to get him to stop using his toothbrush as a crevice tool…

  174. my two boys would love these!

  175. flippin for

  176. I have one toddler who loves his toothbrush. I know he’d love a Flipper.

  177. I’d love one of those for my boy! And frankly, he doesn’t have anything against pink. (Unlike his mother at the same age.)

  178. I have 2 boys. These are completely adorable! Sign me up for anything that makes brushing teeth less of a battle!

  179. I have 5 boys and I’d take one or three.. please. Thanks!

  180. Thanks for your deals and steals! I have 1 boy and 1 girl.

  181. Need 1 pink girly one 🙂
    Here’s to good hygiene!

  182. I have two, one of each and colors do not matter to either of them! What a fun contest!

    Be well.

  183. I have one girl who would love the pink one to go with her pink toothbrush.

    Also, you are pretty.

  184. Those are cute! I’d would take one for my son…and if I don’t win he’s going to make me buy him the panda one. 🙂

  185. I have one boy and one girl and they would LOVE these!

  186. Two little girls who find it enormously difficult to put their toothbrushes away in a sanitary fashion.

  187. I could use three. Seriously. Thanks for the contests and all the great deals.

  188. Adorable! I have a girl and a boy.

  189. Two little girls. thanks mir

  190. My son would love one… and they are SO CUTE!!

    Thanks, Mir!

  191. 2

  192. I have two little girls, so I’ll request two!

  193. Two please!

  194. I have three kiddos–and one is a girl, even! Maybe I’ll get lucky enough to win!

  195. One little niece here!

  196. Two kids, one of each. (Dear, pretty Mir… you know the ten-year-old boy in me was thinking, “Three kids, one of each.”)

  197. One little boy.

  198. I’d like to give this to my nephew.

  199. I am a grandma that has 3 grandsons who could use a new toothbrush!

  200. I have three boys. Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. i have a boy and a girl

  202. I have one girly

  203. Two please – one boy, one girl!!

  204. My little guy would love one of these! Cute, cute, cute!!!

  205. I have two kids with teeth – 1 boy, 1 girl. If I don’t win these, I think I’m going to have to buy them, they’re so cute!

  206. I’d like one please! My little boy loves to brush his teeth!

  207. I have two kiddos–one boy, one girl. I’d love to win these!

  208. I have one little girl who would love to win one of these!

  209. pick me pick me

  210. I would love 3 for my kids. (One is a girl) Thanks! : )

  211. I have one daughter, and would be happy with any color!

  212. I have 6 kids (4 girls, 2 boys), but I’ll only put my name in for one (and order the rest if I win) Thanks for the chance!

  213. I have 4 kids, but will only ask for one for my youngest who is still working on putting her toothbrush away. The pink one would be great. Thanks Mir.

  214. I have one boy and one girl. They go back and forth between the “old fashioned” kind of toothbrush and the ones that shake and wiggle. They’d love these. Thanks.

  215. Count me in

  216. 3 please to help my kids say “cheese”!!

  217. My two little boys would love Flippers!

  218. I have 3 kids (2 boys 1 girl) who would absolutely flip for these!

  219. Two boys and a girl here! What a great invention!

  220. These are adorable! We have 2 boys. Hope I win one….er…two

  221. One little monkey, one flipper please. Merci!!

  222. count me in!

  223. We have 2 kids – 1 boy and 1 girl. But if we won the 3, then we could always give the other one to our neice. Thanks for the opportunity.

  224. Just one for our little man. Thanks!

  225. I have 3 (2 oldest boys and 1 girl). Thanks Pretty Mir.

  226. 1 boy, 1 girl cool, cool, cool!!

  227. love those flippers! One girl, One boy = 2 flippers Please!
    Thanks, Lisa

  228. Awesome! My boy/girl twins would love these!

  229. I have 1 little girl who would Flip for a Flipper!

  230. I’d love to have one for my daughter!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  231. my 2 boys would love these!!

  232. We got one as a Christmas present, but somehow it didn’t make the trip back home with us, so one for my son would be awesome!

  233. I have 2 girly girls who would love pink and
    one little boy who loves brushing his teeth.

  234. I would love to have this for my son and very girly daughter! I’ve been strugging with toothbrush holders that let the brushes touch. When one kid is like a petri dish it really behoves us to avoid the touching!

  235. Flipper! I have one girl, who is definitely not a girly girl! Thanks!

  236. I have two boys…so that would mean two, since they’re not supposed to share this! 😉

  237. A boy and a girl here – who love brushing their teeth.

  238. I’m hoping you’ll choose me. I have a daughter who’d love one.

  239. I’ve got one boy with four teeth and one girl with a whole mouthful!

  240. I’d love the pink one for my girl, and one for my boy! Thanks!

  241. i’ve got two little girls! 🙂 thank you!

  242. Just one for a boy, thanks!

  243. Just one lil’ anklebiter here! She IS a little girly, but I’m not sure she’d want that pink one with no eyes, if that’s the “pink one” you mentioned.

  244. I have a boy and a girl and would love a FLipper!

  245. I have 3– 2 girls and a boy. What a fliptastic offer!

  246. Beautiful MIR, 2 would help the 2 fighting boys in my house!~

  247. They are adorable! One boy and one girl here.


  248. Not confusing at all, Mir!
    I have two kidsters – one little gentleman and one little lady (who FLIPS for anything pink!)

  249. Me, me, me! Thanks 🙂

  250. one girly one and one not-girly one, please.

  251. Oh my boys would love two not-so-frilly ones! Thanks Mir!

  252. two please – 1 boy, 1 girl. Thanks!

  253. One please for my boy. The little girl will just have to wait till she gets teeth.

  254. 2 please. Thank you.

  255. 2 kiddios here. What a cool tool! Thanks

  256. Two please! One girl, one boy.

  257. I would only need one.

  258. Vey cute. I have one daughter who would like any of them EXCEPT the pink one. Thanks! I love this web site!

  259. 1 girl, 2 boys at my house!

  260. I have a little girl..

  261. I just have one little girl and she’d love one.

  262. I have one girl. She would enjoy having one

  263. Yikes!! 262 comments. I’m in line too. Two girls and one one guy. Thanks for the chance to win these.

  264. Two 150% testosterone-laden boys here

  265. I’ll take 2 and please send that pink one to me!!!!!

  266. Two please. I have one boy and one girl.

  267. I have 2 kids, both girls. Those are very cool!

  268. My 3 little girlies would LOVE to have these!

  269. Two girls!!

  270. Two please!- one for a gal and one for a fella.

    (Do they make wii- or computer- or coffee-shaped flippers for husbands? no?? too bad.)

  271. Two girls here!

  272. One boy!

  273. I have two girls!

  274. What a fun product- and if it gets the kiddies excited about brushing, all the better! I have a girl and a boy. THANKS!!

  275. I have three girls, but they would fight over the pink one, so I’d love three gender neutral ones!! 🙂

  276. I’d love to have two FLippers. And I only have one girl, so the pink one and a gender neutral one would be fabulous.

  277. I’d love one of those… the pink one would be perfect, but they are all great! 🙂

  278. I have 3 messy boys! These would rock!!!

  279. I would like three. And the pink one would be great as I have a little 3 year old that would love it.

  280. Three Please! Including one girlie!

  281. Clean is good!

  282. Flippers!

  283. Oooo! So cute! I have three little girls (with a boy on the way!) but three would be wonderful! :o)

  284. My son would love one of these!

  285. I also have 3 little girls who would get a kick out of these! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  286. I have two hooligan boys who would flip for the flipper!

  287. Two please – for boys!

  288. I have two, one of each!!!

  289. I have one little boy who would flip for one of those. (corny, but I couldn’t resist. 🙂 )

  290. I have a boy and a girl, so would be happy with the pink one, or 2 gender neutral. We’re not picky around here.

  291. I have 1 little boy who would love this!

  292. I would flip for a flipper! I have a girl

  293. One, pink OK despite my pre-delivery protests that not everything needs to be pink for a girl…

  294. I would love two for my twins, and girly is fine with us!

  295. I have five children, so I would yoink all three possibles, and I would like the girly one for my one girl. (Four brothers. Pity or envy her?)

  296. One boy. 🙂

  297. One of each, please 🙂

  298. two please (although I have four kids) 😉 One boy, one girl.

  299. I have 4 kids but only 3 can brush their teeth. 2 Girls and 1 boy
    Anything to get my kids to brush more often!!!

  300. I have two adorable little girls who love to leave toothbrushes everywhere but the bathroom …

  301. Pick me please!! I have one boy and one girl.

  302. One please (3 year old son)

  303. I have a boy and a girl. One for each would be wonderful. They might actually put the toothbrushes away after use – and that would be phenomenal!

  304. A pink one and a neutral one would be great.

  305. Love the giveaways! I have three-two boys and a girl. Awesome. Thanks.

  306. My kids would love these… I have one of each :)Gracias 🙂

  307. 2 boys for me

  308. Neat! I’ve got two little boys. I’d love to win!

  309. Just one for my little girl. while she would love pink, she wouldn’t mind another color.

  310. Three for me, please!!

  311. Would love 3…and one of them is my girly-girl!

  312. Two non-pink ones for me, please!!

  313. oh how cute! I have two kiddos (one a girl!) that would love those. The 7 week old baby, eh, not so much.

    In fact I think I’d like them just as much – what is it with kids’ toothbrushes ALL being too big for any counter-top toothbrush holder??

  314. Two girls!

  315. 1 girl, 2 boys

  316. I have 2 boys. Neat idea.

  317. one boy and one husband…. The husband counts as a child, right?

  318. This is fate. I almost bought a handful of these the other day, but I got distracted and forgot about it. So! I have one girl and one boy! I hope I win! I love you!

    Not in a creepy way, I promise.

  319. Cool! One for my little girl who loves to put her toothbrush in the bathtub.

  320. Hello! I definitely want to get some of these. I have two kids – a boy and a girl. I agree with those who have said kids’ toothbrushes are always too fat for the holders anyways!

  321. Yes please!

  322. I am a dental hygienist, so I totally need these for my 2 little stinkers! 1 girl, 1 boy! Thank you!

  323. since I have my kids’ toothbrushes just laying on the shelf these would be great. (I have 2 kids…one boy, one girl)

  324. I’m flipping for a flipper!!! All boys here!

  325. One girl so pink would be great!

  326. One little girl! 🙂

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