A bargain for the heart

By Mir
May 14, 2008
Category Big Picture

Allow me to take a brief break from low, low prices to do a brief plug for a product with a cause, will you?

I’d like you to meet my dear friend Jen. Jen is an immensely talented artist but mostly Jen is just one of those awesome people who is there whenever you need her.

Jen’s friend Odette needs her right now, and to that end both women have been tirelessly raising funds for Jen to take a trip to Rwanda to visit Odette’s daughters and many other Rwandan children and refugees who could really use a message of hope right about now. I can’t think of anyone better to bear such a message than Jen, frankly.

Odette and Jen have just completed the first Girl Power Africe ‘zine, which Jen will be taking to Rwanda for free distribution, and it’s available for sale to the rest of us here on Etsy for $10. All profits will go towards this trip and medical care for Odette’s daughter Grace (who is still in Rwanda and in the hospital with tuberculosis).

I know Jen’s artwork and I know Jen’s heart, and I’m sure this zine is simply gorgeous, which a message of pure empowerment. Please consider buying one for a special young lady in your life. It’s a bargain for good karma.

Update: Some of you have asked how you can donate directly. See this page for information on doing that; donations can be made until May 16th, 2008. Jen leaves this weekend!


  1. this looks awesome, i’ll buy one!
    to mir: in a similar vein, their was an ad on your page one time about an organization called KIVA who provide loans. do you know anything about them? are they a good place to donate? i like the way it’s set up…it seems it would provide immediate gratification seeing where your dollars go, little or no overhead? any thoughts?

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