It’s Discover 5% sign-up time

By Mir
June 2, 2008
Category Quick Tips

Got a Discover card? (If you do, I know you’re charging things as if you were using cash—just charging for the cashback bonus, then paying it off when the bill comes—because you’re so smart and pretty.)

Remember how they’re doing a special calendar of bonuses throughout the year, where you have to go sign up for each promotion? It’s a little bit annoying and sneaky, but worth the trouble. The excrutiatingly lovely Lauren mailed to let me know that you can now sign up for the July – September promo, which happens to be 5% back on gasoline purchases.

Hey, at the current price of gas, you should be making that $400 bonus in no time at all.


  1. Wow..thanks for reminding me about the gas promo!! Every little bit helps!!

  2. Question: I don’t have any credit card debt. I have three or four cards that I don’t use, and I only carry one of them around with me. Do you think it would be worth signing up for a Discover card just for the cashback rewards? And here’s a really silly question: how do they work? It sounds like magic!

  3. YES!!!!!

    *insert happy dance*

    I’ve never been so happy that a) we have a discover card, and b) we are going on a road trip this month! Hey, maybe we can just pay off the trip in gas purchases!!

    (don’t worry pretty Mir, we’ve already budgeted & paid for the trip, but it would be pretty cool to get some money back!)

  4. Thank you pretty Mir! I would never remember if you didn’t remind me. Love that Discover card, it’s so pretty.

  5. Yes, it is worth it. Especially (Only?) if you can really only buy the things you would have paid cash for anyway and pay it all off at the end of the month.

  6. Is there a yearly fee on that card and if so how much? Do they waive it the first year?

  7. sorry for the stupid question, but does this mean that you only get $20 for every $400? I can’t seem the find any info on their site.

  8. We HAD a Discover Card, and it was great, but we didn’t use it frequently enough to make them happy. They kept sending us new cards like every month (because our old ones must be “lost” if we didn’t use them), so I kept having to re-activate each set. And they kept CALLING us about it. I finally had to get rid of my beloved Discover just to make them STOP.
    If we ever hit the ottery and start spending more money, maybe I’ll look into getting one again. 😉

  9. LOTTERY, not ottery (otter invasion! Aaagh!).

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