Got kids? Get bowling!

By Mir
June 5, 2008

The very pretty Mindy tipped me off to this one: Apparently, many bowling alleys across the country have joined a program whereby kids can bowl free every day this summer!

Check the list to see if your local establishment is participating. Mine isn’t, unfortunately, but perhaps some of you will luck out.

Because there’s nothing more exciting to a small child than wearing someone else’s shoes and flinging heavy objects.


  1. ROFL at your last line… so very true!

  2. Ditto, Damsel! Mir, you are one funny girl!

    Alas, none here in Delaware. We will have to resign ourselves to our bare feet and the Wii controller, hopefully NOT flinging it at the tv!

  3. Wah. Not in our neck of the woods. Great idea though.

  4. Okay, I have to laugh…. there are only 2 centers in FL participating, and they are both in a retirement community!!

  5. Two in TN too! Not around us though, sure would have been nice.

  6. I checked the list, and while our local alley isn’t on it, they are offering free bowling to kids. So those who didn’t find a “participating” alley close might want to call and see anyhow.

  7. Ha ha ha! My son won’t bowl BECAUSE of the funny shoes! But he sure loves Wii Bowling. 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing that list!

  9. Dude, nothing in CA. Bummer. But it’s a great idea!

  10. Whaaat, there’s another Delawarean reading Mir? *faint*

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