A quick note about Classic Closeouts

By Mir
July 16, 2008

(No, I’m not going to link to them.)

A few of you have contacted me about discussions all over the ‘net about Classic Closeouts placing unauthorized and/or fraudulent charges on people’s credit cards. Folks are complaining that they haven’t ordered from Classic Closeouts for years and yet suddenly they’re being charged.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m an affiliate with them and they haven’t addressed these allegations with their affiliates at all, even though it’s an issue garnering a lot of attention. While I’m not claiming to know the true story (for example, I haven’t been incorrectly charged), I do know that I’m uncomfortable continuing to promote them at this time.

That may change, but for now—consider this a friendly little “buyer beware.”


  1. Thanks for looking out for us, Mir!

  2. I was on the receiving end of a fraudulent Classic Closeouts charge a few weeks ago. My credit card is handling it, but it was (is) very alarming — I have had no response to my emails to their customer service center (I can’t find a phone number for them). So, no way of knowing whether this was a simple error, fraudulent activity, or that their databases have been hacked.


  3. My debit card was fraudulently charged $69.99 at the end of June — I disputed it through my bank and through TRUSTe (on classiccloseout’s site) and got my money refunded. I’m still stuck with the hassle of canceling my card and waiting for a new one.

    If you’ve ordered from CC, go into your account and you’ll probably note that your card info was saved — whether you asked for that or not. Go in and delete any card info you have on file there to minimize your changes of getting charged.

    ARGH. Thanks, Mir, for spreading the word!

  4. Yep it happened to me, too.

  5. Ruthwells, don’t waste your time with the phone number. I had a $49.99 charge and tried to email them, no response. I found a phone number but it was either busy or rang for 10 minutes straight then disconnected. I did apply to have the charge removed with my bank, was successful, got a new card and a refund but my bank tried the number as well and found the same thing.

    I wonder what is up. Fishy that they aren’t addressing it if it isn’t interntional but maybe they are trying to get it stopped so they can report good news? No idea.

  6. They took $69.99 from me on 6/30/08. I filed with every agency in the world including TrustE and nobody has refunded my money except my bank who said they are “lookin into it” and could reverse the credit if they want to. I have found interesting information about this site installing adware on computers. People have had their information stolen by CC even when they never shopped with them! I have a feeling they have hacked us all. Please beware. I wouldn’t even visit their site!

  7. They took 69.99 from my account too on 7/2/08. I cannot find a phone number to contact them. I read your post, Mir, and looked back through my bank statement and can’t believe it!!

  8. I too just noticed that I have a charge from that site. Though I do have a phone number no one is amswering at this time. As I have just disputed another charge with my bank, I am a bit hesitant to even talk to my bank at this time. Glad I found this site to know I am not alone. Again the charge was for 69.99.

  9. OK, add one more to the pile. I just checked one of my Credit cards that’s been paid off for months, and THERE it was. I charge for 69.99. I haven’t bought from them in a year! I’m so mad.
    NOT your fault Mir, no blame on you)
    I wont buy from them again, no matter how good the deal is.

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