Winner of the Jawbone contest

By Mir
July 17, 2008
Category Contests

“What? What? I can’t hear you! Are you on your cell phone? Are you in the middle of a mosh pit? WHAT? Speak up!”

Hey, guess who’s never going to have that conversation again? I wish it was every single one of the 467 of you who entered the contest to win a brand new Jawbone headset, but I only have one headset, and so there’s only one winner.

That winner is commenter 76, E. Congratulations, E! Please check your email!

Thanks to all who played, and a special thanks to the folks at Jawbone and their PR folks at OutCast for being so generous with the prize donation. (If I was funding these contests, every week it would be “Alright, then! Who wants to win a stick of gum? Anyone?”)

Stay tuned, because I think I feel a weekend contest coming on. Who knows? You’ll have to check back to find out.


  1. Congrats E!!! Enjoy it on our behalf too!

  2. E: you know we have to see pictures to make certain that you’ve coordinated your hot new bluetooth headset with your adorable shoes, right? 🙂

    I’m jealous!

  3. Woo hoo, congrats, E!
    Maybe you could write a review and Mir could post it?

  4. Mir,

    I’m sure you must restrain yourself, but do you ever, accidentally, get emotionally attached to the freebie and end up spending days staring at the spot where it used to be?


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