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By Mir
July 21, 2008
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I remember with great fondness and just a tiny touch of PTSD when my son couldn’t get enough of Thomas the Tank Engine. His single goal in life was to be a very useful engine, and I didn’t have the heart to break it to him that he wasn’t a train. Or that he still peed in his pants. (Two very difficult conversations to have with your two-year-old, as it turns out.)

His Thomas obsession lasted for years, and I heaved a sigh of relief when he moved on to Pokemon. And now of course I wish it was Thomas he was still obsessed with, and not Pikachu and Piplup and the other 836 Pokemon I can’t possibly remember, but I am not calling the shots here. I got him out of diapers; that’s where my influence ends.

Anyway! Thomas and Friends remains beloved by little kids everywhere, and Brighter Minds Media has recently come out with Thomas & Friends: Special Delivery, a computer game* fit for Thomas fans big and small.

I have two copies of Special Delivery to give away to lucky Want Not readers! Want to win it? Simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008. One entry per person, valid email address required, don’t be cheeky. Winners to be determined by random number generation and on-time arrivals.


*This game will run on Windows XP or Vista only. It will not run on a Mac. Hmph.


  1. We’d love this game 🙂

  2. My daughter is absolutely obsessed with Thomas!

  3. My son still loves Thomas and he is 7! Thanks for another great contest!

  4. Oh man, my son would LOVE this. He’s a thomas fiend, and he loves computer games!

  5. Trains are a hit with the boy-child. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Oh man I think i’ll buy it if i dont win it … guess i bette open up my wallet

  7. My oldest son is out of the Thomas phase (sort of – he still wants to do the Day Out with Thomas whenever he sees it advertised) but my youngest son is just easing into the perfect Thomas age.

  8. My kids would love this! And it would be way better than that stupid day out thing-we did that and it blew.

  9. My little Thomas freak would love this!

  10. My oldest boys loved Thomas and now my youngest is becoming obsessed with him.

  11. We still love Thomas.

  12. We have a little Thomas fan too…

  13. Ooo, we’d love this, thanks!

  14. Oh my, I would be the favorite auntie forever if I won this for my nephew!

  15. I have a Thomas lovin’ 4 year old!

  16. This would great for days when I’m babysitting my wee nephew. Count me in, thanks!

  17. Thanks for another great contest! Hopefully I’ll be a favorite with the random number generator this time around…LOL

  18. My son would trade his little brother for some Thomas the Tank Engine!!

  19. this would be great! I would love to get my boy off the game system and on the computer with something other than racing. Thanks for the chance.

  20. Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to win this for my nephew. Thanks for the opportunity, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  21. Well, Thomas is step up from Dora. On most days, anyway!

  22. My 21 month old is just beginning his Thomas obsession, this would be great!

  23. Wow, I work with young children on the autism spectrum, and so many of them are in love with Thomas – we watch Thomas videos and read the books with them and really get a lot of great interaction out of the kids! They love playing on the computer, and this would be a BLAST for them! Thanks for the chance!

  24. Oh, yes, we are definitely Thomas obsessed in our house, bring it on!

  25. My kids love computer games and especially Thomas!nnThanks Mir!

  26. Oh man.. you had me at Useful Engine….

  27. I have a little Thomas addict. He’d be so happy with this.

  28. you are very clever and useful, as well as pretty, dear Mir!

  29. Count me in!

  30. My kids would love this!

  31. Ohhhh… this would be perfect for my guys. Especially the 3 year old who loves his choo choos 🙂

  32. I’ve got a little guy who loves Thomas, too! He’d love this game as he also loves to play on the computer!

  33. Pretty please? With sugar on top? My Sam would cry tears of joy.

  34. oh, my son would squeal with glee!!

  35. Thanks Mir!

  36. Choo, choo, choooooose me!

  37. He won’t admit it (because big bro loves Pokemon and so he has to keep up)but my 5 yr. old still loves his Thomas trains. He could (secretly) play this while Bub is at school!

  38. My 3 year old LOVES Thomas!!! We would love this!

    Thanks so much!

  39. Thanks!

  40. I’m in again!!!

  41. My two-year old nephew has recently developed a severe obsession with the trains. He can hear them coming miles away, and freaks out, shouting, “come on! come on!” pulling your hands, dragging you outside until he can see the engine creating the noise… “come on, come on!” he said. Oh, sweet boy. 🙂

  42. My youngest is a huge Thomas fan! At the age of two, he knew the trains by name and number from 1-12! He’d love this!

  43. Choo Choo!! Pick us, please!!

  44. Oh my goddaughter would love this!

  45. My little one would be in heaven with this!

  46. Oh my little nephew would love this. He is obsessed with trains and firetrucks.

    Thank you.

  47. I have 2 Thomas fans and computer game geeks combined:)

  48. My little useful engine needs this.

  49. I work with an autistic boy who LOVES Thomas. It would be cool to give this to him.

  50. My daughter still wants to be a very useful engine. Thanks.

  51. Right now I’d very much prefer Thomas over Pokemon.

  52. I’d be really happy if this was a game my 5 yo son and 3 yo daughter could play together…

  53. We are very much into the whole train thing right now 🙂

  54. Thomas is a favorite at our house. Forget those other contests–I want to win THIS one!!!

  55. This would make the perfect gift for my Thomas obsessed nephew!

  56. Thomas is a HUGE hit over here!

  57. know we won’t get picked, but why not try?

  58. My son wants to be a very useful engine when he grows up!

  59. Thomas is in the top few favorites here. Totally would get some use!


  61. I have two boys that love Thomas!

  62. I remember saying “No way no how will I let my twins get into Thomas.” I probably even said, “Never” ha ha. But here we are living in Thomas the Tank Engine mania. sigh.

  63. my little boy is VERY USEFUL. trust me. he needs this.

  64. Pick me!!! I mean, my son! Three + years running – still obsessed and no signs of giving up.

  65. Hmph indeed. Thank goodness you can run windows on a mac.

  66. Alan is 5 1/2 and has LOVED Thomas since he was 2. Just today we ordered MORE videos from the library and made a complex track layout together.

    I’ll really miss Thomas if he outgrows it!

  67. Although the theme song gets stuck in my head and drives me batty, I would love to win a copy of this game for my son. I’m pretty sure his eyes would bug out of his head in sheer amazement.

    Thanks, pretty one.

  68. My son would absolutely LOVE this!

  69. My boy would explode with happiness over this.

  70. My son would actually have his own game then!… Oh, wait… my daughter would probably want to play it too!

  71. I have 2 year old twin boys obsessed with Thomas. I don’t get the fascination.

  72. me, me, me, please

  73. Thanks for such great drawings. 🙂

  74. Like everyone else, I have a nephew that would love this too!

  75. Mir, you are a useful (and very pretty) engine yourself. Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. My son is 5 and has loved (understatement!) Thomas since before he was 2!! He explode with happiness if he won this game!!!

  77. This would bring smiles!

  78. My son loves Thomas!!

  79. How do they all end up liking the same thing like this? My son loves Thomas too! Thanks for the contest!

  80. Oh, lordy, my son would adore this game!

  81. Pick me!

  82. My 2 year old LOVES Thomas and he also just started playing games on the computer! This would be perfect!

  83. Once again, back trying to win a game!

  84. Two sons that would love this!

  85. My 3 year old loves Thomas and the computer!

  86. My nephew would love this! Maybe I’ll have good luck this time around 🙂

  87. Oh, my grandson is a new Thomas Train lover. I hope this is the lucky comment.

  88. Ooh! I’ve got TWO Thomas fans here. My six year old’s interest had been waning, but it was revived by his little brother’s enthusiasm.

  89. Jules loves Thomas!

  90. …but then we’d have to let them touch the computer…

  91. I’m in on this one. My daughter loves Thomas

  92. Count me in! Thomas is a daily essential around here.

  93. We could put that to good use! 🙂 Thanks!

  94. A very useful contest, indeed! Thanks, prettiest!

  95. Lets give it a try.

  96. pick me! my niece loves Thomas!

  97. Ooh! Ooh!!! Pick me!! My son adores Thomas.

  98. My son absolutely loves Thomas. I’ve always found it a little creepy, but it’s growing on me.

  99. Oh boy, would I be the most favorite aunt ever!!!

  100. I have a little one that would love this. Pick me!

  101. What would the world be like without Thomas?

  102. My nephew’s 2nd birthday is coming up soon.

  103. Can I double-whammy it as a reward for a Thomas lover finally getting potty-trained?

  104. wow, this would be an awesome Christmas gift for my nephew . . . and I’d be one step closer to finishing my shopping . . . in JULY!!!

  105. me me me!

  106. me me me me!

  107. My 4 yr old recently inherited all of his big brother’s TTE stuff (and just like Monkey, my older son has moved on to Pokemon!) and he would loooooovvveee to have this game to further feed his newfound TTE obsession!

  108. We love Thomas!!

  109. I have three girls, and I teach preschool. This would be great!!! We love Thomas!!! Pick me, pick me!!!

  110. I imagine my son will be a Thomas fan when he gets a bit older. This would be great to put away for him!

  111. We are just beginning the Thomas phase. This would be great for my little boy!!

  112. got a 3 almost 4yo son
    ’nuff said =)

  113. Twin boys here who turn 3 in 2 weeks — they are such good little train engineers!!
    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  114. My little Thomas fan has a birthday in 2 weeks…this would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity!

  115. Pick me! Pick me! Really. Please, pick me?

  116. My boys are absolutely wild about Thomas!

  117. My nephew and my son would love this game… maybe they would master the art of sharing?

  118. My nephew loves Thomas – I’d love to win this for him.

  119. Yay Thomas!!

  120. My daughter still loves Thomas, although she’s very aware of Pokemon, too! Thanks.

  121. Ooooo!!! Pick me!! Pick me!!!! My grandkids would love it!!

  122. I have a 2 1/2 year old son… pick me! He just loves all things Thomas!

  123. My son just loves Thomas, Pick us!!!!!!!!

  124. Boy 1 loves Thomas! This would be great for him!

  125. we’re on time!

  126. My son, Gordon (you know, like the TRAIN…) would LOVE this!!!

  127. this would be so cool for my son!

  128. Big Thomas Fans!!

  129. There are about 85 little boys in my life that would LOVE this game. Ok, maybe 2, but STILL. How cool would I be?! PLEASE? Pretty please, with whipped cream and a cherry on top?

  130. Bee baby refuses to play with blocks or legos or anything that requires patience to put it together. Except for trains. Bee baby will sit for hours. So I see a lot of trains in our future.

    Pretty please make it just a wee bit easier on me?

  131. Our favorite Thomas quote: “You are causing confusion and delay!” So true for most 2 year olds! Thanks!

  132. This would be an awesome surprise for my nephew.

  133. My little guy loves Thomas. This would be great.

  134. My daughter is obsessed with Thomas.

  135. This might be the ONLY Thomas thing my son doesn’t have!

  136. Great! We’re just heading towards Thomas these days!

  137. My little guy loves Thomas! and the computer!

  138. would love it!!

  139. Both my boys are all about those trains! We have so much Thomas upstairs. I would be grateful for something that was compact and in game form. So, random number generator, Pick Me.

  140. This would be fun!

  141. Yes, please, pretty Mir. 🙂

    (sucking noises off)

  142. My son would love this!

  143. My son would LOVE this! I hope I win, I hope I win! =)

  144. I would certainly be the favorite aunt if the random generator picks my number!

  145. my daughter just developed this crazy LOVE for trains! this would be wonderful!

  146. My son absolutely loves Thomas! We just had a Thomas birthday for him last week! He just turned two.

  147. DS would love to play a “clicker game” as he says with Thomas.
    -Thanks for the chance!

  148. Oh, how exciting! And this is my first time leaving you a comment! I hope we win!

  149. Choo Choo

  150. I have a 4 year old boy who would love this!

  151. I hadn’t actually thought about it, but I do have a couple of nephews that could benefit from this.

  152. I have two four year olds – I think they would be delighted by this.

  153. My 2yo loves Thomas AND still wets her pants!! Nothing would make her more happy than a Thomas game and a diaper!!

  154. Hm..Lets give this a shot.

  155. I know a little boy who would LOVE this!

  156. My 2 & 5yo would be so happy if we won!

  157. How’d I miss this? Thanks for the reminder!

  158. My little guy would enjoy this! (I double checked to make sure I haven’t already entered and did not see my name anywhere.)

  159. We’d love this!

  160. I had never noticed just how many contest entries contain exclamation marks. And now I’m refusing to use one. Wow.

  161. Oh please pick me, our ‘lil man loves Thomas

  162. Pick us. My son would love this.

  163. We want it!

  164. The Thomas obsession is giving way to Pokemon in my house too, but the boy still loves Thomas. Either that, or he loves to watch mom trip over the train tracks ranging all over the house. 😉

  165. My son loves Thomas!

  166. My nephew will love this , please pick me..

  167. Please, please, please little random number generator, won’t you pick me this time? If you only knew how much my Noah loves Thomas, I know you would pick me.

  168. My nephew is obsessed with Thomas! This would be perfect for his upcoming birthday.

  169. Between my sons and nieces, we’d get much use out of this!

  170. oh, this would be a good one to win….my son loves Thomas AND the computer!

  171. Thomas is a big hit in my house! Count us in! Thank you!!!

  172. my 20 yr old was a great fan of thomas but he is to old, but my 4 yr old grandson isn’t

  173. my son LOVES thomas.. and toby for some reason… this would be the perfect way to introduce him to the computer!

  174. You can never have too much Thomas in our house.
    They’re two they’re four they’re six they’re eight Shunting trucks and hauling freight
    red and green and brown and blue they’re the really useful crew

  175. Thomas rules in this house! Crossing fingers=0)

  176. My daughter loves Thomas. Would love to win this. If it’s not to late to enter, sign me up!


  177. My son and my twin daughters all LOVE Thomas! Thanks!

  178. I’m in! Thanks!

  179. My little lady is not the biggest Thomas fan, but maybe my little man will be….plus my nephew is a HUGE train freak, so, I’m in.

  180. My 3 yr old is playing with his Thomas and Annie right now, lol. Clarabelle is missing….

  181. My 3 yr old loves Thomas!

  182. My son loves trains, so I bet he would enjoy trying this.

  183. Count me in! Thanks!

  184. This would be a great gift for my friend’s little Thomas fan!

  185. Entering and hoping to win for my Godson!!!

  186. My daughter looooooves trains. Don’t any of you tell her girls aren’t supposed to…she’s gonna be a train engineer when she grows up.

  187. My grandkids would love this and they are here for the summer! yeah!!!

  188. Trains and computers all at the same time. Sounds like a few minutes of peace a quiet to me.

  189. My son loves this stuff.

  190. That would be awesome!

  191. I have a nephew who would love it… wish we could use it but we have a MAC.

  192. The only thing that rocks more than Thomas is Mir (and she is pretty to boot!).

  193. My sons love Thomas!

  194. I’ve got a Thomas lover… he’d have so much fun with this!! thanks for entering me!

  195. Would love to! Thanks for the chance!

  196. Put me in!

  197. My little boys would love this!

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