Tax-free, baby

By Mir
July 29, 2008
Category Quick Tips

Just in case you’re not able to accomplish all of your necessary back-to-school shopping online (and believe me, I’ve tried, but sometimes you just need to hit the stores), be sure to mark your calendar with your state’s tax-free days, if you’re living in a state that has ’em.

Georgia is tax-free this coming weekend. I guess that would be a good time for me to go buy all of the pencils my children will need to lose this year. The money I save on taxes can go towards more pencils in January, when they both swear they don’t have a single thing to write with and their pencil cases were raided by graphite-hungry aliens.


  1. Good thing I wasn’t waiting for our tax-free week here in Florida. After checking the link you provided, I discovered that Florida is not doing a sales tax holiday this year. Here is a link to the article in a local paper –

  2. SC is this coming weekend 🙂

  3. they are cutting it close to the start of school here in TX (Aug 15-17). Glad I’m just about ready…

    BTW – Woot-off today

  4. NC is this weekend as well. Anything after midnight on Thursday through midnight on Sunday the 3rd qualifies. There is a complete listing of what items qualify on the state’s website.

  5. ah ha! I didn’t miss an announcement for FL after all. that was kept nice & quiet. Thanks for the links Mir & Jill!

  6. chicago has 10.25% sales tax and NO HOLIDAY. not fair!

  7. GA is cutting it close too. I’ve already bought many of my supplies because deep discount with tax and available is cheaper than not on sale or out of stock without tax. And school starts for us on Monday – just 6 more days.

    I buy more pencils and paper than I think the kids can possibly use (and then hide at least 1/3 of it so the kids don’t know they can go through it). That usually gets me through the year.

  8. i live in the cheap azz state of California
    oh joy!
    no tax free days here

  9. Or you could live in New Hampshire, where we have tax-free day every day!

  10. Of course CALIFORNIA doesn’t have one. Stupid greedy state.

    And I’d like to tell Karina to shut it but then I see hat Lorin has to deal with EVERY DAY and I feel bad for complaining.

  11. I don’t miss living in IL where they usually don’t have the tax-free weekend (although I lived in IA for several years, where they usually do have one, and was near enough in IL for the last few years to the IA border to cross over there if I really wanted to expend the gas: These days that wouldn’t be worth the trip, though).

    I LOVE living in Minnesota where we have tax-free every day. But…I do know how much it sucks to live in a non-tax-free state.

  12. Don’t forget you can buy school supplies from Office Depot, along with your paper. A few packs of pencils can help bring the total up to $50 for free shipping.

  13. Delaware is also tax-free every day. But our income tax more than makes up for it.

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