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By Mir
August 16, 2008
Category Contests

A child happily watching a wholesome DVD is a beautiful thing. It brings a tear to my eye, truly.

A child happily watching a wholesome DVD you won from me for free is even better—it brings two tears to my eyes! (Ack, my eyes!)

Here’s the deal: I have three great DVDs to give away, this weekend:

Sound good? For a chance to win one, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, August 17th, 2008, telling me which one you’d like. One comment per person, valid email address required, specification of which one title you’d like also required. Comments saying “I’ll take any of them!” will be ineligible to win. As I normally do with this sort of thing, I’ll have the random number generator give me a number, and the first winner will get her pick of DVD. The second number generated will win only if the specified DVD is still available, or I’ll move on to another number, and so on. It’s all very complex, I know.

Ready? Go!


  1. Little Einsteins!!!

  2. Veggie Tales Big River Rescue please! Thanks!

  3. Little Einsteins for us!

  4. Handy Manny

    Pretty please?

  5. little einsteins!!

  6. My little one would love the Little Einsteins one. Anything with Fairies, Mermaids or Jedi is rating very high right now.

  7. We’d love Veggie Tales Please!
    p.s. You’re pretty!

  8. My kids love Handy Manny (and pets!)

  9. Handy Manny!

  10. little einsteins, please!!

  11. little einsteins! thanks!

  12. Veggie Tales!!!

  13. Handy Manny please!

  14. Big little Einsteins fans here πŸ™‚ !!!!!

  15. Veggie Tales, please!

  16. It is SO hard to chose. Little Einsteins. Only because we don’t have any of those.


  17. I would LOVE the Veggie Tales video!!

  18. We would love the VeggieTales!

  19. Little Einsteins! Thanks, Mir.

  20. Little Einsteins, please!!

  21. Broccoli…Celery…

    Gotta be…Veggie Tales!!! πŸ™‚

  22. Veggie Tales, please!

  23. I’ve been hoping to see Veggie Tales but Oliver would never forgive me if I didn’t choose LIttle Einsteins (and remember to tell you that you are pretty).

  24. My kids would love the Veggietales one. πŸ™‚

  25. My daughter would love the little Einsteins!

  26. We would love Handy Manny: MannyÒ€ℒs Pet Roundup around here!

  27. It’s time for Veggie Ta-aa-aa-aales! VeggieTales, please.

  28. Little Einsteins please πŸ™‚

  29. Handy Manny. I like that little guy…

  30. My nephews would love Veggie Tales Thank You

  31. My little girl would love Handy Manny!

  32. ooh, Little Einsteins, please!

  33. Little Einsteins is the favorite in our house.

  34. Little Einsteins of course…did I mention I minored in music in college, and my husband and I play several instruments! My baby has to love music!

  35. Handy Manny please.

  36. Veggie Tales, please!!

  37. Thanks pretty Mir for another great contest. We’d really enjoy the Veggie Tales please…Thanks πŸ™‚

  38. Rock on, Little Eisteins!!

  39. They all sound good, but I’ll go for VeggieTales!

  40. If I win, I’ll sell you a coupon book. :/

  41. Hmmmmm, I’ll pick Little Einsteins!

  42. ACK! need to learn to read. Sorry. delete comment 40. Little einsteins, por favor.

  43. Veggie Tales please!

  44. We love Veggie Tales! Thanks, Mir.

  45. Veggie Tales Big River Rescue would go over big-time around our place. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. I would love to win Veggie Tales. I think they are so adorable and my son is finally getting old enough to sit and watch videos.

  47. Oooh! Winning Handy Manny would be nice.

  48. Veggie Tales would be awesome!
    C’mon, Random Number Generator…surely it’s my turn by now?!!? πŸ™‚

  49. Little Einsteins please!

  50. Veggie Tales would be lovely. Thanks!

  51. Little Einsteins for the kiddos would be great!

  52. I’d love to be in for VeggieTales!

  53. We have recently discovered Veggie Tales and looove them. So, Veggie Tales, please!

  54. Veggie Tales! πŸ™‚

  55. I’d love: Little Einsteins: Flight of the Instrument Fairies.

  56. Oh I think Handy Manny should come here right now πŸ™‚

  57. Handy Manny for me! Thanks!

  58. Little Einsteins! Could have used that today, not that the number generator can feel compassion or sympathy, but what if I said I was 40 weeks pregnant with a 3-year old at home and desperately trying to keep her entertained inside the house and calmly???

  59. da-na-na-na-na-na… Handy Manny!

  60. My twin boys would love the Veggie Tales Big River Rescue. Thank you!

  61. Veggie Tales Big River Rescue please!

  62. Handy Manny for my little handy man. : ) Thanks!

  63. I would LOVE to win Veggie Tales :o)

    thank you for such an amazing site – I only found you last week and now I visit every day!

  64. It’s my bithday!! Is it bad that i like Little Einsteins just as much as my kids? It is one of the few shows i don’t mind watching with them.

  65. Ooh, that’s a tough decision… how about Handy Manny.

  66. Handy Manny!

  67. Veggie Tales, please!

  68. we would like to win Handy Manny please!!

  69. Look at you cracking the whip and making us choose one movie!!

    I’ll take one Handy Manny, please!

  70. Little Einsteins!!

  71. Little Einsteins please oh please

  72. We would LOVE veggie tales. My active son (2.5) is just getting to the point where he can watch a movie/show and give me time to get something done without following me around while I try to clean. “Cars” is getting old.

  73. Please enter us for a chance to win the Handy Manny DVD…as Little Man adorees him!!

    Thanks for the great give-a-way!!

  74. How neat – a contest!! I’ve been suffering from internet (and Want Not!) withdrawal for over a week now (we moved from CT to PA and FINALLY got our DSL set up!!). Great to jump back on-line and enter this contest – definitely need some new DVDs to keep the kiddies occupied while I try to wish these boxes away…!

  75. We love VeggieTales! πŸ™‚

  76. Add me to the Little Einsteins list! Thanks!!!

  77. Little Einsteins!!! Thanks!

  78. Dear, Dear Mir,
    Please forgive me…in my haste (and joy at being back on-line!) I rushed to enter your contest. This is before I realized that I was supposed to indicate the DVD title I would like to win. I know, I know, only one entry per e-mail…! Please have the Magic Random Number Generator disregard entry #74 and consider this entry to be my official entry.

    In the (unlikely) event that the Random Generator picks this entry, then my kids would love to have the Little Einsteins DVD. Thank you!!!

  79. Little Einsteins Please!!!!

  80. Veggie Tales pretty please!

  81. I’d love to win the Veggie Tales Big River Rescue DVD.

  82. Gosh, this is TOUGH! Would have to go with Veggietales this time around (we do love Little Einsteins, but VT gets more mileage in our house!)

  83. Any of the above…

    But in order,
    Little Einsteins
    Veggie Tales
    Handy Manny

  84. Handy Manny is a hit in our house. The kiddos would love a DVD.

  85. Broccoli, celery, gotta be…

    Veggie Tales!!

  86. Veggie tales!

  87. Little Einsteins please

  88. Veggie Tales!

  89. Handy Manny!

  90. Oh Mir! My little boys (4,2) LOVE Handy Manny!
    Love you!

  91. Oh Handy Manny!

  92. Oooh…you are a demanding mistress, Mir. Little Einsteins. Mostly because I like it best of the three. Is that wrong? My 2 year old doesn’t seem to mind…

  93. little einsteins for me, please!

  94. Hey, birthday girl! I’d like Little Einsteins: Flight of the Instrument Fairies. Please.

  95. Handy Manny please!

  96. Little Einsteins. Thanks!

  97. Veggie tales, please! Love them.

  98. Handy Manny, please, thank you pretty Mir.

  99. little einsteins please-

  100. We’d love the Little Einsteins please!

  101. Handy Manny please. Gracias, Mir (Oh Great One)!

  102. Little Einsteins, please.

  103. We love our veggies!

  104. Veggie tales – does it improve my chances if I point out that I’m the most complex person I know? This is my kind of contest! :>)

  105. I know the random generator doesn’t care about my plight, but I am going to be stuck in the car with my two kids for 20 days driving across country as we move from Hawaii to Virginia (flying from Hawaii to Oregon and then down to San Diego and then across to Virginia). Having a new Veggie video would be so great for them! But Handy Many would work too! πŸ˜‰

  106. Little Einsteins would be great.

  107. Please pick me RNG! We would love Veggie Tales! Thanks!

  108. Handy Manny por favor!

  109. I have a Little Einsteins fan over here! Pick me!

  110. Veggie Tales Big River Rescue, please!

  111. VeggieTales for me. Please??

  112. I love to talk to tomatoes, so I pick Veggie Tales Big River Rescue! : )

  113. VeggieTales Big River Rescue. Thanks!

  114. We would love the VeggieTales DVD! I will be out of town until Friday, but if I win, I promise to respond back ASAP!

  115. Duh duh duh duh dum, Handy Manny!

  116. Veggie Tales!

  117. I would like to win the Little Einsteins video!

  118. veggie tales, please. i need another song in my head rather than ‘barbara manatee.’

  119. Veggie Tales Please!

  120. Little einsteins. Thanks

  121. Veggie Tales please! Thanks Mir!

  122. Veggie Tales. They aren’t as pretty as you, of course, but I need something so I can shop the Friday Sale in peace!

  123. I love the Veggie Tales! They are awesome…almost as awesome as you are, Mir.

  124. Veggie Tales

  125. Veggie Tales, please! Thanks for all the great contests!

  126. Little Einsteins, please!

  127. Veggie Tales or Handy Manny!

  128. Little Einsteins would be SUPER! Thanks!

  129. Handy Manny

  130. Little Einsteins for us, please!

  131. A new Handy Manny DVD would make my 2-year-old handy man flip!

  132. Handy Manny for me please!

  133. Handy Manny!

  134. We’re a Handy Manny house! Thanks and happy birthday Mir!

  135. Handy Manny,PLEASE!!

  136. Would love the Veggie Tales!

  137. Veggie Tales!!

  138. VeggieTales!

  139. Veggie Tales, thanks!

  140. i would love the little einsteins dvd! thanks

  141. We would love the Little Einsteins! My little boy calls them “pat pats”

  142. veggie tales, Veggies tales, Veggie tales, Broccoli, celery…..

  143. Veggie Tales Please!

  144. In a Handy Manny phase! Pick us, Random Number Generator!

  145. Veggie Tales, but only because you are forcing the decision!

  146. Little Einsteins please!

  147. My children would love the new Veggie Tale Big River Rescue!

  148. VeggieTales Big River Rescue, please! :)))

  149. We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…if the random generator picks us! We’d love the Disney Little Einsteins – Flight of the Instrument Fairies DVD.

  150. Veggie Tales. Whoo.

  151. We love Veggie Tales. I haven’t bought any of their new ones in awhile, so that one for me, please!

  152. Veggie tales for me:)

  153. Gotta go with Veggie Tales!

  154. My daughter would love the Little Einsteins!

  155. Oh, we have a big Little Einsteins fan here so we’d love that one! (If it helps, tell the random number generator that my daughter calls them “Little Heinsteins” and she sounds adorable saying it.)

  156. Handy Manny!

  157. Little Einsteins Please.

  158. Little Einsteins!!!

  159. Little Einstein’s sounds like a cute one.

  160. Little Einstein’s for us please.

  161. My kids ADORE Veggie Tales. It is the only, only, only thing that my son (1 yr.) will sit and watch an entire movie of! Love your site, btw:)

  162. I’m not sure who Handy Manny is, but I bet he would come in Handy around here. Now, can Mommy get a big, strong Manny to go with that dvd?

    Thank you, thank you.

  163. veggie tales gets my vote!

  164. Veggie Tales πŸ™‚

  165. Handy Manny looks like a fun change!

  166. Veggie Tales, please

  167. my son could use a few more veggies

  168. Little Einstein’s Yeah!!

  169. Veggie Tales please! πŸ™‚

  170. Veggie Tales!! Thank you

  171. Even if the Veggie Tales DVD does not have the hairbrush song, it would still be my son’s fave…

  172. Me, please beautiful Mir. We love Veggies Tales!!!

  173. Handy Manny! thx

  174. Little Einsteins!!!

  175. Handy Manny would be great!

  176. We’d love Handy Manny. It may give me enough time in the shower to shave *both* legs!

  177. Oh, we’d love a new Veggie Tales!

  178. Veggie tale please!!

  179. Veggie Tales! Thanks!

  180. Little Einsteins for me, Please!

  181. Little Einsteins for my music lover!

  182. Veggie Tales Big River Rescue please! Thanks!

  183. Handy Manny would be great, o pretty one.

  184. brocolli…celery…gotta be…Veggie Tales!
    Of course, I’m not picky. My son would be happy with any of these!

  185. We love our Veggie Tales over here! Please, please!

  186. Veggie Tales please.

  187. Little Einsteins for us!

  188. Veggie Tales please!

  189. Little Einsteins!!!

  190. Really hard to decide but … Little Einsteins. Please??!!?

  191. This is my lucky number.

    Little Einsteins, please.

  192. Really, any of those would be great. Does that make it easier? Now you just have to pick my number.

  193. One of my 4 year old twins has hyposensory disorder (all five senses fighting to be on top) and he has perfect pitch. Loves the little einsteins. He’d be thrilled since his brothers are more of the the Sponge Bob ilk. Do you need a pic? He’s got red hair and 4 dimples (think Nicholson/Joker). Thanks!

    leslie in Birmingham

  194. Veggie Tales!

  195. We’d love to have the Veggie Tales, thank you!

  196. Little Einsteins! What fun…thanks for the great contest!

  197. Little einsteins – thanks!

  198. My DD loves Little Einsteins….Thanks!

  199. Love those Little Einstein smarties! Thanks

  200. I think my daughter would really enjoy the Veggie Tales DVD. Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. My 4-yr-old is just craaaazy about Little Einsteins! (and perhaps I should pay more attention because we’ll be driving and she’ll ask, “Mom, are you driving adagio? And I have no idea how to answer because I can never remember which one that is!)

  202. OOoh, we’d take the veggie tales one too. I personally love Little Einsteins, but I think the boys are of an age where they’d appreciate the Veggie Tales more…

  203. I have to say that I really love the Little Einsteins almost as much as my son – so that is the one that I would like! Please!

  204. I hate having to choose from three we love but Little Einsteins is pick one. Veggie Tales pick two. Handy Manny pick three. Awesome!

  205. Veggietales for me, please. Actually for my niece!

  206. How about Little Einsteins.

  207. pretty mir, i’d love the veggie tales river rescue. thanks!

  208. Enter me for the Little Einsteins DVD, THANKS!

  209. we love veggie tales in this house!

  210. We dig the Little Einsteins around here! THanks

  211. Going on a trip on our favorite rocket ship…there’s so much to find, Little Einsteins!

  212. Huck Larry sounds like my kind of guy.

  213. Veggie Tales for us! Thanks Mir!

  214. How about Handy Manny, please?

  215. We have heard such great things about LIttle Einsteins and haven’t seen it. We would love that one~

  216. We would love another VeggieTale over here in Alabama.

  217. veggietales rules

  218. Veggie Tales please!

  219. Oh Mir!

    I have been really good, not to enter these things all along, but how can I resist the chance to get a Veggie Tales for my poor deprived children?

    We live in Germany, so if that is enough to default me (on the bizarre chance that MY number is pulled), I understand…

    So, to hope that I made it in on time!

    Let the “Random Number Choosing” begin and good luck to us all!

    Thanks for the give-a-way!

    Andrea from Germany

  220. VeggieTales Big River Rescue for me please

  221. Veggie Tales please! Thanks!

  222. Handy Manny, pretty please.

  223. Veggie Tales Please!

  224. Veggie Tales pretty please!

  225. Little Einsteins are our favorite!!

  226. WE would love to try Veggie tales! Thanks.

  227. Veggie Tales please!

  228. handy manny please!

  229. Ooooo, Hanyd Manny would be wonderful!

  230. Veggie Tales please!

  231. Little Einsteins please!!!!!

  232. Little Einsteins, please and thank you!

  233. Veggie Tales, please. Because who can resist Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry?! Not me!

  234. I am looking at a little boy with Handy Manny underroo’s on right now!! He loves Manny!!!

  235. Toss my name in the hat for Handy Manny

  236. Handy Manny is the favorite at my house.

  237. We love Manny and his tools! Put me down for Handy Manny. Thanks

  238. We LOVE movies!!!

  239. Veggie Tales…pretty pleeeease.

  240. Veggie tales, please. I know it would be a hit! Thanks.

  241. I love veggies!!!!

  242. Veggie Tales! We loved the Pirates who don’t do anything…

  243. Little Einsteins! Thanks for entering me!

  244. Little Einsteins, please.

  245. Handy Manny, Please

  246. Veggie Tales for us!

  247. My little ones love Little Einsteins.

  248. I would love ; Little Einsteins: Flight of the Instrument Fairies. Please.

    Thank you so much!!

  249. we LOVE veggie tales in this house i cant believe how quiet it keeps my two kids! so PLEASE pick me!

  250. I’ve never seen a veggie tales – I’ll try that one. Thanks Pretty Mir.

  251. Anything would be wonderful!

  252. I would love – VeggieTales Big River Rescue

  253. Little einsteins!

  254. We’d love the Veggie Tales video, my kids just saw it tonight at church and loved it!

  255. Veggie Ta-a-ales, Veggie Ta-a-ales

    We sure like to talk to Tomatoes

  256. dum..dum..dumm dummm….Handy Manny….

    Not quite sure that the Handy Manny theme song tune came through on that or not…

  257. Little einsteins please!!

  258. Gotta Be….Veggie Tales! Thanks

  259. Handy Manny please.

  260. Little Einsteins would be great. Thanks.

  261. Veggie Tales!!! Such great principles learned!!

  262. Handy Manny, please!

  263. Alright, I’ll give it a go. We’d love the Veggie Tale.

  264. Veggie tales, please!

  265. hi! I’d like the veggie tales one please.

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