No one should be this lonely

By Mir
September 3, 2008

Hey, we all have trouble sleeping, sometimes, right? And when you can’t sleep, you’ll try almost anything to catch some Zs. Warm milk! Chamomile tea! Soothing music! A nice hot bath!

Maybe even… a quarter of a snuggle buddyicon?

No. Please, no. Just the picture is creeping me out.


  1. I have to agree. That is the creepiest thing is ever.

  2. Oooh, ick.

  3. AAACCCKKK! That thing is CREEPY!

  4. That would give me nightmares!!

  5. It got creepier when I read a couple of the (very) positive reviews and people are sewing new shirts for it to dress it up.

  6. Haha- did you read some of the comments? “I don’t even mind when my husband is out of town anymore.”

  7. Disarming, certainly.

  8. Hahah! I would love to hide that under the covers to scare the bejeezus out of my DH.

  9. I’m disturbing like that.

  10. Eewwwwww.

  11. I need one of these. Maybe it would make Q jealous enough to be a cuddly sleeper, instead of yapping about personal space while I’m trying to warm my icy feet on his legs.

  12. okay, you all FORCED me to read the comments on this item. My favorite:
    “High five squishy half mannequin man, high five!” I just might have to buy this…AUGHGHGHGHGH!

  13. The top review claims it was modeled on Brad Pitt. Oddly, I’m now feeling far less jealous of Angelina.

  14. Ohgod, therapy sessions with a psychologist should come with that arm.

    I might be interested in the disembodied thigh I can rest my hand on while driving or watching a movie.

    The disembodied crotch for the dog to wedge his snout into.

    The disembodied back of the head to plant in front of the soccer game when my mate is out of town or at work.

    I could go on. It’s all about normalcy, right?

  15. This is just so gross! What if you wake up with that arm around your neck like it is trying to choke you? Yuck and double yuck!

  16. For me, I would need a pillow that snores relentlessly and flops around to replace my husband. Do people really sleep all night curled up together? This is an odd product……

  17. I had to click just to see what it was… but that is a teeny bit bizarre… ok, a lot bizarre.

  18. That is just not right.

  19. “piece of mind”, indeed!

  20. It’s kind of funny that the model actually LOOKS like Angelina. Notice that in the third photo, the Hug Me looks like he’s going to cop a feel…

  21. AUGH! I just had to click on it- that is so weird!
    When it is not in use, do you display it like a sham on your bed?
    It reminds me of the movie “Mannequin” where poor Andrew McCarthy woke up next to a lifeless Kim Cattrall in a pile of fur coats at the Department Store where he worked as a window dresser.

  22. Okay, sorry to poat again but, did anyone read all the reviews of this product?!!!

    “For those of us committed to staying sexually pure and who still want to feel loved at night, this is a Godsend…!! And my compliments to the designers for not making it too “anatomically correct.” I can sleep without temptation! Praise the Lord!!!”


    “I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this pillow. I love it so much I named him Paul! Paul goes well with my mullet, so much that I don’t ever plan on cutting it. It fits so well into the armpit slot and I will never feel lonely again. Paul, you’re the greatest! Paul and my mullet…..together forever.”

    Thank you so much for the laugh today!

  23. Ack! I have this horrible image of sleeping soundly when the arm … starts to …. move … onto PRIVATE places!

    ooohhhhmygod I will NOT be sleeping well tonight!

  24. Ewwwww. That was TOO weird. But I got a good laugh out of it and all these comments! Thanks!

  25. That is totally creepy. I like your blog…glad I found it!

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