Let Pampers pamper your baby

By Mir
September 15, 2008
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Back when my children were babies—you know, somewhere in the Pleistocene Era—pretty much you could buy Pampers or you could buy Huggies or you could buy a store generic, and that was that. There weren’t different varieties within brands. If you had a baby with sensitive skin you needed to use cloth diapers and if your three choices at the store didn’t work well for your family, well, too bad.

Nowadays, of course, there’s so many disposable diaper varieties it’ll make your head spin. But the same folks I trusted lo those many years ago to contain my babies are looking to spread the word, and that’s where we come in: Meet Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, a diaper so high-tech it does everything but change itself. There’s even a strip on the front that turns blue when baby’s wet!

What’s better than awesome diapers? Awesome free diapers! Three lucky Want Not readers are going to win a package of Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive in the size of their choosing, plus a coupon redeemable for another free package at the store.

Want to win? Simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, September 17th. One comment per person, valid email address required, stories of your precious baby’s exploding diaper exploits are not necessary, thanks. Winners to be determined by random number generation and wetness indicator.

Ready? Go!


  1. My baby is too big for these, but I’ve got a friend who’s due in a month, and I’m betting she would accept some free diapers from me – and pretty Mir!

  2. Yes, I would LOVE free diapers!

  3. Due in December…so free diapers would be GREAT!

  4. Due in November and gladly accepting all freebies!

  5. I love Swaddlers, but I am cheap and we buy generic. Would take them for free though!

  6. friend expecting to adopt newborn in 6 weeks

  7. Ooh, excellent! Baby #3 (in three years!) is my last in diapers and I just plain tired of paying for them (not to mention changing them!! 🙂

  8. New grandma right here(Sept 7th)! My daughter could definitely use these

  9. Diapers are expensive. I would love some free ones!

  10. Don’t know what size these go up to, but my son (1 yr.) has been in size 5’s for about 6 months! You know it’s bad when you get PullUps coupons in your baby’s diaper package!! He better quit growing so much or get ready to potty train early! 🙂 Free is free and if they don’t go up to 5’s I have a nephew that’s much littler!

  11. Getting ready to potty train both kiddos, but would love to pass them on to all of my pregnant friends!

  12. My co-worker could really use these.

  13. I have a three month old and looking for another on the way……..NEED DIAPERS!!! 🙂

  14. We always can use diapers in our household.

  15. We heart our pretty cloth diapers during the day and our Pampers at night. Thanks, Mir!

  16. Due in January…I’m already starting to think about stocking up on diapers in anticipation. I would love some free diapers to start my stockpile.

  17. Since my babies are 25 and 26, I’ll be donating dipes to local nonprofit. Here’s to winning…!

  18. I will never turn down free diapers!

    I am on my very last ever kid in diapers. I can’t wait until I can say I will never ever need to buy diapers again. 🙂

  19. I’m throwing my hat in the ring though my baby girl just finished potty training. I know many new moms that would benefit from a donation, though…

  20. I have a 4 month old! We always need diapers!

  21. love me some free diapers !

    size 3 if you can!

  22. I use cloth diapers but I know plenty of pregos who will need these diapers shortly. Free diapers are always nice with baby gifts!

  23. free dipes are good

  24. We always need diapers. We have a 9 mo. old and one on the way.

  25. My friend has a new baby boy!!!! I would love to give this to her (from you!)

  26. Diapers! The kid keeps going through them.

  27. Pick me, oh random number generator.

  28. We loved Swaddlers with our first son… and now we are expecting Little Brother! Would love to win a package of these!

  29. Free diapers would be awesome!

  30. I have two friends due very soon. Diapers would make a great present.

  31. Please pick me!! I am due in about 2 weeks with my second and I love the swaddlers for newborns.

  32. I say, bring on the diapers!

  33. Usually use Huggies Supreme, but free diapers?! Count me in!

  34. I have a 1-month-old and we love the Swaddlers!

  35. Works for me!

  36. comment!

  37. I have three…THREE baby showers in the next couple months! These would be great to pass on!!

  38. Oh – this is perfect! I’m due with a little boy on Halloween! Please, please choose me!

  39. I was just admiring a big ole box of these on Amazon. Definitely interested for baby due in February!

  40. I’ll use them, or if sizes aren’t big enough, pass them on to a friend that is having a baby in 18 days!

  41. we’re wet. . .and would love some diapers : )

  42. Wetness indicator – why didn’t they have it when my almost 6 year old was a newborn!

    I’m in – I know a few people with a baby in diapers (or expecting)

  43. Count me in on the chance to win a couple of free diapers. Thanks!

  44. Due with #2 in February! Would put these to some good use!

  45. please please me?! i have 1 and a half in dipes! (we’re potty training 🙂 )

  46. We can always find a use for free diapers!

  47. ohhh pretty pretty please

  48. I’m due in a few months and have another still in diapers and we could definately use some diapers.

  49. Diapers are a necessity. Free diapers would be lovely.


  50. With 3 babes in diapers, I DREAM of free diapers. Shower me with your diapers, random number generator (and Mir) (and Pampers). Thanks!

  51. Anything free sounds good to me!

  52. Imagine if diapers really did explode? I guess it would take care of that whole landfill mess but at what cost. Hm.

  53. Pick me, please.

  54. Swaddlers are the best diapers ever. Size 2’s please! 🙂

  55. Joy of joys… the ultimate prize if you ask me. How pathetic to get so excited about the possibility of free diapers!

  56. Over here, pretty please?

  57. OOOOOO!!! My new grandbaby due next month sure could use these!!!

  58. Free diapers?!? Wahoo!

  59. I’m due in 5 weeks this would help get my stock pile started.

  60. i LOVE free diapers! esp when it will help me make diaper cakes for my friends!

  61. I’ll gladly taken them off your hands!

  62. Free diapers= very cool. Thanks Mir!

  63. We do foster care for newborns, and it never fails, we get a newborn in the middle of the night with no diapers with a warning from the worker.”Oh, she/he has sensitive skin, be careful!” Gee, thanks for the warning.
    These will be great.

  64. Due in January, Swaddlers are the best for Newborns!

  65. That would be awesome. Are you sure you don’t want to hear my poops-plosion stories? They’re poop-tastic!

    Groan. I’m a little punchy due to lack of sleep. Sorry.

  66. These are the only diapers my sensitive skinned baby princess can wear! Would LOVE some for free as I think we spend half my hubbies paycheck on these!

  67. Thanks MIR, please enter us!

  68. Loving free diapers.

  69. Count me in! It’s never too soon to prepare for the March arrival!

  70. Yesssss! I could definitely put these diapers to work on my 2 year old!

  71. Count me in!

  72. would really love these! my 7 month old baby would love them too! thanks!

  73. Oh, Mir, you are very pretty — and it was pretty awesome that Want Not got a little mention in MacWorld or was it MacAddict? I can’t remember which — but congrats.

  74. Sounds great!

  75. I’m due in January, this would be awesome!

  76. i’m due in 4 days, even though i feel like i’m going to be pregnant forever! this is my third, and i have always loved pampers swaddlers!

  77. We go through a lot of diapers, so free ones would be greatly appreciated!!

  78. My sister in law is due in feb. (My baby is too big.)

  79. new mom here. Pampers swaddlers are great!!!

  80. I would like free diapers

  81. This would make an awesome gift for my neighbors who have a *gorgeous* new baby girl. And I’m a little late with the gift, so the awesome factor NEEDS to be there!!

  82. Ooh-pick me! We have a newborn and a 16 month old in diapers.

  83. thanks!

  84. We’d love them — twins go through a lot of diapers! 🙂

  85. New mom on a VERY tight budget and we can’t afford Pampers. But we love them so much!!! I know my little girl (and her slightly reddened bum because of the cheap-o diapers that we have to use) would so appreciate them!

  86. I love Pampers, please count me in.

  87. Pampers are the only brand we use in this house–count us in, please!

  88. A good friend is expecting her 4th. They’ll have 3 in diapers so I KNOW this will come to good use here…

  89. Yes! Yes! Yes! Diapers are so expensive…

  90. Due in Nov.- I would love them!

  91. Are you SURE you don’t want diaper-explosion stories? Well ooooooo-kay, your loss.

  92. Oh Oh we love free diapers around here!! LOL LOL

  93. My three-and-a-half month old daughter would love to be “pampered” so well!

  94. Thanks! Sounds great!

  95. Pick me!

  96. Due next month and would love free diapers!

  97. Mine is out of diapers, finally, but our friend down the street has a one year old and I’m thinking she’d like this.

  98. I have a two year old and a two month old…I need diapers!!!

  99. Oh this would help the budget!

  100. Pick me, pick me!

  101. Sign me up!

  102. I could use free diapers!

  103. My sister in law is due the end of next month! THis would be perfect for her since i’m trying to help her stock up on diapers!

  104. Pick me!!! 🙂 Pretty please?!

  105. My darling 8 month old would appreciate those!

  106. always up for free diapers. we use cloth during the day but still use disposables at night.

  107. uh, i’ll have three in diapers in december unless child number one decides to potty train! please pick me, random number generator!

  108. Why not. I think they are too small for my son, but I have lots of friends due soon. Thanks, Mir!

  109. Best. Contest. Evah.

  110. Hooray for diapers! I can’t imagine life with a 12 month-old without them… 😉

  111. who couldn’t use these? thanks, mir!

  112. Have triplets. Need diapers.

  113. Yay! Free diapers!

  114. My kids were babies in the Pleistocene, too, but my friends have lots of babies!!! ; – )

  115. Free dipes sound wonderful to my budget!

  116. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this for my best friend who is due in December! Who CAN’T use free diapers?

  117. My sweet baby boy would love these (and so would his Mommy!). 🙂

  118. My seven month old baby girl would love these diapers (especially now that Grandma’s gift of 6 months of diaper service has come to an end)!

  119. If I win I am giving them to my friend who is expecting babies #3 & #4

  120. I am expecting baby #3 and would love to win!

  121. I would LOVE free diapers!

  122. I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than free diapers.

    Okay. Yes I can.

    I can’t imagine anything more wonderful from Pampers than free diapers.

  123. Free diapers are almost as pretty and fabulous as Mir!

  124. I have a baby in diapers…and we use pampers! They smell so sweet….when they’re unused!

  125. Yay! Free diapers. Thanks Mir!

  126. We can definitely put these to good use!

  127. Everyone around me is having babies!! I need free baby shower gifts!!

  128. these would be great…..i have a toddler and one more on the way, so we can certainly use more diapers!!!

  129. My little grandson could make good use of these free diapers. Thanks for sharing, Mir!

  130. I would LOVE these for my friend’s baby due in 2 weeks!

  131. Could totally use these for our upcoming arrival in February!

  132. I love Pampers! I had the ones in the hospital that had the blue line on it when the baby’s wet. I knew when to change him and did not wasted diapers.

  133. I’d LOVE these!!! We have another one on the way in April =)

  134. I would love size one please!

  135. Oh, YUMMY! I love free diapers.

  136. My good friend is due soon, and I’d love to have these ready for her to try when baby gets here!

  137. I’d love some free diapers. Thanks!

  138. My neighbor has two in diapers and could sure use this.

  139. With a new baby in this house we are always looking for deals on diapers, and free is the best deal I know of.

  140. I would love FREE diapers and I could USE THEM!!!

  141. I’d love some free diapers!

  142. Hmm, just found out I’m pregnant with #2. First little one has very sensitive skin so these would be awesome!

  143. With two kids in diapers, free diapers would be great!!

  144. Count me in….

  145. So, I like cheap diapers a lot, but I would LOVE some free ones!

  146. Woo-HOO!! We just found out TODAY that we’re having a girl! This would be PERFECT.

    Thanks, Mir!

  147. I could use some Size 1’s!!! Awesome!

  148. perfect for sore leetle tushies!

  149. Would love to swaddle our babies with some of these Swaddlers. Free is a pretty good price.

  150. Oh, baby just arrived! This would be a wonderful prize to win!

  151. My sister in law is FINALLY giving me a niece, and I would love to give her these!

  152. No one at my house needs any diapers (yet,) but I just read the “wish list” from a local women’s shelter and I know they could really use them.

    Pick me please.

  153. Baby is here! growing like a weed. pick me!

  154. Come on random number 154….I feel lucky

  155. My baby is too big (and frankly is no longer a baby, except to me!) but my friend had a baby in January and her husband (sole income) got laid off in Feb. and hasn’t been able to find a new job so this would really help them out…so pick me pretty please with sugar on top!!

  156. Oh, the joy of diapers!

  157. Sounds wonderful!

  158. Here’s hoping! 🙂

  159. Please oh please oh please!! 🙂 My girls and I would love FREE diapers!!!

  160. My niece and nephew would love FREE diapers (well, their moms would!) Thanks, Mir!

  161. Bring ’em on! Could always use FREE diapers!

  162. I know a sweet baby girl who would love some free diapers!!

  163. Diapers, please!

  164. I have several employees who could use this….so, not for me, but for a good cause.

  165. Loving you mir!

  166. my daughter thanks you!

  167. Hoping to be out of diapers soon but a free pack would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  168. Who doesn’t need diapers? Well, except someone who doesn’t have kids of diaper age, nevermind…

  169. We would love diapers.

  170. OH! pick me mr. random number generator pick me! I have a 19 day old baby girl~

  171. I’m thisclose to being done with diapers forever. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Good friends had their first baby last week, though, and diapers are always needed. I know he’s beautiful; I don’t know if he’s sensitive. Let’s err on the side of caution.

    I wish them luck, later, with potty training a boy. Grrrrr.

  172. 6 friends prego right now. I could really use some diapers for gifts! 🙂

  173. Count me in please!

  174. I love the Swaddlers and used them with my son but I don’t think they go up to his size now! I do have a couple friends who have just had babies that I’m sure could use them if I don’t.

  175. My daughter was a Pampers girl. My son is a Huggies boy and is too big for these, but…
    I’ve got 3 pregnant friends right now, one who is expecting twins! These would make a great baby gift!

  176. I have a 5 week old preemie who is just 6lbs! they used the pampers swaddlers sensitive in the hospital and the line was great letting us know if she was wet or not. Newborn or size one would be great!
    What a great giveaway!

  177. 8 days. I’m having a brand new little guy in 8 days. I would love to try these diapers! Size one would probably be best, but I’ll take whatever, they will definitely get used!

  178. Well thanks to you and 6pm’s sale Mama has a new pair of shoes. So baby needs a new package of diapers.

  179. My sister’s due with her first in March, these would be very helpful.

  180. Free? Diapers? Yes!

  181. Sign me up!

  182. Diapers, diapers! I need Diapers! Thank You

  183. The thought of free diapers just brought a tear to my eye.

  184. We swear by Pampers in this household. Here’s to free ones!

  185. um yeah…THE best giveaway EVER!
    PICK ME!

  186. yay for free diapers!

  187. i will bless my daughter if i win. she just had a baby. YESTERDAY!

  188. I have two kids in diapers…this is a great contest!

  189. I could use those!! We have an 8 week old little boy!!

  190. What a fun thing to win!

  191. Pick me! pick me!

  192. Free diapers? Awesome!

  193. Pamper me, lady!

  194. I might just need these soon… Thanks Mir!!

  195. we love free diapers!!

  196. Thanks!

  197. Free diapers…..Miracle!!!

  198. My sister is having her baby this morning. She was scheduled for induction yesterday, but Hurricane Ike had a hand in changing that date!

  199. Ooh, pick me, please!

  200. We could use size 3 or size 4. Thanks

  201. So the baby has to be mostly naked to figure out if it’s wet or not? The color strip is lost on me, but hey, I love pampers diapers, and a friend is due very soon…

  202. Free diapers would be great!!

  203. I’m expecting….and free stuff is lovely!

  204. Mir – you have the best variety of contests! Count me in.

  205. Free diapers rock!

  206. Well I use cloth. But I want to give these to a single momma at church.

  207. With a 23 month old and a very soon to be newborn, diapers are a necessity around my house!

  208. I have three under three….. I could use some free diapers 🙂


  209. oooh! I’m due with my third and I would love love love free diapers!!!

  210. I would love FREE diapers.

  211. baby #5 is due in 7 weeks. . .free diapers would be awesome!!!

  212. Please help me pamper my baby – for FREE!

  213. We’ve always loved Pampers – but free pampers are even better 🙂

  214. pick me random generator!!

  215. Oh Man…this is a great contest. I’ve got a baby in diapers and a new baby due in January. I’d love to win some diapers 🙂

  216. I’m due in March with baby #2, free diapers would be fantastic!

  217. With four young kiddos, this would sure come in handy!

  218. Have twins…need diapers…have I mentioned you look very thin and pretty today? Can I make you a sandwich? LOL!

  219. Hey, I could use those diapers! Count me in. 🙂

  220. That blue strip could be quite helpful for those stays at grandma’s house! 🙂

  221. Free diapers?! Count me and my 2 boys in diapers IN!

  222. My daughter is potty trained (yay!) but I have a new (only 1 week old!) nephew who could use those!

  223. I could definitely use those!

  224. My baby would just love to win these diapers!
    I love your sites.

  225. Ohhh. My DD could use these!

  226. Me!!!

  227. I have a friend who is pregnant with triplets and has been on bedrest at the hospital for a while. They will be in great need of lots of diapers!

  228. That would be awesome!

  229. Oh wow!! This is great!!

  230. free diapers!!

  231. another and another… these contests are AWESOME!

  232. I agree with Colleen, these contests are wonderful!

  233. What? You don’t want to hear about the day my son hadn’t had a bowel movement for three days then waited until we were out to lunch to fill his diapers and completely coat his hips, front and back, with green goo? I’m disappointed.

    Anyway, we had these diapers with the wetness indicator in the hospital and think they are really could. Would love a couple of free packs.


  234. pick me for size 2!

  235. I would LOVE free diapers!

  236. Pick me! Pick me! Maybe the high tech strip will entice Dad to change more diapers.

  237. My sister could SO use these! She’s having her first in May. What an awesome gift this would be!

  238. Me! Me! MEEEEEE!

    Um, pretty please. ;o)~

  239. I am due in March and I of course could use FREE DIAPERS!!

  240. Free diapers = good. very good. My ten-month old thanks you for the opportunity.

  241. Two boys still in diapers- I’m up to my ears in poop and yet we are trying to have a 3rd. Yes it is self-inflicted diaper duty, so what can I say other than free diapers would help the cause! And those diapers would just cover the sweetest, stinkiest hinies ever…

  242. i’ve tried these for my son and i like them.

  243. We are a Pampers household, and would LOVE some freebies!
    Size 1, please!

  244. Bring on the free diapers!

  245. Thank you!!

  246. Thanks!

  247. I’m due in November with my third and would love free diapers!

  248. My sister’s pregnant with her first baby, and I’d love to be able to give her the diapers. Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  249. I would LOVE free diapers!

  250. Pick me! Pick me! I have a three month old, and would love size 2. I LOVE these diapers! They are the best!

  251. pick me! i just realized i only have FOUR diapers left in my house – eek! – so i be needing me some diapers!!

  252. Child number three on its way and I haven’t changed a diaper in years. It’s like riding a bike, though, right?

  253. Clean diapers = Quiet House

  254. Thanks!

  255. I could sooo gift these to my sis-in-law. She forever seems to forget to check her son’s diaper from time to time until it drags on the floor frm the weight!! ugh!

  256. Pampers are the brand in our house!

  257. Needing diapers in Virginia!!! Baby needs new diapers!

  258. four in diapers

  259. Grandson is due in exactly 3 weeks, bring on the diapering.

  260. What pregnant woman would ever say no to the opportunity of free diapers? Not Me!

  261. my 8 week old son and I love the blue stripe!! Huggies now glommed on to that idea, as well, I’ve noticed.

  262. Too…many…diaper…explosion…stories!

    Must go before tales of nastiness and nausea escape!

  263. Great item for my first granddaughter due in Nov!

  264. I’ve got a seven week old. Would love these!

  265. Yay! Diapers are great!
    I love how overconfident I feel with the second baby, and she’s peed/pooed on me 100 times more than the first kid!

  266. Got two in diapers, trying desperately to train the older but she’s not quite old enough, and the diaper bill is just killing us! Used to use cloth, but that doesn’t make the neighbors who share the washer very happy.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  267. My grandson is just 2 weeks old, so he’ll need a bunch o’ diapers.

    Thanks, Mir!

  268. My good friend is due soon. I know she’ll love these. Thanks!

  269. I am thank the heavens way beyond needing these but my daughter has a 4 month old son and I’m sure he would adore a freebie.

  270. I would love, love, love to win free diapers. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  271. I have two kids two and under. Free diapers are my friend.

  272. I used these in the hospital for my new baby! They were great and FREE would be even better 🙂

  273. Oh, to be pampered *and* swaddled!

  274. I’ve never tried these, but I would love the opportunity do try them out for free…enter me to win please!

  275. Sounds great – thanks!

  276. Yes, PLEASE!!

  277. ME ME ME!

  278. free diapers, sure, I’ll take anything free!!

  279. Due in two weeks and welcome all freebies!

  280. ooh me. love some free diapers

  281. I love free stuff!

  282. Hi! Pick me!

  283. Who couldn’t use free diapers?

  284. diapers, diapers, diapers
    I can’t wait until those days are behind me!

  285. I have twins, so diapers would be doubly appreciated!

  286. pick me please!

  287. I feel like I don’t have a shot but I could really use them for the preshush baybee.

    ~crosses fingers~

  288. gladly taking any and all free diapers!

  289. yippie free diapers, my best friend has a baby, and they use diapers.

  290. A young cousin of mine just had twins! I would love to help her out by giving her these!

  291. Hope it’s me! I’ll pass them along to my pal who just had a baby.

  292. Free diapers, this would be a perfect time for me to win a wantnot contest finally!

  293. My Bebe Girl is 4 and 1/2 months! I need diapers!!

  294. Count me in…due in March! 🙂

  295. Having my first in a few months!

  296. Free diapers?? Who could ask for a better give away?! #5 can always use more! lol

  297. I had a little one that is growing out of everything too fast… including diapers!

  298. Would love free diapers!! I have an 18 month old and daycare goes through diapers like water. What’s this change every 2 hours thing?

  299. free diapers is good diapers! thanks, mir!

  300. This would get me points with my brother – he has two in diapers!

  301. Now THIS is a prize! Thanks.

  302. pick me, pick me!

  303. My toddlers backside insisted I enter this contest. It was quite persuasive! So… pick me! Or, rather… pick him! 🙂

  304. Pick Me! Pick Me! 🙂

  305. where is a portable gas mask when you need one, yes I am talking about what come out of my grandson’s hiney!!!!

  306. Free diapers for a new mama!! Can’t NOT try for this one!

  307. I have a 1 week 1 day old and we would LOVE free diapers!!!!

  308. Sign me up!

  309. I have a nephew due in 2 weeks. This would make me the favorite aunt, at least in new-parent eyes. 😉

  310. Um… duh. Too late, obv.

  311. We had pampers with the wetness indicator at the hospital and they were AWESOME. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any more like that after we got home. But still. Awesome.

  312. Yes please!

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