Reminder: Win little, win big

By Mir
October 8, 2008
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I feel like I’m chasing around after my kids. “Just because I didn’t tell you to put your socks in the hamper today, do you think that means it’s any different than yesterday?”

So, look, I told you on Monday that every day this week you have the chance to win an Amazon gift certificate over at the Work It, Mom! Daily Deal, but it seems like folks are forgetting to enter. And in case you hadn’t noticed, I post a different deal over there, too, than what gets posted here. So it’s worth checking. As in, hint, hint. Ahem.

Also, you only have a few more hours today to enter the contest for a free Peek with one month of service. That’s a pretty sweet prize, so get your entries in before the deadline.


  1. GAH! We just spent $50 on that at Target last weekend.

  2. Thank you so much for the info. I just got 5 shirts for each of my tow grandsons, sent directly to them at two different addresses, and only spent $27. What a great deal!

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I’m having trouble getting the RSS feed to work. It shows your new post, but just brings up an empty page. Any ideas?

  4. Thanks for the reminder AND the great Talbots deal. I snagged $75 jeans for my husband at $15 shipped. S-weet.

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