Stay warm, courtesy of Lands’ End

By Mir
October 18, 2008
Category Contests

Winter is coming.

Oh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true. The air is turning cooler (even here in the south) and soon mornings will call for hats and gloves and especially cozy fleece.

And Lands’ End has you covered! How would you like to select from either the Women’s Thermacheck Half-Zip Pullover (available in 20 different colors) or the Women’s Sherpa Half-Zip Pullover (available in 11 colors)? Really, what could be cozier on a nippy morning? Nothing, that’s what.

One lucky Want Not reader is going to win one of these awesome fleeces, and it might just be you. For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, October 19th. One entry per person, valid email address required, matching socks are adorable but not required. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ambient temperature.

And just think—lots of foolish people forget to check in over the weekend. Your chances of winning are probably pretty good!

Ready? Go!


  1. Puhleeeze!

  2. My house was 52 degrees this morning. Please help me keep warm!!!

  3. So, I am sick in bed with a sick baby watching winnie the pooh and browsing blogs I stalk. I am freezing and the thought of a warm coat is very appealing. WOw, winning this would be comforting.

  4. Awesome! We had frost here this morning in Ohio!

  5. Wisconsin here–who needs it the most! xo

  6. Ooh.. pick me, pick me! 🙂

  7. I am very very cold. Isn’t that sad?

  8. another so cal transplant here in Denver now – it’s getting cold!

  9. In northern Minnesota you can never have enough blankies!!

  10. I love Lands End. I am so due for a new coat.

  11. Mhmm would love to get a cozy fleece! It’s getting cold!

  12. Dangit that Ivory Argyle is TOO CUTE!

  13. Oh, please, pick me pick me!!

  14. It-getting-cold-in-the-south…pick-me


  15. ooh!!! me me me!!

  16. Did I mention I look good warm?

  17. oh pretty please

  18. Up here in Canada, we definitely need fleeces!

  19. Fleeces are the best for fall and winter. Thanks!

  20. Pick me!

  21. OOOhhh, a fleece for cold mornings dropping the kiddies off at school!

  22. Fleece me!

  23. I just came back to the South Dakota from a week long trip to Louisiana. I miss the heat. Please help keep me warm! It’s soooooo cold here. 🙁

  24. Is Freezing!

  25. Pretty please 🙂

  26. I’ll play! Winter is coming here to Indy way too quickly.

  27. mmm, fleece. That would be awesome.

  28. I’d love to win one of these – my family is all warmer than me, so I need help to keep warm without burning them up (or emptying my bank account).

  29. Oooh! yes please!

  30. pickme!

  31. I would love it!

  32. It’s getting so cold up here in the Frigid Northlands, and I could really use some warm clothes.


  33. Pick me! Pick me!

  34. Wow! These are both part of my staple winter wardrobe! I love love love one of these! And what’s not to love about Land’s End? 🙂

  35. ooh, I love fleece! Mir is so beautiful!

  36. I love cozy fleece…

  37. Sounds great for cold North Carolina mountain weather!

  38. oooooh moi!

  39. Fleece, be still my beating heart! I live in my fleeces all winter!

  40. Fleece pull-overs are perfect for Texas winters!

  41. It is getting cold in Michigan!!!

  42. I am like Carrie and live in Wisconsin where warm clothes are essential.
    Plus I check on the weekends and even my vacation.
    Plus Lands End clothes can be so cute!

  43. oh! fun!

  44. oooh! the only fleeces I have are ones I bought when I was pregnant with my first daughter….eight years ago. they’re seen better days….

  45. Please, please, please! I don’t enter many of your contests, but I gotta try for this one!

  46. Me, me, me!!! I live in Florida and we’re going to Virginia over Xmas – this would come in handy!!!

  47. It’s getting cold here in Oregon and I have no heat! I soooo could use this.


  48. me me me! 🙂

  49. I like that sherpa fleece. It looks extra-cozy!

  50. I’ve lost all the baby weight so I don’t have much that fits right now. So this would be great!

  51. Count me in!

  52. I would love to win some fleece and love Land’s End. And you are looking very pretty today. Probably doesn’t help sucking up to you, but don’t really know how to suck up to the random number generator.

  53. I just moved from Oklahoma to Iowa. I’m in need of a total winter closet makeover! I used the free shipping code you had the other day to buy some warmer shoes!

  54. With the price of heating oil I will need all I can get to keep me warm!

  55. Oh, random number generator, pick me!

  56. Thanks for the chance! Maybe this is my lucky weekend!

  57. oh – pick me! The leaves are all gorgeous up here and I need something to keep me warm while I go walking in my woods (the whole time I will be thinking of how pretty and nice you are!)

  58. sounds good to me, I love lands end stuff….

  59. It’s been down in the 30’s at night here – I could definitely use something warm!

  60. Sounds cozy!

  61. I just moved to Denver, so I’m going to need something warm.

  62. It’s starting to get chilly here! I’m going to have to enter for this one!

  63. Sounds cozy!

  64. We’re keeping the heat off right now as a matter of honor. It is only in the 60s after all, even though it feels colder inside. Long way of saying I’d sure appreciate a good fleece.

  65. Oooh, I love Lands’ End Fleece! Pick Me!!

  66. Thermacheck half zip please!

  67. perfect for PA winters!!

  68. Yeah I hate being cold but I love being cozy!

  69. Pick me!!!

  70. Count us in! 🙂

  71. Pretty please!!!

  72. Ohhh a sherpa half-zip pullover would be so perfect to wear while watching my boys’ soccer games!

  73. Sounds toasty! Count me in.

  74. I would love either one of these in the spice brown!

  75. I love autumn, always look forward to putting on warm fleece!

  76. I love Land’s End!! Thanks for another great contest!

  77. Brrr. I’m cold right now in the Pacific Northwest.

  78. Awesome again, Mir!

  79. that sounds super nice on an actual fall feeling day! hope 80 is my lucky number!

  80. If I win a Lands End fleece I could stop stealing my boyfriend’s fleece! Then we could both be warm and cozy!

  81. The fleecing of America! Count me in!

  82. It’s chilly here in Asheville!

  83. Oh, please pick me! Today was our first truly cold day of the season. I’m still a bit frozen from hanging the clothes out on the line.

  84. I would love to win and be warm!

  85. I live in Arizona. This is probably the one that I will win.

  86. My friends and I have a running (if crude) joke about engraving/etching glass whenever the weather drops to a certain temperature. Don’t make me be the one they are teasing. Give me something warm to wear 😉

  87. Land’s End and fleece in the same sentence! It doesn’t get much better than that, especially now that it suddenly feels like fall around here.

  88. Fleece, please!!!!

  89. Ooh, fleece… *snuggle*

  90. I know it’s getting close to winter when I actually WANT to have hot flashes!!!

  91. It was 26 degrees this morning when I got up!! Sure could use a new fleece!!!!

  92. I’ve been eyeing that and the wool pea coat they have…Love Lands End!

  93. I live in Western Mass…I love Lands’ End!

  94. WOOHOO!! We are a hiking family from Iowa and sportin some new fleece would be great!!

  95. A mom at my son’s school would love one of these. Pick me and it goes to her! Thank you for the contest!

  96. I have been creating quite a wishlist from their catlog for Christmas. This is on my list. Winning it would be awesome!

  97. Sadly, I am having to pull out the fleece this weekend (because I WILL not turn on the heat yet) and I’m seeing how shabby mine are from last year. So I’d love a chance to win one!

  98. I love my cozies!

  99. I am very glad to have found your site. Thank you for your hard work.

  100. It sho do get cold up hear in Michigan! Pick me!

  101. Pick me, Pick me. It was chilly here today in NC. I was just thinking how nice it would be to have one of those! Cool!

  102. Chicago winters are nothing to sneeze at! Oh, wait…umm yeah. Lands End fleece is warm.

  103. Sounds cozy!

  104. Yahoo! Free fleece!

  105. it’s cold in Michigan.. I could use these!!

  106. Mmmm… shnoogly fleece would be lovely!

  107. it’s freezing in iowa…

  108. We even need fleece in Florida from time to time.

  109. Help I’d love the fleece. We relocated to Chicago from Hawaii last year and I about died with the cold! help me survive in this cold land of snow and -20 before windchill temps. Please….

  110. Buffalo is coooooold…

  111. I love fleece.

  112. Great, thanks!

  113. Sounds perfect for mornings of waiting at the bus stop!

  114. Oh, I’d love that!

  115. Oh I love Land’s End. Almost as much as Want Not.

  116. I live in northern Minnesota, where it is winter nine months of the year… I would LOVE to win one of these! Thanks for the great giveaway and all your great shopping tips! I love all your blogs!

  117. Looks cozy!

  118. Great for our Florida winter!!!!!

  119. I could use a fleece. Thanks

  120. Oh- I would love one!


  121. Yes, yes, yes (said in best Meg Ryan voice). Nirvana is Lands End Fleece.

  122. Oooh! I hope the random number generator takes pity on a Southern Girl trapped in Mass!

  123. It’s currently 90F where I’m at… but I’m hoping fall will eventually come to this part of the country and I need a new fleece!

  124. cozy AND fleecy!

  125. I love Land’s End!

  126. count me in!

  127. cute and cozy, just what I need.

  128. I love Land’s End pullovers. Pick me, pretty please?

  129. i just came home from spending 5 hours in the cold at a school fundraiser. fleece sounds so cozy and warm.

  130. It’s cold here already in northern New England! Take pity on us!

  131. Looks cozy and warm!!

  132. Pick me! I love to be snuggly! (That’s not a come on, but I do think you’re pretty;-)

  133. I am always cold and this will help!

  134. I could use that as I am always cold!

  135. Ohh, I need this! My husband is refusing to turn on the heat until the end of November. He insists that it is not cold in the house. I try to persuade him otherwise, with my frozen toes, every night.

  136. It’s freezing here today! I would LOVE one of these!!!

  137. Oh I would love one of these!!

  138. I’m a midwest transplant to the NE… it’s cold here!!! They make fun of me for my hoodies, and I just don’t know what I’m going to do now that it’s getting colder.

  139. It was 39 at 11:00am today, I need this…

  140. I just lost one of those thermacheck pullovers… would love a replacement!

  141. Hope I win!

  142. ooo pick me! I’m going to be living in the mountains next semester for school!

  143. It’s gotten rather nippy here (nippley too as a result). Put my name in the hat too please!

  144. We live in the northeast – it’s already vvvvvvery cold!

  145. Mmmmm matching socks, oooo even better matching fleece socks.

  146. Sweet! I’m about to move back up north to Pennsylvania from Texas, so this would definitely come in handy!

  147. Perfect timing!

  148. wee woo pick me!

  149. Great! Here’s hoping I’m lucky this time around 🙂

  150. Fleece makes everyone prettier, you know.

  151. I would love one of those. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  152. Meeee! I’m cold!

  153. I can almost feel the warmth from here . . .

  154. Today’s the first cooler (um, a high of less than 80!!) day of the season, but man, I love Land’s End winter clothes! I’d love to be entered!! Thanks!

  155. Pick me! Pick me!

  156. OOOOH!
    Pick me!
    I LOVE Lands End!

  157. This would make a chilly morning so much easier

  158. Oh please! I need a nice fleece to wear when I walk my son to school!!! 🙂

  159. My turn to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Nothing better than fleece, thanks!

  161. How I love me some Sherpa….

  162. Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the fleece is so delightful…

  163. Pick me – I need something nice and cozy for the playground!! 🙂

  164. Me please!

  165. Fun!

  166. mmmm fleece

  167. pick me, love the cozy fleece!

  168. puhlease….i’m “this” close to buffalo. not only is it cold, it’s ugly. i win.

  169. Gotta love fleece! Thanks!

  170. I just moved to a state with a real winter, this would come in very handy!

  171. Count me in!

  172. I love Lands End, misplaced apostrophe and all.

  173. believe it or not it does get chilly here in orlando, florida!

  174. one of those would be cool!

  175. it’s cold in the midwest! pleasse???/

  176. Once upon a time…well nevermind that lol…me me me…please??…o come on quit scrolling down to read the next comment…
    wait a…

  177. That would be great!!

  178. I’m wearing one right now, their fleece is awesome!

  179. Commenting here! 🙂

  180. Me! I’m cold!

  181. Thank goodnes matching socks are not required because it’s laundry day tomorrow and we just grab what fits at this point… haha!

  182. That’s what a Florida swamp blossom needs in Ohio!

  183. pretty please …

  184. Love, love, love this giveaway!

  185. Winter is coming. I could use one.

  186. Pretty AND practical, just like you Mir!

  187. I want it! I NEED it! I’m freezin already!

  188. Oh, this is a contest I would LOVE to win!!!!!

  189. Pick me!

  190. Utah is freezin … I’d love to win!! Thanks

  191. Pick me, please!

  192. This would be perfect for fall in Chicago!

  193. Oooh, it sounds good to me, we’re having our first cold weekend here today…and rainy, too…brrrr!

  194. Love these!

  195. Oooh, I would love it!

  196. Looks uber warm and cozy!

  197. Lovely, lovely Land’s End!!!

  198. I wanna win this!!

  199. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one – thank you!

  200. Ooooh…me please! I froze my tushie off at a soccer game today!

  201. I feel warmer just thinking about winning a new fleece!

  202. i’m going to Canada for Christmas….yes, COLD ICY CANADA. Help me out 🙁

  203. Sign me up! Sure it’s only cool in FL about 3 days a year, but at least I’ll be ready.

  204. It’s getting pretty chilly here, a nice new jacket would be lovely!

  205. Mmm…. toasty!

  206. Oh I would love this!

  207. That would come in SO handy!

  208. We live in New England and I lost my fleece like, OH, 3 years ago and am too cheap to buy myself a new one…PICK ME! PICK ME!!!!

  209. You are one thing I look forward to every single day! Weekends included. Land’s End is the best, and this thin-blooded Ohio girl needs something to warm her up!

  210. Mmm…nice. I feel warm and cozy already.

  211. Fleece! Warm! Winter!

  212. I’m very cold. Please send fleece.

  213. Must have! Need! Please!

  214. frost warnings tonight….please pick me.

  215. This sounds just lovely!

  216. I’m feeling warm and toasty just from the thought of having one of these. Lake Erie is not kind to us in the winter time, and this would make my winter a little more tolerable. Thanks for the contest.

  217. You mean I might not be cold ALL—THE—TIME??? That would be awesome!

  218. People don’t check in over the weekend? It’s on Saturday night and there are already 220 comments!!! And I make one more. 🙂

  219. Love, love, love Lands end! Thanks, Mir!

  220. Oh, warmness! I need it!

    (I am cutting down on our heating costs this year, again. I don’t care if my kids have to wear their snowsuits inside. I’m not turning that thermostat over 65!!!)

  221. I agree that Fall is finally settling in here in the South! Fleece is therefore needed. Take pity on a woman who steals her husbands fleece jacket, please? *G*

  222. Mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  223. Yay for Land’s End!

  224. Pick Me! Pick Me!

  225. Wouldn’t this be lovely!?

  226. Yay, yay, yay! I love Land’s End, and now that I live in Colorado, I need something nice & warm, right? Please pick me!

  227. I could definitely use a new fleece her in the Windy City!!

  228. I would love one of these! Thanks!

  229. Obviously people were checking this weekend…let’s hear it for lucky 232!

  230. Pick me ! 🙂 I live in the frozen Northland, we always need more layers.

  231. It is cold out! I’m feeling lucky!

  232. Good one for the gift closet–I’m in!

  233. Even here in NC we’re getting some freeze warnings, which does my little Western New York born and bred heart good. Thanks!

  234. I love Lands End! Thanks for another awesome contest!

  235. I totally need this… it’s going to be in the low 80’s all next week out here in California burrrrr.

  236. How awesome.

  237. Thanks for the chance!

  238. Getting cold tonight. Just in time!

  239. Sounds lovely.

  240. gotta, gotta have it!

  241. I just moved to Seattle from Florida and let’s just say my wardrobe is not up to par. A coat is just what I need!

  242. pick me! Pick me! I’m frrreeeeezing!!!

  243. sign me up

  244. It gets COLD up here in PA! Pick me! Thanks!!

  245. It’s already getting downright cold here!

  246. pick me – i’m a florida to minnesota transplant!

  247. It’s going to be a cold winter! I need something to keep me warm.

  248. ZOMG! I lurve Lands’ End! And as a Wisconsinite, I need all the warming up I can get!

  249. While I admit it doesn’t get THAT cold in socal, our house is actually freezing. DH doesn’t believe in central heating, lol. But I’d actually like it for my mom in PA…

  250. Or for my mom in PA! 🙂

  251. I’ll take anything that will keep me warm in the winter!

  252. Will be gifting it to my mom, who refuses to turn up their heat in the winter- “it’s a sweater-house”!

  253. I’m freezing right now! Brrr from Pa!

  254. I’m freezing!

  255. Be my lucky number!

  256. Our house is at 58-60 degrees in the winter. My kid doesn’t care and will still run around nekkid every chance she gets, but *I* need something a little warmer on!

  257. Oh! Pick me!

  258. Fleece? I love fleece!!!! Both pullovers ROCK!

  259. I get cold when a breeze blows. Please pick me.

  260. Looks toasty!

  261. I would love it! It’s getting pretty chilly here in Illinois!

  262. This would be great – thanks pretty Mir!

  263. Brrrr. I’d love a new fleece!

  264. Ooh, I need a new fleece!

  265. I need to stay warm….please pick me.

  266. Please, oh please, rand number generator, pick me!

  267. I have socks! Surely they would match one of those many colors of fleece.

  268. another Wisconsin reader here. We live in fleece from October until May. : )

  269. love land’s end!

  270. Oh yes! My jacket/pullover wardrobe is in desparate need of updating!

  271. Me, Me!!!!I need a new fleece-My old one is from Land’s End, nut it is SEVERAL years old!

  272. Oh, that sounds nice. I can’t keep warm and have never tried Land’s End. Be well.

  273. Oh, Im freezing. Count me in.

    Its in the 20’s here this morning.

  274. Today was the first morning in Atlanta that I actually thought it was truly fall.

  275. It is so cold already!!! This would come in very handy!!!

  276. I would love one!! So warm.

  277. I am so wearing a Lands End fleece right now…would love more!

  278. Yes- it’s cold here- please keep me warm!

  279. Think warm thoughts!

  280. Woohoo! Chicago winters are yucky. Please?

  281. I’m freezing. I had to turn on my heat this morning.

  282. In the plains of Wyoming, we have already had 12 inches of snow..( seriously!)
    OH! and I think you’re really, really, purty! (really, really, seriously)

  283. Its only fall in Illinois, but I could already use a nice cozy fleece to keep me warm!

  284. Oh, that looks super-comfy!! If I wasn’t stuck in the house with my lil guy, who won’t stop throwing up or pooping, I would probably go out and buy it myself. Hmmm……it sure would be nice if someone would take care of the shopping for me…..hint hint.

  285. Fleece is Fantastic! It is a downright necessity for a North Dakota winter!

  286. Me please! 🙂

  287. pick me!

  288. OooOOOooooOO…I’m in! 😀

  289. Sounds cozy!

  290. Cold weather is totally tolerable when one is cozy.

  291. i live in upstate ny and it’s cold! 27 last night…..pick me.please.

  292. Mmmmm. Fleece.

  293. Please please pick me !

  294. Fleece would be so nice for winter. Pick me please:)

  295. I gave in this morning and turned the heat on. It was only 56 degrees. I would love this Fleece about now.

  296. I would love a new fleece! They look nice & cozy.

  297. 301 comments and you say lots of people don’t check in over the weekend? Are you blind woman? Said with love, said with love!

    Anyway, count me in, free clothes are always nice!

  298. I just moved back to Michigan and I NEED this 😉

  299. Want!!

  300. I could use this, it was freezing in New Jersey this morning.

  301. Oh this I need, I recall always being too warm last time I was pregnant and thought how nice that would be in the winter this time, no such luck this time around I am always freezing =o\

  302. Me, me, me. Please?

  303. Pick me! I love those. I think I could have one in every color and live in them all fall and winter. 🙂

  304. Pretty please?!

  305. What better than a warm fleece giveaway on the day of out first freeze. Thanks for always thinking of us (and being pretty).

  306. Pick me! Pick me! Please????

  307. thanks!

  308. Pick me! We had a frost last night!

  309. Oh, for the love of all that is warm and fuzzy, I hope you pick me.

  310. After a chilly walk outside this morning, this is looking really, really cozy.

  311. Just learned of this site today – great timing. Working at not turning heat on until Nov. 1…can I make it in Northern IL???

  312. I was just shopping for fleece yesterday and decided not to get anything! It’s fate!

  313. did i make it?? 🙂

  314. I am moving to NH this winter so this would be perfect!

  315. mmmm cozy! Count me in!

  316. Ooooh, I could really use this. Having lost a ton of weight this past year, I’m having to replace my entire wardrobe.

  317. Hmmm, me need fleece in Maine. Absolutely!!

  318. Yes, please! I could use it this morning. It finally turned into fall here in Maryland.

  319. I would love one of those fleeces.

  320. It’s cold here in St. Louis! Yes, please!!!

  321. This is an awesome prize!!!!

  322. Montana and fleece go together like… well, two things that go together really, really well.

  323. I love these

  324. i’d love one for the cold weather!!!!

  325. Please enter me!

  326. Great for camping!!

  327. Oooooh warm!!!!

  328. Me please! I need some new winter stuff. 🙂

  329. Keeping my fingers crossed….

  330. Very cool!

  331. oooh pick me pick me!!

  332. Love it!

  333. I’m whispering random sweet nothings into your generator.

  334. After just returning from camping in north ga, I am still thawing. I would love one of these- now! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  335. I’m like Mary, #339. Camping in the NC mountains this weekend, and it was a bit nippy this morning.

  336. mmmm…toasty warm. what more could you ask for?

  337. I knew there was a reason for me checking in today. I’m freezing right now! Utah gets pretty cold in the winter

  338. Sounds perfect for this chilly days..

  339. I live in Minnesota…enough said. Please pick me 🙂

  340. brrrrrrrr! Please!

  341. Mmmmmm…I love autumn and things that keep me warm.

  342. I need fleece!!!

  343. It’s around 65 here in Louisiana, I think I need a fleece too! Sadly, I really do think that it’s cool! The kids were in jackets today!

  344. It’s so cold today in Massachusetts that we left an outdoor fair because my fingers were actually turning blue. Yech. How many days until spring (and hopefully a light windbreaker giveaway? 🙂

  345. This sounds amazing…

  346. Daughter needs fleece. And everything else. She’s 11 and getting bigger by the day….

  347. I can manage matching socks…

  348. It’s cold in the mornings here in North Carolina, but gets warm enough in the afternoons that I am resisting actually turning the heat on. Yes, I am stubborn. But if I had a fleece to wear, it wouldn’t even be an issue!

  349. Would love to win this!

  350. my wife would love this!

  351. You can NEVER have enough fleece.

  352. BRRRRRRR! From CT.

  353. Ok..I live in San Antonio, but a girls gotta look good when she does put on her fleece.

  354. Fleece is just about the best thing about cold weather. Ahhhh!

  355. It getting cold here on old Cape Cod. I would love one of these!

  356. i melted my other fleece in the dryer. 0ops.

  357. Oh, it’s going to cold here next week! Pick me please.

  358. Great for the fall!

  359. Sounds good to me!

  360. I hate the cold – anything to keep me warm is great!

  361. me!

  362. pick me, pick me, pick me – it’s FREEZING here!

  363. wooohooo this iowa girl would love one 🙂

  364. MEEEE!

  365. Well at least 370 people remembered to check in! I would love one of those, so cute.

  366. I want one!

  367. I hope, I hope, I hope!

  368. fleece is almost synonymous with peanut butter for me…

  369. you are pretty!!!

  370. Well they say it got down to 54 here in Louisiana last night!

  371. I could use one of these RIGHT NOW…it’s 46 degrees and dropping here in NJ. Those fleeces are gorgeous!

  372. Oh, yes please! I live in the South but I’m headed north to New England next month.

  373. Upstate NY. ‘Nuff said!

  374. Thanks for the contest!

  375. Almost 400 comments? I think you underestimate our addiction to you an your deals, Mir!

  376. Ooo, please pick oh great random number generator.

  377. I don’t have colorful socks but some pretty cute houseshoes. How’s that?

  378. Pretty Please?!

  379. Brrrrrr…we just moved to a new town in Canada, north of where we used to live. Take pity on my poor frozen self, pretty please?

    Your contests rock, oh pretty one. Thanks for the fun!

  380. I could really use one of these to keep warm this winter!

  381. I’ve never had a fleece, but have been wanting to try one for a long time -I’m just too cheap to get one. 🙂

  382. How lovely!

  383. It’s chilly in the Piedmont! Bring it on!

  384. baby it’s cold outside

  385. Cold is so last year….

  386. I’m freezing, I’d love to have one!!

  387. Pick me!

  388. Thanks Mir! Pick me please

  389. fingers crossed!!

  390. I’m cold here already! Thanks for the awesome contest!!

  391. I love Land’s End!!!

  392. I am oh so cold. Please choose me!!

  393. I’m already looking ahead to snow. I swear I saw some snowflakes last week already, so time to dig out the winter stuff I guess…I’d love to have something new to bundle up with!

  394. warm is good.

  395. What? My chances are better? Pshaw!

  396. Idaho is cold. This would be great. Thanks

  397. Brrrr.

  398. Me please

  399. It is freezing here in KY already!! Me please.

  400. MMMM… Cozy. Love it!

  401. I would love this!

  402. I am ALWAYS cold…

  403. I think it is my turn!

  404. Getting in under the wire…I’m cold.

  405. It’s getting pretty cold here in NH!

  406. yay, fleece is so comfy!

  407. Oh please please please – I just spent about an hour on their site!

  408. Please – my husband left mine at the laundromat while camping!

  409. Oh I would dearly love said sherpa!!!


  410. love Land’s End…even in 80 degree weather!

  411. Yeah, I’m in the 400s. It’s not looking good. But I’m in Iowa–I need this!

  412. I’d love some fleece!

  413. I could use some fleece about now … it’s getting a little chilly and I won’t turn the heat on yet!

  414. I don’t have heat, so I could really use some fleece. That sherpa fleece looked like just what I need. 🙂

    Did I mention how pretty you are today, Mir?

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