Winners of the Tracksters contest

By Mir
November 13, 2008
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Over 300 of you felt the need for speed, but unfortunately I have only three Tracksters to give away in this latest contest. Nevertheless, the random number generator has spoken; and the winners are: Jackie (commenter 93), Sara (commenter 240), and Maureen (commenter 116). Congratulations, ladies! Please check your email!

(Just a quick reminder: You are all checking the Daily Deal every day this week and leaving a comment to be entered for that day’s Amazon gift certificate, right? Right. Of course you are. Pretty and smart, that’s you!)

Hey, many thanks to all who played, and especially to the generous folks behind Tracksters at Bender Helper Impact for providing the prizes.

Didn’t win this time? I’m telling you right now that we’re heading into the season where I have more and more stuff to give away; there are a few big-ticket items coming up this month, as well as an assortment of cool stuff from various generous companies, some of whom you’ve seen here before. (Hint: This weekend you can win goodies from a place that rhymes with… um… Pands Friend. Ahem.) So don’t worry! There’s always another opportunity to get lucky right around the corner. (Um… not that kind of lucky, the other kind of lucky. You know what I meant. Okay, I’m just going to stop talking, now.)


  1. Oh my God. I just RACKED MY BRAIN for a full two minutes to come up with a rhyme for Pands Friend.

    Clearly, I should not be reading you before having caffeine.

    P.S. I finally got it, but it really did take me two minutes.

  2. It took me 2 minutes and some…..and I’ve had coffee. Back to the ole pot for more. sheesh!!!

  3. I’m so excited I won something!! Thank you Mir and the cool people at Bend Helper Impact! 🙂

  4. Two minutes? Like, 30….wow!!!

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