Who’s Mommy’s widdle tax deduction?

By Mir
December 8, 2008
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My son’s birthday is January 4th. He was actually due on Christmas; and I think you’ll understand when I tell you that we were sorely disappointed when he waited until the following year to make his entrance, and not just because my ankles were as big as Texas.

December babies have that special something… that special… tax deductability! And TurboTax understands how special these babies are (heh), so once again they’re hosting the Cutest Last-Minute Tax Deduction Contest. Submit a picture of your little deduction and you could win a $5,000 savings bond!

And it’s not five thousand cold hard dollars, but I do have four infant onesies (pictured on the contest site there) that say “Cutest Little Tax Deduction.” Just in case the fact that the baby is, well, a baby wasn’t clue enough.

Want to win one of these TurboTax onesies for your favorite tax deduction? To enter simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) time on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008. I finally got myself together and made a big page of contest information and by entering this contest, you are agreeing that you’ve read and agree to that information, which includes handy tips like the rules and how winners are picked. (You should read it.)

Four little tax deductions will be looking much spiffier when this contest is over. Ready? Go!


  1. I’m first again which does not bode well. Oh well, the babes will love them if we win.

  2. Little Benji would LOOOVE one..although he’s now wearing 6 month sized onesies, so I’m not sure what size you have. Thanks for letting us know abou the contest!

  3. My friend is due any day now this would be a great gift for her…or maybe I would keep it for myself and try for a little one next year..you never know!

  4. My sister-in-law is due on the 15th, and I think she would find this hilarious. 🙂

  5. My tax deductions are too old for onesies — but this would make a great gift!

  6. Oh man, I hope we actually get the tax deduction more than I want to win the onesie, but the onesie would be a GREAT bonus! I’m due at the VERY, VERY end of December. Go baby go!

  7. I love these! We’re trying for a tax deduction too. 🙂

  8. Fun! Thanks!

  9. Too funny!

  10. My friend is due Dec. 15th and both she and her husband are CPA’s, so they would really enjoy this!!

  11. Please don’t enter me — but I had to add, that my husband was a 12/30 tax deduction. His mom to this day still talks about BEGGING the doctor to have him in December rather than January.

    However, I think the birthday 5 days after Christmas SUCKS.

  12. My brother is a tax deduction – Christmas Eve baby. Which meant he always got a happy birthday/merry christmas christmas. Now, that really stinks!

  13. Expecting another tax deduction in March. My father-in-law the CPA would love this.

  14. My little man would fill this out nicely!

  15. My newborn girl would look so cute in this. Thanks!

  16. *raises hand* I was Mom and Dad’s little tax deduction, born on Dec. 30th. I just found out this year, in fact, that while I was supposed to be born on Christmas, my parents and the doctor finally decided to induce on the 30th so I would appear before the new year, which was mainly decided because the doctor told them it was as good a time as any for the tax deduction. (I share a birthday with an aunt, though, which has always been interesting, and my mom’s birthday is Dec. 20th and SHE shares hers with a niece as well. My family likes its tax deductible babies.)

    (Oh, and please don’t enter this comment into the contest. If this number comes up, please go to the next randomly generated number instead. I just wanted to share the news I received not too long ago, which I found quite funny.)

  17. Sooo cute!

  18. I’m due on 12/21, so we’d love to win one.

  19. This is going to Suzanne if I win!

  20. I would love to win this!

  21. I know several friends with newborns who’d find this hilarious!

  22. What a perfect gift my brand-new niece, whose dad is an accountant!

  23. I’d love one!

  24. With a December 29th birthday, I’m a tax deduction myself, but I would love to win this shirt for my new nephew, who was just born.

  25. I agree, this would make an AWESOME gift!

  26. oh i have actually been looking for something like that for awhile now for a friend

  27. I got a sweet lil tax deduction that would rock one of those onesies nicely! :0)

  28. my little guy would rock those onsies 🙂

  29. Ironically, we switched due dates or something, Mir. My tax deduction was due January 4th, but born December 17th. She’s a little too big for the onesies, but I know plenty of people who’d love them as gifts.

  30. This is why I keep breeding! 🙂

  31. this tax deduction is coming next week. even better than the tax benefits is keeping the insurance deductibles to one calendar year.

  32. We are big fans of novelty onesies in our house… especially free ones!

  33. would love to win one for my little guy or my friend’s little guy who was just born today!!

  34. My tax deduction is the cutest.

  35. My little tax deduction is 5 months old, this would be great

  36. My nephew would look great in this!

  37. So cute!

  38. I’d love to horrify my father by putting kidlet #2 in that.

  39. My niece would look adorable in that.

  40. Perfect for my pregnant best friend… from me (the one that does her taxes!!) LOL

  41. We have good friends hoping their new arrival shows up some time between Christmas and New Year’s … this sounds like a fun addition to the package of goodies we’ll be sending their way when the time comes!

  42. I love my grandson whos is my first and he is a very special tax deduction

  43. I have friends popping out babies left and right… need more gifts!

  44. I have several friends who are due soon. . . This would be great for one of them.

  45. My baby should be close, this would be funny! Thanks, MIr!

  46. That would be awesome! My five month old has a bib that says IRS deduction.

  47. I’m really hoping for a tax deduction baby. She is due on Jan. 1st, but you can bet come Dec. 30th and 31st we’ll be trying all those home remedies to evict her a little early.

  48. My little tax deduction was born in August! We have a bib that would match 😉

  49. I’d love this. But since I’m due in May, mine will have to wear it for next year’s deduction.

  50. I’m due Jan 6 but have a history of having all my other kiddos 1-2 weeks early. I’ve become really uncomfortable and am really looking forward to another early baby (hopefully). Here’s hoping to a new last minute tax deduction and a cute onesie to match!

  51. This is so cute. We would love one.

  52. I had my fourth, in four years, in September. We really appreciate the tax deduction!! I know our little Jack would look adorable in the onesie!!

  53. I would love to give this to my new granddaughter. She is 2 months old, but just now wearing newborn clothes as she was a premie….

  54. our boy was born last year on the fourth.

  55. New baby here!

  56. My daughter wasn’t due until Feb 11 but decided to come write after the new year on Jan 4 Now she is expecting her first baby and this would look awfully cute on her~!

  57. A cute gift for a pregnant friend! Thanks, Mir.

  58. OOh – I have a seven week old little tax deduction!!!
    Yes, please!

  59. Awwww. My sister has a two-week little baby tax deduction of drooly joy.

  60. I actually have THE Cutest Little Tax Deduction! Born just a week ago, Ryan is gorgeous – check him out on my blog!

    And thanks for the Turbo Tax tip – I’d love to start his life with a $5000 savings bond!

  61. I’d love to give this as a gift!

  62. A friend of mine has a new baby, she’s gorgeous this will be her first year as the Cutest Little Tax Deduction.

  63. You should pick me. My son is the cutest. 😉

  64. I know about 5 people ready to give birth and hoping for their tax deduction….. what is 9 months before Christmas anyway? 🙂

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