Reminder: T-Tapp contest

By Mir
January 7, 2009
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Don’t forget—you have until tonight to enter to win a Total T-Tapp Workout Set. And I’m thinking it might be easier than the Super Hula Hoop game I unlocked on the Wii Fit this week, which is currently making me wish I could rip out all of my abdominal muscles and dispose of them.

You’re welcome for the mental image. Just another service I offer!


  1. Super Hula Hoop is AWESOME! I did the 6 minute version yesterday and almost DIED. Seriously. I think that and the boxing on there are the best exercises thus far.

  2. You would miss your abdominals. Terribly. Don’t.Even.Think.About.It.

  3. Ditto with Andrea…but the sitting light thing?!?!?! is great! I can do it, and hubby can’t!

  4. I have to agree with Barbara, with a small addition: the abs exercises that we hate the most? Those are the best ones. It’s awful, but true. So keep hula hooping and I’ll bet you’ll find that you actually have hip bones 🙂

    Or so I’ve been told. I haven’t seen mine in a while 🙂

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