Just say no

By Mir
January 28, 2009

Look; no matter your politics, any decent human has got to find this horrifying, right? Right?

As someone very wise once said: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


  1. Haha- the stuff they come up with. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I think Chia’s are creepy anyway.. Thankfully for Obama that looks nothing like him.

    With the state of the economy today, companies have nothing useful to produce?!?!?1

  3. I’m oddly drawn to it.

  4. Um…yes. But Holly’s right–it doesn’t actually look like him.

  5. OMG– that is the PERFECT gift for my annual extended family holiday grab bag next year. The more ridiculous, the better. I love it!

  6. Mir, you are correct how horrifying. That thing is just rude. I can’t imagine that he would feel “honored” by this.

  7. I’m thoroughly horrified. And very grateful it looks nothing like President Obama.

  8. The fact that this one is called “Determined Pose” may mean there are more of him to come.

  9. If it was available by v-day I’d buy it for the boy.. He’d appreciate it, in an odd way.

  10. I guess the Dick Cheney version doesn’t grow anything when you water it. Then you can use it for target practice.

  11. @MomCat: HA! So funny.

  12. This is quite disturbing. And lord help me the first thing I thought about was the fact that since it’s his hair growing that you will have chia-Obama with an afro. Couldn’t we have achieved the same thing with old family photos rather than having everyone grow their own?

  13. ohhhhhhh please! And they’re worried about Sasha & maleia Beanie Baby dolls! Too Creepy.

  14. That’s just so wrong.

  15. So, so many kinds of wrong.

  16. Happy. Determined. Happy. Determined. It’s kinda fun to roll over each one on Amazon.I agree with Janie, it would make an excellent White Elephant gift.

  17. What is he looking at?

  18. If Obama was my brother, I would so give him this for his birthday. 🙂

  19. MomCat, I think I love you…

  20. Nasty.

  21. I think it’s hysterical. I definitely don’t want one, though.

  22. Absolutely horrible. Dear Lord, what are they thinking?!

  23. Ya, that’s really really bad. Terrible. Ew.

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