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By Mir
January 31, 2009
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Valentine’s Day is coming, and you’re probably going to need a card or two. But, you know, not the same old thing you always do. Did you know that Hallmark makes these great cards where you can record your own message? These are particularly fun when you have little kids, because nothing says “I love you” like a recording that says: “What was I supposed to say…?”

These cards are available at all your local Hallmark Crown stores, and cost about $6 apiece. Or you could win some from me.

Two lucky Want Not readers are going to each win three of these recordable cards. Want to win some? First review the official contest rules and regulations and then leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 Pacific) on Sunday, February 1st, 2009 to enter for a chance to win. Winners to be determined by random number generation and Cupid’s arrows. Ow.

Ready? Go!


  1. Please please please pick me!!!

  2. no no no pick me

  3. Oh good, this way I won’t forget to get my hubby a V-Day card.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try these cards out! I’d love to win this one!

  5. I always look at these but can never justify the cost. Winning one (or three!) would certainly be the “right” price!

  6. Another great contest! These will be great because our family all lives out of state!

  7. Count me in!

  8. It would make me very happy to preserve my kids’ voices saying “I love you”!!!

  9. These would be very fun to win.

  10. What great timing and how fun!

  11. Oooh, yes!

  12. me!

  13. Who doesn’t love getting mail on Valentines Day?

  14. can i pleeeeease be picked?

  15. Pick me! Pick me!!!

  16. How fun – great for a far-away grandma !

  17. OOH, I can tape my compaining and he can hear it anytime!!!!

    Sounds great!

  18. I’m willing to take an arrow to get one of those cards!!

  19. I love these cards. I have been looking at them in the stores they are great! Hope I win!

  20. Thanks, Mir

  21. K, I’ll take the arrow, as long as it’s not where I sit.

  22. Thanks!!! This would be great— got 2 kids and grandparents far far away!

  23. me? or me? how about me?

    What fun!

  24. yeah!

  25. Sounds like a good idea. (=

  26. Love Valentine’s Day!

  27. Cool! I love those recordable cards, but can never justify buying them at $6 apiece! 😀 Sign me up!

  28. You are awesome, Mir!

  29. This would be perfect to send to grandma!! 🙂

  30. sounds great! Literally! Please pick me!!

  31. How sweet!

  32. The out-of-town grandparents would *love* these — thanks!

  33. Fun!!!!

  34. I’m in!

  35. I know some family members that would love to get these from the kids. Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. So cute!

  37. I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!!! Thanks!

  38. Wow, would the grandparents love these!

  39. Sounds fun! pick me

  40. Pick me! Dragging my son to the card store near Valentine’s Day is enough stress, dropping my hard earned cash just ups the trauma!

  41. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! How cute, count me in !!

  42. I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day.

  43. how fun. Pick me please

  44. Pick me so my preggo self doesn’t have to bundle up the toddler and make a trip to Hallmark!

  45. These sound fun. I hope I win.

  46. Neat! Thanks!

  47. my kids love these… me too!

  48. Fun! Thanks!

  49. Sounds like a nifty idea. Count me in.

  50. Happy Valentine’s Day…

  51. I love cards!

  52. Would be a great gift for my husband to hear our kids voices while he is deployed!

  53. I would love these! THANKS!

  54. what a cool idea for the IL’s in NJ!

  55. Sounds fun! Thanks!

  56. This sounds great!

  57. Count me in!

  58. Me likey!

  59. oh lovely random number generator, i puffy-pink-heart love you!

  60. These are such an awesome idea! SO fun! Would love to give them a whirl.

  61. We live many hours and miles (days!) from our family. This would be awesome!

  62. Would love to have one of these!

  63. save me the shopping!!

  64. Fun! Those sound great…I am just too cheap to buy them!

  65. perfect for the grandparents!!

  66. My kids would be over the moon if I won these. I’m a big meanie for never buying them!

    Thanks, as always for such fun contests!

  67. Sounds like lots of fun!

  68. Can you feel the love tonight?

  69. Huh. I should probably get my husband a card. 😉

    Thanks for a great contest, Mir!

  70. These would be great..and much less messy than helping my kids make their cards!

  71. Awesome.

  72. That would be so cool!

  73. Pick me please 🙂

  74. I have been wanting to try these cards out to send to the boys’ grandparents. Thank you for the chance.

  75. We love Hallmark – especially Hoops and YoYo cards, we would love to win free cards.

  76. Thank you very pretty Mir.

  77. I need some new cards. Seems like I do the same old thing every year. Would love to win!

  78. Oooh, the grandparents would love these!!

  79. Cool! My little girl would love making these!

  80. Pick me please!

  81. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! 🙂

  82. Would love these!!

  83. Neat!

  84. we would love these!!!

  85. These cards are cool!

  86. please?!

  87. Cool! Would love to send some of these, especially to the grandparents in Wisconsin…

  88. I would really enjoy having these!!

  89. My husband would LOVE to get one of these from us, especially since he’s at Basic Training and can’t hear our voices everyday… 🙁

  90. How fun!

  91. I’m in!

  92. Oh cool. One for each of the grandparents!

  93. sounds cool!!!!

  94. These look really fun!

  95. Thanks, Mir. Count me in!

  96. I wanna do something special for my family, please!

  97. Oh I would love to get one of these for their Grandma (my mom) in Florida. She would be so excited.
    This is really cool

  98. I love these kind of cards. But, alas…they are too pricey for my pocketbook. 🙂

  99. I’d love some cards!

  100. Roses are red, violets are blue…I’d love to win these cards from you!

  101. I have always wanted to try those!

  102. I’d love to try these cards out! Thanks

  103. My daughter would looooove these cards to send out to her grandparents!!

  104. Thanks, Mir!

  105. Pick me!

  106. i have some overseas in-laws who would die to receive one of these!! i didn’t know such things existed!

  107. Those cards sound really neat! I’d love to win.

  108. My kids LOVE these cards!

  109. What a great Grandparent gift!!

  110. I love these cards!

  111. These sound like so much fun! I’d love to have the kids record something cute…or something. Thanks, Mir!

  112. What a great prize! I hope I win!

  113. These would be so cute for the grandparents.

  114. Sounds like fun!

  115. Thanks Mir!

  116. This would be great. I’m sure the grandparents would love a card like this from the kids.

  117. Aw, I’m in! thanks for the fun weekend giveaway!

  118. I love those cards.

  119. gee, do you get to record a message for us??

  120. Great site. Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. I’d suck up to the random number generator if I could. I’ll just have to cross my fingers instead.

  122. Grandma and PaPa would love to hear their grandbabies for valentine’s day!

  123. Cool!

  124. Nonna and Nonno in Italy would be thrilled with this!

  125. Cards are great, especially ones you can personalize:)

  126. Ohh, Boy! I think my husband would love it.

  127. Love these types of cards here. Count me in!

  128. pick me please!!!
    i just had a tooth pulled out this morning, and im in severe pain. im about to take a vicodin and knock out.

    pick me 🙁

  129. happy v-day!

  130. It’s about time for cupids arrow to hit me. 🙂 PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  131. yeeee ha!

  132. Oh, how cute! Come on, Random Number Generator!

  133. my kids love these cards! pick me pick me!

  134. Would be great for my hubby….something a little different. Thanks for the chance!!

  135. Wow, those are neat! Hope I win.

  136. Perfect. I love these. And this will save me fighting all the other crazies who will be fighting for the last good cards on Feb. 13.

  137. Awesome! Pick me please!!!!

  138. gma wants cute cards!

  139. very cool – count me in!

  140. Great!!

  141. sounds very cool!!! pick me!

  142. I could so use a good dose of love & kharma! Winning this would give it to me.

  143. Yes please!


  144. Fun!!!!!!!

  145. pick me!

  146. Oh, OK, if I can make my KID speak into it rather than ME (horrors!) ;-D

  147. I like giving (and receiving) cards!!!

  148. Sounds great! Thanks, Mir!

  149. Entering kthanx bye!

  150. I hope I win! Then I won’t be at the drugstore on Valentine’s Day looking for something reasonable out of whatever is still on the shelves.

  151. I LOVE Hallmark!

  152. I’ve got two still young enough to be uninhibited!

  153. Count me in please

  154. Fun!

  155. Those would be awesome for my kids to send to their grandparents!

  156. Fun!

  157. Count me in. Thanks.

  158. Thanks!

  159. 🙂 giveaways rock! 🙂

  160. this is fun. thanks.

  161. way cool

  162. Thanks for all the contests, pretty Mir!!!

  163. count me in!

  164. cute!

  165. I love these!

  166. Ooooh! That sounds fun! Enter me please!

  167. Pretty Mir,
    These are so sweet to receive!

  168. My 2 year old says the funniest things! Thanks for this!

  169. woo sounds good to me!

  170. These cards sound great – pun intended.

  171. wow would love to win these. Thanks for the giveaway . 🙂

  172. Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous Mir!

  173. Throwing my name in the hat again. I don’t think the random number generator has forgiven me, though. 🙂

  174. Fun.

  175. Great giveaway!! Love Hallmark cards! Thanks!

  176. These would be perfect for the kiddos to give the Grandparents for Valentines Day. Great Giveaway!

  177. These sound great! My kids would love them.

  178. Pick me!!

  179. My son would love these. He has a fascination with recording his voice then listening to it over and over and over again. He would love to be able to send them. You know, after he runs the battery down.

  180. Awwww, come-on, I never win(whine,whine).
    See the kids are wearing off on me!

  181. What fun!

  182. Yes!

  183. pick me!! please

  184. I love these cards, but I’m too cheap to pay $6/peice 🙂

  185. Be my valentine, pretty Mir.

  186. I could record a Valentine to my kids that says “Happy Valentine’s Day!…Now go clean up your room!” 🙂

  187. I would so love to win these cards for my grandchildren.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  188. FUN! I like winning!

  189. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Mir is pretty
    And free cards are great too!

  190. Pick me!

  191. yes, yes, my love……

  192. Great giveaway. Count me in please.

  193. Me, por favor.

  194. I’m in, please!

  195. Pretty please??? 🙂

  196. Pick me this time puuhhhhlease!

  197. I love recordable cards!!

  198. What a great idea! I hope I win this one.

  199. what was i supposed to say!?!

  200. Please pick me : )

  201. I’d love to have these please…

  202. Hey I could totally use some of these cards. I was trying to decide what type of card to get or whether I should make one for valentines day but this is a much better idea.

  203. ooh, thanks Mir. Save me spending hours perusing cards…

  204. That’s a great idea for a card! Go Hallmarks and Mir.

  205. groovy

  206. Pick Me Please!! These would be so much fun to give.

  207. How fun! Pick me, Cupid! I’m your target!

  208. Would love one of these! 🙂

  209. ahh to send the kids cross country, their voices I mean of course 🙂

  210. Please pick me!

  211. This would be great!

  212. pretty please

  213. Um. Yeah. It’s Gretchen. Not Gretcgeb.

    Clearly, I need to drink more.

  214. Great!

  215. would love to win, count us in

  216. Talk to me!

  217. We have bought these a couple of times for some very special people. Yes, you have to be very special for me to even consider buying you one of these 😉 Would love to win!!

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