Secret Agent Fido

By Mir
February 17, 2009

I was just checking the Deals of the Day and now I can’t stop laughing—one of their specials is $22 off the Pet’s Eye View Camera, bringing the price of putting a camera around your pet’s neck down to just $27.99.

That’s a great bargain! Unless you, y’know, have an actual life.

(Still laughing!)


  1. It’s way more money than I would spend, even with the great discount. BUT…I do sometimes wish I could see what my cat gets up to as she’s out making her rounds. Yesterday I caught her out on the front porch flirting shamelessly with the UPS guy. 🙂

  2. Gee, we’ve joked about kitty-cam, but never saw it as an actual option!

  3. This is actually tempting for me. My dog goes out to pee and disappears for an hour (small town, no fence, don’t hassle me please, she’s fine), and comes home WARM. I’d love to see who’s letting her inside their house.

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