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By Mir
February 23, 2009
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Hopefully you’ve got a fire escape plan mapped out with your family, and you remember to practice it every once in a while, too. But pets aren’t very good at that whole “stop, drop, and roll” thing… nor can they open the door if they find themselves trapped inside.

ADT is offering free Pet Alert window clings so that rescue workers will know to assist your non-human family members. It’s not an expensive or glamorous freebie—and it’s certainly one I hope you never have to use—but it’s worth having.


  1. Thanks for that! We had one at our old house, and forgot to take it with us.

  2. Thanks! I ordered one, just in case. I remember my parents used to have Totfinder stickers on the back of our house on our bedroom windows. Now that idea kind of creeps me out as a parent. Oh well…they meant well!

  3. Andrea,

    I was like, “What’s wrong with the tot sticker? That’s a great idea. Oh…wait.” I am sooo slow.

  4. Ha! Corey, I had the same thought!

  5. I have one of these that my pet-sitter gave me. I can’t help but feel sorry for any fireman that tries to track down two kitties that hide anytime strangers are around, though.

  6. We had a fire in our apartment building a few years ago (don’t worry, we were all very lucky and no one was hurt). After getting ourselves and our daughter out, my husband ran back and opened our patio door in case the cats needed to escape. Of course, they were still hiding in closets when we were finally allowed back in the building. These stickers are a great idea and I highly recommend people use them – firefights will always try to save animals if they can possibly do it. They know that a fire is devastating enough for people without them having to lose what is essentially a member of their family at the same time.

  7. I am sure that the pet lovers will be happy about this.
    it really helps in certain times when required.
    i think hopefully that many pets are saved with this.
    Thankyou for the information and post

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