Reminder: Face masques contest

By Mir
February 25, 2009
Category Contests

You have until just before midnight tonight to enter to win some yummy face masques, and then you can pretend like you’re in a fancy French spa somewhere instead of sitting in your house on hold with FedEx because your delivery guy just threw a damaged box on your porch and ran away across your yard before you could stop him and say, “Hey, I think the lid and half the contents here are missing.”

Oh. That didn’t happen to you? Good.

Don’t forget to enter, anyway.


  1. OK, nosy people want to know: what happened with FedEx???

  2. Not cool FedEx – Not cool!

  3. Does FedEx not realize the power you wield over the mail-ordering public?

    I’m just sayin’.

    I’m. Just. Sayin’.

  4. I’d love me some face masques. Please pick me and then ship my prize via USPS.

  5. Was a dog chasing him or was it my wife? Anyway, she’d like the face masques.

  6. I was equally UNimpressed today with the UPS guy who put a box on my doorstep, rang the bell, and when I opened the door, he was back in his truck smoking a cigarette. The box REEKED of cigarette smoke too. Yuck.

  7. Don’t you just love it when they leave a package on your porch that says “perishable” and it’s 85 degrees? After that, I need the masque!

  8. hmmm, what is it with Fed Ex? The delivery guy once handed me a box that clearly and most audibly sounded like broken glass when you moved it and he was like “no take backs”. He literally just shrugged and told me I could not refuse the package. Grrr…..

  9. Ahh, I bet a good face mask would make me forget that it still snowing in some parts of the country 😉 I am SOOOOOOOO ready for spring!! Would love to win me some yummy face masks! 🙂

  10. face masks- fun!

  11. Never used a face mask….first time for everything huh?

  12. Hey, as the wife of the Fedex guy, be nice 🙂 They work very hard, well, most of them at least.

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