The perfect lunch, every time

By Mir
March 9, 2009
Category Contests

A while back we had a great discussion here about great ways to make packed lunches more eco-friendly, and many of lamented how those slick-looking Laptop Lunch Systems are just, well, kind of expensive. Awesome, but expensive.

So I’m going to give one away, because I suspect that most of you—like me—might be drooling wistfully over these sets, but just aren’t in a position to buy one right now.

I have one Laptop Lunch System in Primary (blue case) right here, waiting to go to the home of one lucky Want Not reader. Want to win it? Go read the contest rules and regulations (remember, those of you folks who just won, today, need to sit this one out), then come back here and leave a comment by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 in order to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ability to spread the mustard all the way out to the edges of your sandwich. (I can’t stand it when the mustard isn’t all the way to the edges.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Sweet! You rock Mir!

  2. Yes Please, that would be awesome.

  3. Sounds great to me! Thanks

  4. What a great giveaway! I’ve wanted one of these for years!

  5. The lines for the microwave and the refrigerator here at work, get longer the worse the news of the economy gets. I bring every day now! And my tote bag smells like salad dressing. I think I could use one of these!

  6. Very cool! I’d never seen that one before – Spouse might even go for it, since it isn’t just a lunch box, it’s a system 😉

  7. oh i love this!! pretty pretty please!!

  8. neat-o

  9. What if I don’t like mustard?

  10. This is great. We are trying to eat out less and I am tired of bringing 5 separate dishes for one lunch. Pick me please!!!

  11. I accept your challenge.

  12. Pick me please 🙂

  13. Perhaps, if I had one of these, I would cease to be the laughingstock of the faculty lunch room. My hand-me-down (from my 7 year old) baseball lunch box draws quite a few stares.

  14. I love this giveaway! Thank you!!

  15. I would love one of these. Thanks.

  16. REALLY want one of those!!! Thanks!

  17. Mustard definitely needs to go to the edges 🙂

  18. Count me in!

  19. Yay! This would be great!

  20. Oooh! I’ve been wanting one! please

  21. Oh Random Generator….Me! Pick me!!!!

  22. This would be PERFECT for my husband.

  23. Thanks!

  24. I wonder if this would give me incentive to bring home the dozen or so tupperware containers that litter my office space….hmmm…

  25. This looks awesome!

  26. I am very good at spreading mustard.

  27. This would really come in handy at our house!

  28. Thanks for another great giveaway

  29. I would love one!

  30. This is a great one! Thanks for the chance!

  31. Yes please!

  32. I’d love to get one for my husband! You look pretty today!

  33. This would be great!

  34. I am a master of the mustard spread. Also, Please, pretty, pretty Mir.

  35. Would love one of those babies!

  36. Hubby needs a new lunch box!

  37. This looks great – maybe it would convince my DH to bring HOME the containers, instead of letting them mold in his office or car!

  38. Pretty awesome. My 9 year old would love it! Actually my husband would love it!

  39. Hey, these are cool! And I am the same way with toast and butter!

  40. pick me! pick me! I work at a school that does not provide lunch so I pack one everyday. This would make me look so cool.

  41. I only like mustard, and I don’t care for mayonnaise.
    And I have wanted a Laptop lunch set for so long! But they are so costly.
    So pick me!

  42. Please?

  43. This would so fantastic!

  44. This is way better than a regular old lunch box.

  45. Oh wow, that is fantabulous!

  46. I would love to have this! I bring my lunch to work almost every day and my lunch bag has definitely seen better days.

  47. Thanks for the chance to win one of these!

  48. I have been coveting these!!!

  49. I’d love one!!!

  50. These look great!

  51. I’d LOVE one of these thingies! Thanks for the chance to win, Mir.

  52. Would be perfect for my son!

  53. I’d love one of these!

  54. Oh! I have been lusting after these for MONTHS!!! Fingers crossed I win this one! (they really ARE expensive…yikes!)

  55. I have issues with my foods touching each other, so you’d really be helping my mental health with one of these!

  56. Great prize!

  57. I would love one of these for my new job! Ok, I don’t HAVE a new job yet, but I’m looking! 🙂

  58. These look great!

  59. I’d love one! Thanks!

  60. Mir I agree! Condiment should cover all the bread that way you get a little with every bite.

  61. That would be dee-lightful!

  62. My husband would LOVE this for work! Thanks again for the great contest opportunity~

  63. Awesome!

  64. I can spread mustard…pick me # generator!!!

  65. Count me in!

  66. Would be great for my son! Pick me please. You are so pretty….

  67. Yes, please!

  68. Ooooh, blue is my favorite color! Please, please, please?

  69. I’m so wishing for one…
    (& yeah, they are expensive)

  70. Way cool! Although if I won, I might be tempted to loan it to KimC above – that’s rough. :>)

  71. I would love to win this. My husband has decided to start taking his lunch every day and this would be awesome to have.

  72. That sounds lovely. Thanks!

  73. I’ve wanted one of those for so long!

  74. My nephew will be off to school before I know it and my sister is super into stuff like this. Thanks for the opportunity Mir.

  75. Maybe I would actually start planning ahead and packing my lunch if I won!

  76. This is why I haven’t won yet! This is perfect for me.

  77. WoW! I have a son who will be 7 on the 29th! What a great birthday present! Out of all my boys, he’s the only one who loves to take a lunch!!

  78. Count me in!

  79. This would be awesome!

  80. I would love one!

  81. I would love one!

  82. Cool, thanks!

  83. My husband would love this!

  84. Looks spiffy!

  85. My husband… never mind – I would love this!!!! Would be all mine : )

  86. That’s awesome. Pick me!

  87. That’s a pretty awesome bento.

  88. That looks pretty awesome, beats brown paper bags =D

  89. Love love LOVE! And I always spread the mustard all the way to the edges and then tear the crusts off and feed them to the beagle.

  90. I have been coveting this for a long, long time!

  91. This would be great!

  92. Oh my gosh… My older one is going to Kindergarten in the fall (!!!!) and I am already stressin’ about the lunch issue. I would SO LOVE to win this! Thanks!

  93. Lunch buddy!

  94. OOOOH – me please!

  95. I’d love one of these!

  96. Sweet! Thanks for the opportunity!

  97. Awesome. Thanks.

  98. What a great way to make lunch fun…and healthier!

  99. Oooo, what a wonderful prize! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!

  100. I’m going to sacrifice a Mersenne prime to the Random Number Generator.

  101. Oh this would be great

  102. I like lunch.

  103. This would be awesome to win since I take my lunch everyday to work and currently just use a glad container.

  104. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these! Pick me oh pretty random number generator!

  105. This is awesome, please add me to the drawing! 🙂

  106. Excellent! I’d love one!

  107. awesome indeed.

  108. I’d love one of these. I can’t believe the prices. Pick me!

  109. Those look cool! I’ve been wanting to try bento.

  110. I could never bring myself to actually PAY that much for it… but I’d love to have one!

  111. pick me, pick me! I’ve always wanted one of these, but I couldn’t justify the cost.

  112. Mememememe! Someone here is starting kindergarten in the fall and this would be perfect!

  113. Oooh neat!

  114. I will be needing 3 but one free will be a great start!!!

  115. would love this!

  116. I am an expert mustard spreader, and do a darn fine job with mayo, too.

  117. what an awesome giveaway!

  118. Ooh! I’ve been wanting one since I first saw them!

  119. Gracie would think this was the Neatest.Thing.Ever. Plus her birthday is right around the corner. (What, April is right around the corner for you?)

  120. I use a Lock&Lock for the kids…but I REALLY want a Laptop Lunch for me! 🙂

  121. woo hoo!

  122. I’m good at spreading mustard!! Pick me!!

  123. Love it!

  124. Count me in!

  125. This would be a great way to break the DH’s habit of carrying his lunch to work in a plastic grocery sack. So embarrassing! Since he could now implement an extensive “system” it would really appeal to him.

  126. Cool! Thanks for the contest!

  127. We need a new lunchbox! Sweet!

  128. This would be wonderful.

  129. Please cut off my crusts and enter me in the contest. Thanks!

  130. Pick me, love me. Said in plaintive Meredith Grey tones.

  131. A Target bag is so cliche as a lunch carry all, dontcha think?
    I would love to win this!

  132. Great contest!

  133. I’d love this!!

  134. Sweet! This would be so cool to have! Hoping I get picked! Thanks!!!

  135. Thanks! I love your contests!

  136. What a neat prize. I would love to win one!

  137. I would love one of these! I have been eye-balling them for quite a while, but you are right…they are expensive! Thanks for considering me and I’ll make sure I always spread the mustard right 😉

  138. We have always wanted one of these but the price has kept me at bay. This would be a great win!

  139. cool!

  140. Mir, you make my day!!

  141. This is WAY cooler than the recycled food containers I use… Thanks!

  142. Very cool! I’d love one of these for my boy!

  143. So cool! My kids would love one of these.

  144. I have wanted one of these for years.

  145. Carrot sticks for everyone if I win!

  146. My husband has been needeing a new lunchbox–winning this would be awesome!

  147. Baby needs a new lunch box!

  148. Would love one! Thanks!

  149. ooh awesome

  150. Not so much with the mustard but I am wicked awesome with the PB and J!

  151. Packing lunches is the bane of my existence. ANYTHING to help find the right size containers would be fabulous.

  152. Oh, this would be perfect for us. Thanks!

  153. That would be awesome for my son’s lunches!

  154. Oh yes, please!

  155. I would love to have this. Thank you for the giveaway.

  156. ME ! ME ! ME !

    Pick me !

    Please : )

  157. Neat! Thanks – Jessica

  158. this is beyond cool!!

  159. Cool! Nice stuff. 🙂

  160. So fun! Mir, you have the coolest giveaways!

  161. In the words of my preschooler: “Peas!”

  162. I want, I want, I want! Sorry, the three year old in me got REALLY excited over this contest.

    Thanks for a chance to win a great prize!

  163. i need a free lunch… system! thanks.

  164. Pretty please? I figure I may win one of these times. 🙂

  165. That is a very cool lunch box!

  166. What, and stop sending my husband to work with a grocery-sack lunch??? Okay!!!

  167. Awesome! Thanks.

  168. i’m someone who has been drooling over this but can’t shell out the money for it!!

  169. Oooh… Please. Pretty please?

  170. That is one fancy-pants lunch bag! Excuse me, “lunch system.”

  171. Oh! I LOVE those!

  172. Those are so cool!

  173. Come on lucky number 174!

  174. Ooooo, I loved these when you showed them to us, but they are a bit out of my price range. 🙂 I would adore one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  175. I bring lunch to work everyday. A laptop lunch system would be perfect!

  176. Please???

  177. I would so take the effort to pack lunch every day if I had one of these beauties, oh pretty Mir.

  178. Me, me, me! Pretty please?

  179. If I win this does this mean I won’t leave my lunch sitting on the kitchen counter (again)?

  180. I’m dreading my son starting full day school next year and I want one of these for me- he can take a brown bag.

  181. Oh, I’ve wanted one of these!

  182. Cute! I’m in. 🙂

  183. I would love this!

  184. me please, me please!!

  185. Thanks, this looks great!

  186. Pick me!

  187. Really, I don’t like mustard, but I can spread it all the way to the edge if necessary.

  188. I’d love to win this!

  189. Okay, can you give away 6 so there isn’t a fight about who gets to take it between my kids?

  190. This would be so awesome! For my husband’s lunch. 🙂

  191. Yes, please. This is great.

  192. Love it!

  193. It would be a lovely surprise to win!

  194. Ooh! Awesome! Sign me up for this one…

  195. Deal me in!

  196. Thanks, Mir!

  197. I am so with you on the mustard! My husband just does not get it, so I don’t let him make the sandwiches. Wait a minute,I just realized that he’s outsmarted me again!

  198. I want one too!

  199. This would be great. Thanks, Mindy

  200. I don’t like mustard, but I still want to win!

  201. This would be wonderful – especially since I have started bringing my lunch to work to help save money. Thanks!

  202. Cool, thanks for all you do!

  203. Ooh, pick me! Pick me!

  204. I would love to win this – my kids could use something new to fight over.

  205. I would love this…

  206. Funny, I JUST learned about these yesterday! I’d love one, thanks!

  207. That would be awesome.

  208. That would be great as I have been mulling how to make something for hubby and me to take our lunches to work. Oh, and I am goooo-oood at mustard spreading, thanks to said hubbies love of it.

  209. I would love one of these! Thanks for the chance!

  210. Oh, I would love one of these!!!!

  211. Pick me, please!

  212. Fun! This sounds great.

  213. I can spread the mustard or anything else. I’d love to be picked for this one!

  214. Have always wanted one of these. . . MKW

  215. looks so pretty! Thanks!

  216. OOOOH! I have been wanting one of these to pack my sweet husbands lunches in!!!!!!!!!

  217. I pack lots of lunches. This would be awesome!

  218. Thanks! This would be great!

  219. Oh how I want one…let me count the ways…

  220. I hate it when my mayonnaise doesn’t go all the way to the edge either. What’s up with people only spreading condiments in the center?

    Thanks, Mir!


  221. I want this. Love it!

  222. I have been drooling over these! (I guess it was more noticeable than I thought.)

  223. Sweet!

  224. This has been on my wish list for awhile!

  225. Definitely coveting one of those systems for next year. Thanks!

  226. THANK YOU

  227. Enter me!

  228. I have wanted one for forever and 2 days. maybe 3…

  229. I’m a brown bagger! This looks great!

  230. This would make my husband very happy.

  231. Oh I like things to be organized and separated! Loving this idea heaps!

  232. I have 3 boys,, oooooh!! which one gets it, WHEN I win. haha no really, I really want this one. Thanks

  233. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these – and my son is going to start preschool in a few months. Hope it’s me!

  234. Very neato idea, thanks for the chance to win!

  235. As long as the mustard is Honey mustard, I will spread it all the way to the edges of the bread. With me and regular mustard, a little goes a long way! Thanks!

  236. It’s a bento box! Those things are all over the place here in Japan… it’s an awesome idea!

  237. Cool idea! I have a cutie 8 year old who would love it.

  238. Fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner this time! C’monnnn!

  239. Very cool! Me, please. ;0)

  240. Come on random number generator!!! We would love a laptop lunch system. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  241. How cute is that? It would replace my Holly Hobbie metal lunchbox that I use now! Thanks!

  242. InshAllah i hope i win this!! Pick me!!! 🙂

  243. Suhweet!!!

  244. This would be great for my son!

  245. That would be great for my sons lunch! Thanks for all the great contests.

  246. Blue is my favorite color! :}

  247. Thanks!

  248. spreading my mustard…..thanks for the giveaway!

  249. My daughter routinely begs me for one of these!

  250. this is so cool i hope i win !!!!

  251. I promise to spread the mustard accordingly!!

  252. I know a sweet girl who could use this.

  253. Not so much with the mustard, but I am a rockstar at the PB&J (actually, it’s almond butter – but AB&J just doesn’t sound right)

  254. I am so good at spreading mustard – the best 🙂

  255. Wow! I have had this product on my wish list for probably two years! Oh, please please please finally pick me!!!!

  256. I pack my daughter’s lunches so she would love this!

  257. I would love this for my son.

  258. This would be lovely – even though after a few “meeting in the afternoon with my coat on due to a condiment issue”, I tend to avoid all condiments on sandwiches…

  259. Tween girl would love this! (without mustard, please)

  260. I would love to keep my lunch cold and in style!

  261. I’m crossing my fingers!

  262. I’m a great mustard spreader…really!
    Pick me!!

  263. Thanks, Mir!

  264. My lunch room at work is pretty sad. I could brighten it up with one of these puppies!!


  265. Pretty cool! Thanks, pretty Mir.

  266. oh, I’d love one! those look gorgeous.

    my girls would disagree with you on the mustard, though, Mir. They think all mustard tastes best if someone makes a smiley face out of the mustard.

    What? don’t all of you do that, too?

  267. This is a great excuse to not eat out.

  268. Great!! They’re eco friendly AND pretty!

  269. I always make sure my almond butter is spread to the edges. I would love a Laptop Lunch box!

  270. Cool! I’d love one. Thanks Mir!

  271. This would be a great one to win.

  272. Ooooh, those are snazzy! I’m definitely too cheap to buy one, but would love to win. 🙂

  273. I brown bad to work all the time!

    Please help me look good AND help the environment!

    I have yet to win anything from you….take pity? 🙂

  274. I would so love to dump the brown bags and show up the break room with a fancy lunch box!

  275. Not only can I spread the mustard ALL the way to the edges, I even cut the yucky rind part off the bologna and ham!

  276. I am trying to pack my lunches more often. Having a rockin’ lunch box would sure go a long way in motivating me to pack that lunch!

  277. meeeee!

  278. My hubby needs this!

  279. I try to pack every day, this would be great.

  280. Ooooo Pick me!!

  281. Sharkey wants me to use something washable instead of baggies for lunch…(sigh)

  282. This would be perfect for when DD starts pre-school in the fall…thanks for a great giveaway!

  283. Ok…now I have to cross EVERYTHING and hope my number is up, figuratively speaking, with regard to this contest. Sydney wants a laptop lunch box SOOOOO badly…almost all the kids in her class have one, but mean old mom won’t fork over the moolah for one. Her school doesn’t have a cafeteria, so she takes her lunch EVERY day…this would not only be appreciated but well used.

    Maybe, since it’s not for me, the random number generator will favor my number, this time. 😉

  284. This would be awesome!

  285. me! I want to win a wantnot contest at long last!

  286. I’d love one – thanks!

  287. Me please!

  288. Count me in….Thank you!

  289. That looks sweet

  290. Too cool! Thanks, Mir.

  291. That looks great!

  292. This would be great!!

  293. Love your giveaways!

  294. My white lunch bag (why did I buy white, anyway?) is wearing out. Well, it’s getting dirtier by the day. I’d love to win this, because I sure can’t afford to buy one!

  295. pretty pretty please, Mir! 🙂

  296. I would love to have one of these. Currently my lunch gets all smooched at the bottom of this “bag” that I call my lunch box 🙂

    This would be a great replacement!

  297. Very cool! I want it!!

  298. Me! Me!

  299. ooh, maybe we’ll get lucky since poor BugMan has ripped his brand new backpack and lost his lunchbox in the last week.

  300. this would be perfect for work

  301. I actually hate when the mustard is spread all the way out to the edges because then it gets all over my hands as I eat. Or maybe I’m just special and no one else has that problem. Either way, I’d love to win the case!

  302. All 3 of my kids would enjoy this!

  303. Please enter me for the contest, thank you!

  304. yes!!! We would love this!

  305. My kids would love one of these! Thanks for the great contest!

  306. my son will love this!

  307. Pick me!

  308. I also like mustard to the edges on an unsquished sandwich! 🙂

  309. Helpful, thank you!

  310. Unsquished food, easy to clean, environmentally friendly? Count me in! Thanks.

  311. Ooooh cool! Thanks Mir!

  312. We’ve wanted one (or three) of these for just about forever. Our only problem if I win will be deciding which of us gets to take it every day! But I think we’d figure that out if we had to! Please, please pick me!

  313. These look awesome! I would give one of these babies a lovely home!

  314. Count me in, please! You are AWESOME, Mir!!

  315. I’m in, but leave off the mustard, ok?

  316. Sounds perfect for husband’s lunch…maybe we can get a little luck with this contest.

  317. We’ve been looking for a way to use a few less sandwich bags!

  318. These are very neat!

  319. I hate baggies. This would be great.

  320. Oooh — this would be great! Pick me random number generator

  321. Pick me, I could use this!

  322. I’ve always wanted one of these!

  323. awesome!

  324. yes please!

  325. I’ve always thought these were neat but didn’t want to spend the money. Pick me, please?

  326. Me either about the mustard thing. I’m a little OCD about the sandwiches being perfectly even. That’s a lot of love when I make a sandwich!

  327. Me me me me me! Uh . . . because my husband needs one. 🙂

  328. Oh I would love one of these. I covet the laptop lunch but can’t justify the cost.

    True confession: I aspire to mustard-spreading perfection, but am still a work in progress. (A metaphor for my entire life, perhaps?)

  329. This would be fantastic!

  330. Would love one of these!

  331. Sounds great! Thanks for another great giveaway!:)

  332. I want to start bringing my lunch to work, and this would help 🙂

  333. Wow, thank you! I would love to be entered!

  334. That looks awesome and way cooler than my current system 🙂

  335. Maybe 336 will be my lucky number – I’m very good at spreading mustard, too.

  336. Those look great! Pick me 🙂

  337. I’ve really really wanted one of these. Here’s hoping…

  338. We love mustard at our house, and no doubt it would be even yummier in one of these!

  339. This would be perfect for me…

  340. lucky number 341, HA!

  341. You have no idea how much this would help me…. and if you only knew me you’d know…. I need all the help I can get!

  342. Me, please! My daughter could use one of these for school. =)

  343. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  344. Great prize! I’d love a chance to win one.

  345. My son would LOVE one of these, and then I could stop wasting so many little plastic baggies!

  346. My kid has been asking for one of these since her little buddy came home with one…

  347. Cooooooool.

  348. Thank you, Mir!

  349. Very cool!

  350. Wow, that’s a step up from a brown bag!

  351. My kid needs this–he’s on his third lunchbox this year ;-/

  352. I feel like I buy a new one every month It would be great to win one.

  353. This looks super cool.

  354. I have never heard of these . . . but they are really cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  355. I’d love one of these! And I swear I get the mustard all the way to the very edge (if forced to apply mustard to anything).

  356. Thanks for putting this out there. I’d love one!

  357. Oh I agree completely with the mustard thing. But the burning question I have is, what KIND of mustard? So many choices, so little time.

  358. One of these days I’m going to win one of your contests…

  359. This would work so good for my new diet!!!

  360. I’m entering! If you got a whiff of the insulated lunch sack I’ve been packing my son’s lunch in all year, you’d know why this prize would be appreciated. They don’t Microban the seams, y’know, and my son rarely seals up his little reusable tub after he finishes his applesauce. Ewwww.

  361. Ohhhh! I really want that!

  362. Hi! I came here from Swistle. I LOVE my daughter’s Laptop Lunch system. And while it was totally worth it to buy, I’d love to win one for her little brother!

  363. Wow this looks great. Pick me please.

  364. I want! Can adults use it?

  365. I would SO love to have this!

  366. Love it. Need it. Want it.

  367. I would love to have this. Please pick me

  368. That would be great.

  369. Need this. Want this. Please.

  370. I would love it.

  371. Never seen these things before, kinda techy…I’m in.

  372. I love lunch. Please pick me!!

  373. This would be great for my lunch!

  374. Do you get an extra entry if you’re a really good mustard spreader?!?

  375. please and thank you! 🙂

  376. Those lunch boxes are so cool!

  377. Ooh, we need some new lunch boxes around here – the ones we bought last year are, uh, kind of falling apart. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  378. ohhh yes yes this is nice

  379. Thanks Mir!

  380. I would really love one of those for my son! Thanks! 🙂

  381. I would love to try one of these out for my kids. I’m also really, really good at properly spreading mustard. Especially if it’s the spicy kind! Thanks.

  382. Oooh, no more squished sammies…

  383. We would LOVE to try one of these!

  384. Cool!

  385. Oh, I would love this for my son! Thanks!

  386. I’ve been eyeing a Laptop Lunch for a while now, but couldn’t justify the expense. And I too, hate when condiments aren’t equally distributed.

  387. I am a mustard spreading expert, and would love to have a laptop lunch box!

  388. Oh yes! I’m a bento mama.

  389. I’ve been wanting to try Bento lunches but don’t have the equipment — count me in, and thanks for the opportunity.

  390. oooh, that looks wonderful! I would love to have one!

  391. Awesome contest!

  392. My little punk is starting kindergarten this year, and they have 15 minutes for lunch according to this year’s school schedule…thinking that might make lunch go a little faster! 🙂

  393. This reall sounds great. Just heard about your website and it looks great.

  394. Count me in! These are awesome. Although I know I’ll never be able to make the lunches that i’ve seen in some pics using these things.

  395. i’m all over this one! those do look cool!

  396. Looks great- thanks!

  397. Mayo. I spread the Mayo to the edge. Mustard’s okay, but you can’t use enough of it to get the really wet, sloppy sandwich that I like.

  398. That would be great!! Thanks!

  399. Wowza. Plus I love mustard. (I don’t trust Mayo people). Fun fun fun.

  400. Wow That’s pretty awesome for a lunch carrier.

  401. Love the blog! Thanks for all the great deals!

  402. I would never spend that much on a lunch carrier but it sure looks cool! Pick me, oh wonderful blog God.

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    Thanks, Mir!

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  574. Wow!
    This is an awesome website!

  575. This is just a fun giveaway and I’m extra pleased to participate in fun stuff these days.
    Also practical.
    I am trying to eat more healthfully and frugally and this would be added incentive
    for my current attempts.
    Keep it going and thanks.

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