Calling foul on paper napkins

By Mir
March 14, 2009
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I confess: We use paper napkins most of the time. It’s a habit I’m trying to break. And recently I’ve started thinking about packing cloth napkins’ in my kids’ lunches, too, but I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it, yet.

Maybe you haven’t, either. Maybe today is your lucky day! Happikins are cheerful cloth napkins made right here in the USA, and guaranteed to delight your little ones and save some trees. Each set of five Happikins comes in a pouch suitable for storage or for tucking in a lunchbox, and the inside flap of the pouch can be written on with a dry-erase marker, too (so you can write a little note in there). They’re super-cute and each set retails for $29.95.

I have a League of Sports Happikins set here that will soon be going to the home of one lucky Want Not reader. Want to win it? First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, March 15th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ease of recycling.

Ready? Go!


  1. I love this idea!

  2. YEAH!! and the boys will love the sports theme!

  3. That’s great! we are trying to be less wasteful and teach our son to conserve. I’d love to win

  4. Sounds and looks very cool! Hope I win!

  5. I especially like the sports ones! So cute!

  6. Maybe 7 is my lucky number

  7. I’d love to try these!

  8. We too are trying to get out of the habit of using the paper ones. Maybe this might help :).

  9. These are a great idea. I know I definately use to many paper products.

  10. These would go well with my wrap’n’mats that I pack my boys’ lunches in. C’mon random number generator….roll my number!!

  11. Awesome idea!

  12. Great way to be green!

  13. These are great!

  14. This would be great!

  15. What a cute green idea. Pick me please!

  16. wow. $6 a piece for napkins? watch for a sale at target, etc and you can get the much cheaper. if you want them more kid friendly, get some fabric paints and let the kids decorate their own napkins.

    i make my own. simple sewing and a yard of fabric is cheap! our family started using cloth napkins 20 years ago. my boys always brought them in their lunch boxes. i worried that they might throw them out, but they didn’t. i can’t even begin to calculate how many paper napkins we have saved over the years.

  17. These are really cool.

  18. We have been using cloth napkins at home for about 8 months. I need to get these to send to school in lunch boxes. THis is a great green idea!

  19. Those are great!

  20. I love this idea

  21. I guess I am slow on the band wagon for using cloth napkins. But willing to start!

  22. What a great way to get rid of the paper napkins – my three year old would love these!

  23. wonderful idea!

  24. Come on free napkins! Please?

  25. thanks Pretty Mir

  26. I surely would like these.


  27. I’ve been thinking about doing this. Those are too cute!

  28. too cute!

  29. Very cool!

  30. Awesome, I’d love a set!

  31. Those are adorable. Of course if I win I’d be obligated to also buy a girly set for my daughter. Or sew. I’m guessing buy is more likely to happen, though.

  32. those are wonderful, I’ve been thinking about cloth napkins too.

  33. My two year old thinks that my sleeve is his own personal cloth napkin. Maybe these would be fun enough to get him to actually use a napkin for a change!

  34. Super cute!

  35. Cute!

  36. I love these,another baseball item to add to my sons stuff!

  37. What a great idea!

  38. What a great idea! We’d love to try these…

  39. save the trees!

  40. Grandkids would love these!

  41. I’ve been resisting the cloth napkin switchover because I always write little notes on my kids’ paper napkins. The dry erase panel on these eliminates my very last reason for holding out. Yay!

  42. These are such a great idea! I finally convinced hubby to not use paper towels, napkins are next on my list! These would help tremendously!


  43. I’ve been wanting some of these for forever!

  44. We do mostly use cloth napkins, but w/ 3 kids, we go through lots of them, so more would be great!

  45. Yay for cloth napkins!!

  46. Oh wow, I want these. The only reason I haven’t started with cloth napkins is the mess of bringing them home. My son is sensitive to messes and there is no way he could stand it without a pouch like this. I’d love to win this, but I’m definately going to buy some.

  47. My son and daughter would love these!

  48. these would be a home run in my house! get it? “home run” with the sports napkin? haha. i kill me.

  49. So cool. Thanks, Mir!

  50. We already good for the environment, my son just uses his shirt or the back of his hand as a napkin. 😉

  51. We love cloth napkins! These would be fantastic additions.

  52. Very cute!

  53. Cute cloth napkins. Thanks!

  54. soooo cute!

    and Sagey…. ha ha ha!

  55. thank you!

  56. what a need combo idea & a great way to love on Mother Earth!

  57. cool!

  58. Normally I am against anything that causes more laundry, but these are cute!!

  59. Oh Pick me! Thank you!

  60. Tree hugging is my best sport.

  61. please?

  62. What a great idea!

  63. Cute! And a great idea.

  64. These are fantastic. We’d love some!

  65. I’m in. We use cloth napkins at home but these would be great for the lunchboxes!

  66. Sounds fun and I think the name is adorable.

  67. So cute!

  68. Hmmm, ok, this sounds cool – and I have to win SOMEDAY, right? I think I’ll look and maybe order them, too. 🙂 What fun you provide, Mir!

  69. Those will go perfectly in my husband’s lunch box.

  70. Pick me! It’s so fashionable to be green. 😉

  71. What a great idea!

  72. pick me!!!

  73. Such a good idea! yes, sign me up.

  74. I think thse are great!

  75. How fun! thanks for the giveaway!

  76. These are so cute! Thanks for the chance!

  77. Adorable!

  78. Going green just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day!

  79. Those are so awesome!!!

  80. How cool! I’d love some.

  81. Those are so cute! Thanks again!

  82. That is a great idea!

  83. I love it! Thanks!

  84. Baseball season is starting. My son would love these

  85. Super cute!

  86. Yet, another cool contest – thanks!

  87. Love them – super cute!

  88. How cute, never heard of these before.

  89. neato!

  90. I’ve had the idea too, but have been too lazy so far.

  91. These are adorable! thanks 😉

  92. would be a great way to start with cloth napkins!

  93. very cute!

  94. Well, I have made the switch to paper napkins at home, now for school lunches!

  95. I’m a Tree Hugger and my son goes to U C Berkeley…they would be great for him.

  96. Cute napkins! I’d love a set!

  97. Very cool! Thanks Mir!

  98. Great, thanks!

  99. This would be a great habit to break! I hope I’m the winner.

  100. Cute! I was just looking at Target for some napkins thanks to Swistle- but I’d love to win some!

  101. Awesome, would help me stop using so many paper towels!

  102. Terrific!

  103. I’ve been cruising target for cute cloth napkins but cringe at the expense. These could break us in easily!

  104. Very cute idea! I love the write-on factor of the pouch…

  105. What an awesome idea.

  106. We use 10 packs of kitchen towels 12×12 inches sold at Target for less than $5, they shrink down to a great size, they’re cheap and they get softer and softer every wash. We have a waterproofed wicker basket in the corner of our dining room where we toss them. Great wet for sticky fingers and faces too. BUT these are great, we would love some of these for on-the-go..

  107. Happikins make me happy 🙂

  108. These are cool!

  109. Would make a great gift.

  110. Cute and green, love themm the kids would love them!

  111. Entering!!

  112. Cute but they seem pretty expensive. Free is always good though!

  113. very neat, indeed.

  114. wonderful idea…count me in!

  115. very cute!!!! hope i win!

  116. Thanks

  117. That is adorable!

  118. Oh pick me! (But if I win, I’ll be slow in responding…they are inducing me on march 16!)

  119. Pick me!

  120. Very nice idea. Laura

  121. Pick me! Pick me!

  122. Go team green!

  123. I’m happy to say that we mostly use only cloth napkins here at home! I would love to win some Happikins!

  124. I love Happikins, they make me Happi!

  125. I was just thinking about making the switch from paper to cloth…this might actually convince my husband!

  126. Great idea. Hope to win. MKW

  127. My girls would love these!

  128. They sound great! Thanks

  129. I would need a lot of napkins if I used cloth. Right now most of the kids faces get wiped with a baby wipe after a meal but the time will come (in just a few months) that we won’t have a reason to buy baby wipes.

    Cloth is a good plan!

  130. My son would enjoy this! 🙂

  131. My kid would love these, and maybe use them instead of the shoulder of his shirt. What’s with that anyway?

  132. Swistle got me hooked on cloth napkins. These would be great!

  133. Yes, another way to be green!

  134. What a cool thing- I thought I was pretty green until I thought about the napkins and paper towel I consume in a month. Scary!

  135. I didn’t win Swistle’s napkins, maybe I’ll do better here!

  136. Paper? Cloth? I’m just impressed that your kids use napkins.These look great!

  137. Great idea

  138. I teach kindergarten! What a great way to continue to teach them how to help the environment! Gotta start it early if a difference is to be made!

  139. Ooooh, pick me, pick me! 🙂

  140. oh i love this! awesome!

  141. These would be great for my sons lunchbag.

  142. I’ve stopped using paper napkins, mostly, and paper towels, almost completely. If I’m honest, it was more for saving money than for saving the planet, but I’m really happy that I can do both, at the same time. 😉 For those who don’t win and, who like me, can’t afford to spend $30 for 5 napkins…I bought cool cotton bandanas at the craft store and used those in my daughter’s lunch for ages. They were fun and CHEAP, didn’t show stains and they come in every conceivable pattern and color combination, including special “holiday” themes. 😉

  143. These are cute!

  144. That’s a good idea.

  145. we always use cloth napkins except in lunches – this would be fantastic!

  146. These would be awesome and I’m sure the kids would love to find them in their lunches!

  147. oh these are adorable!

  148. Awesome.

  149. These are really cute, useful, and a general all-around Good Thing! As always thanks for sharing with your readers!

  150. Great idea. I must admit that my kids generally do without napkins in their lunches, but maybe this would help. We already use cloth napkins (or wash clothes or hand towels in holiday themes) at home for all but the messiest of meals.

  151. This would be great – thanks!

  152. Meeee please!!!

  153. cool!

  154. Me, please!

  155. These would be fun!

  156. cool beans I would like to win

  157. Pick me! 🙂

  158. how cool!

  159. I switched to cloth napkins about 6 months ago. You’d be surprised how they don’t often get too dirty when using…which makes you realize how often you toss paper ones without getting much use out of them. I wash them a couple of times a week (unless they really get soiled after a meal)

  160. We use cloth napkins in my son’s lunch – mandated by my son’s school, and easy to do. Makes me feel badly that we didn’t make the switch sooner. I would love to have a snazzy new napkin to send for his lunch. Thanks, Mir.

  161. Very cool! I’d love that set for my son!

  162. Hapkins sounds so happy!

  163. I’ve been reading about Swistle and her cloth napkins and thinking I should try using them myself. It would be great to win some instead of having to go out and actually buy them!

  164. My sports loving boys would think those were great!

  165. These are great! I’d give them a happy little home here!

  166. we’ll give them a try.

  167. Don’t make me a loser again. (As if that can be helped…)

  168. Would love to try. Thanks!

  169. Sounds interesting…Pick me please!

  170. I’ve recently decided to start using cloth napkins, so I’m sure these are meant for me. 🙂 My boys would love these!

  171. These are way cuter than the ones I have been sending in his lunchbox; I think he’ll use these more!

  172. Pick me

  173. Oh those are so cute. And I love the dry eraseableness! Great descriptor of all the rules and regs. I’m with you on the rule following part (and disqualified a few from my last contest for that reason). Good to know I’m not the only one 😉

  174. Please Pick me

  175. Cloth napkins…..yes!

  176. My son would totally dig that!!!

  177. These would be perfect in my boys’ school lunches!

  178. This would be great in my toddler’s lunch box. 🙂

  179. Wow, what a great idea 🙂

  180. These look awesome!!

  181. Really cool!

  182. You find such neat stuff!

  183. These are awesome. I want them!

  184. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  185. Ooooh, me like!

  186. never gave this a thought before! pick me!

  187. My grandson would love these

  188. Looks great, count me in!

  189. Super cute!

  190. So cute!!
    We have been using cloth napkins from Etsy for a year now.
    We love them!

  191. Neato!

  192. Great idea. Thanks.

  193. Cute! Thanks

  194. I convinced myself that we need to use cloth napkins in our home. Unfortunately I cannot convince myself that I am capable of making them myself. These would be great and allow me to stop stressing about napkins!

  195. What a great idea.

  196. We are still using cloth only for fancy occasions. Hopefully we’ll make the transition soon.

  197. That is a very cool idea!

  198. Cool!

  199. My grandson’s would love those. Very cute.

  200. OH, this would be fantastic for my sons lunchbox! Very neat idea!

  201. These would be great! Thanks!!

  202. Perfect timing! I just decided recently to switch to cloth napkins, and have been looking for a good deal!

  203. Cool!

  204. pick me please!!

  205. What a great idea! Love the sports theme too.

  206. These would come in so handy when I have the grandkids this summer!

  207. Thanks for another contest!! I hope to win.

  208. We’re supposed to put napkins in the lunch box? Whoops. This might possibly explain why my son often comes home with ranch dressing on his shoulder.

    We do use cloth napkins here at home… I’m about to go fold the clean ones on my drying rack now. Special boy lunch box cloth napkins would be great!

  209. Cute! I’d try those.

  210. My grandsons would love these!

  211. Ryan will love these!

  212. Oh, and I just ordered napkins on clearance from Tar-jay! These are so cute, even my Big Kids will love them!

  213. Is today my lucky day?

  214. So cute! And a great idea too!

  215. My boys would love! Pick Me!

  216. Just what I’ve been looking for! Please pick me!!!

  217. Fingers crossed

  218. What a great product!

  219. These are great!

  220. I’ve got a little guy starting school in the fall…would be perfect!

  221. Oooh, pick me please!

  222. Just call me environmental girl..pick me!

  223. Oh, how cool!! Pick Me!!!!!

  224. Thanks do much for the chance!!

  225. Anything to save the environment.

  226. We are always out of napkins.

  227. Thanks for the giveaway!

  228. Really cute!

  229. Super cute and frugal! Please add me to the contest, thanks!

  230. What a cool idea! Thanks!

  231. How cool. My son will think I am a rock star!

  232. i love my cloth napkins and i can always use more. thanks for the great giveaway.

  233. These sound like a great idea.

  234. Sounds fun!

  235. We need to stop killing trees around here too! HOpe we win!

  236. Fantastic! A great addition to my other cloth napkins.

  237. I am a hopeless tree killer. Well, maybe not hopeless, I hope I win! Thanks!

  238. This is a great idea!!

  239. Good idea

  240. would love that!

  241. Very cool.

  242. Love saving trees!

  243. Those are so cute! Pick ME!!!

  244. how cute!!! i’d love a few of those.

  245. Pick me…

  246. My boys would Love those. What a great idea.

  247. Those are just too cute!

  248. My son would totally love these! Plus I’ve been in the market for some cloth napkins…

  249. I am already a fan of cloth napkins…but we don’t have sporty ones!!!

  250. What a great idea! Thanks! Jessica

  251. Very cute!

  252. adorable!

  253. great contest!

  254. I can pack them in their lunches, doesn’t mean they’ll use them…but I’ll feel better, at least!

  255. these are so darn cute!

  256. awesome deal, thanks!

  257. Cute cute cute!

  258. So cool, what a great idea!

  259. So cute!

  260. Sounds Great!

  261. My son starts preschool next year and he would love these!

  262. Love! These are adorable and I’d love to be the winner this time.

  263. These would be awesome. Thanks Mir!

  264. We’ve been paper towel and napkin free for over a year now. Always love to get more!

  265. Too cool!

  266. Too cute!!!

  267. That is a great idea. Saving money in every tiny way totally helps. Hope I win. Thanks!!! 🙂

  268. I wanna try ’em!

  269. (insert kermit the frog voice here) “It’s not easy being green”…but these rock.

  270. oh, these look great! I’m bookmarking for later, too, my girls would love all 3 of the sets. that makes them well rounded and in need of more napkins. 🙂

  271. What a cool product! It would work well with the Happy Sacks that we’re already using…

  272. What a great idea.

  273. i never thought about putting cloth napkins in my kids’ lunches. that makes perfect sense!

  274. I am guilty of using paper too…these sound great!

  275. cute but pricey!

  276. I would love these.

  277. Oh, I have been thinking about taking this on in our home. I’d love to win!

  278. I’m in!

  279. me too!!

  280. These are way cute!

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