Reminder: We Ski & Snowboard contest

By Mir
March 18, 2009
Category Contests

Don’t forget—you have until just before midnight tonight to enter to win a copy of Nintendo’s We Ski & Snowboard!

Also, I know you’ll all be relieved to hear that last night I took first place in a Mario Kart race in the Lightning Cup. I know; I was surprised, too. Apparently someday I might even be able to play without my kids mocking me.

Go leave your entry on the contest post, not this one. Though if you want to discuss my mad racing skillz (or just make fun of my misuse of the letter z), you can do that here, I guess.


  1. Sounds awesome to me! Thanks

  2. Oh Kerri, you have set yourself up for much mocking.

  3. LOL I totally DOMINATED in Wii bowling and only bring it up maybe twice a day.

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