Sure, we can watch a movie

By Mir
May 7, 2009
Category Quick Tips

Just got this one in an email—did you know that YouTube has a channel for full-length feature movies? I didn’t! But they do, and many of them have the option to watch in High Quality, at which point it’s pretty much the same as doing a paid service online, minus the cost.

That’s a useful tidbit of information to tuck into the back of your brain, I’m thinking.


  1. thanks emailer and wantnot lady!!!

    i’ve been wanting to see supersize me

  2. Good to know! Thanks.

  3. have i mentioned lately how much i love you?

  4. Wow! Thanks for passing this on. Great tidbit of info to have tucked away 🙂

    You’re so pretty!

  5. Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot??!! No way!

    Too cool!

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