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By Mir
May 27, 2009
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I didn’t mean to abandon you today. I’m sorry! We had a fun-filled afternoon with the allergist. And by “fun-filled” I mean “really frustrating and tedious.” And there were tears. Isn’t being a mom super-awesome sometimes? Like, when your needle-phobic child is being held down for blood samples? Yes.

Ahem. Sorry. Where was I?

Oh! Right! You only have until just before midnight tonight to enter the contest to win a Kernel Season’s gift pack, and remember that this one is going to have three winners, so the odds are three times as good as when there’s only one prize. (Feel free to admire my mad math skillz there, yo.) All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the contest post. It’s easy! It’s fun! Everybody’s doing it! I’ll think you’re cool!

Comments on this post will not get you a contest entry. But stories of your own hysterical, pinned offspring who forgave you later on would still be welcome.


  1. I pincushioned my son at age 4. He has not forgotten, but after he got allergy meds and felt better, did forgive me. He’s almost 9 now.

    His allergies are bad enough that he has agreed to try allergy shots (but only if I do them too…ack!)

  2. Poor child. But you’re both alive to tell the tale!

  3. My daughters are adopted internationally, and they were behind on their vaccines. For years, whenever my eldest daughter just heard our doctor’s voice she would cry. The shots really stressed her out. It was terrible.

  4. ooooo… Poor you, and poor child!

    Held my 7yr old daughter down for 5 forehead stitches.
    Good times. Good times.


  5. I am a nurse at a pediatric hospital AND the mother of three under the age of four so i COMPLETELY understand! Kudos to you for getting through your day! go have some popcorn or a stiff drink or something….

  6. We have had so very many discussions about the importance of vaccines. They still don’t really believe me. Nope, I’m just the mean mommy who helps to pin them down at the doctor’s office. (I am always amazed at just how strong a screaming, terrified child can be.)

  7. I held down my toddler several months ago to get blood drawn for allergy testing. (Literally wrapped my arms and legs around her little body so she couldn’t move.) They had a *really* hard time getting enough blood, and it took at least three times longer than it probably should’ve. (And then they were afraid they’d have to do it again, which struck a fear in my heart like nothing else could.)

    But then they gave her a little bag of toys afterward…and, while she’s mentioned the toys several times since then, she’s never once said anything like, “Mommy holded me while the ladies hurted me,” or anything else equally horrific, which was my fear. So. I trust things will be OK for y’all, too. Hugs in the meantime!

  8. My older son spends the better part of each year dreading his flu shot, despite my pointing out to him that (a) it beats getting really sick from the flu and (b) it’s SIX MONTHS AWAY, so I sympathize. My younger son was a preemie, and got more of those blood draws from his little tiny heel than I care to remember, but now shots don’t freak him out at all. It builds character! (my house’s all-purpose answer to complaints of any kind.)

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